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  1. But if it's just using the True Power that does that, why does he wait untill he's drawing from the Eye? Why don't he and Balthamel rejuvinate themselves right away? And does that mean now theat Moridin has begin restricting who can use the True Power, anyone he cuts off will age like a normal un Oathbound Aes Sedai? Still feels kinda fishy.
  2. I doubt it. I think dying and living again is related to the Seanchan prophecy that he'll stand on his own grave or whatever it was, and thus has already been fulfilled. Also I'm not sure why so many people think the girls can push off the Dark One's touch like Rand can. Maybe I need to read ToM again, but I don't recall seeing any evidence for it.
  3. I'm surprised so many feel so strongly about it. For me, it seemed perfectly rational for Rand to be like that. The list always struck me as excessive, but the list was also how he hardenned himself when he felt he needed to, so I can understand that. I think Perrin and MAt probably hold similar views, but haven't been in as many situations as Rand to act on them. But anyway, far from hating Rand for refusing to hurt women, even Forsaken, it was something that let me identify with him strongly.
  4. Not a very satisfying explanation, I guess, though I suppose I can chalk it up to early bookism.
  5. Ohhh, right. You know, I think where Demandred is and who he is posing as isn't really important. I mean, I'm sure it's likely Danelle was mentioned previously, but when Mesaana's identity was revealed, it turned out she was no one special who I hadn't recalled being mentioned. I mean it's clear he's in contact with some from the BT, it's supposed he's keeping an eye on Rand but not too closely, it's possible he's just hiding out somewhere like Graendal, though likely more covertly. Also, I can't remember if a male channeller can identify another on sight the way women can, but if they can, it's likely Dem is either in the Tower itself where he wouldn't stand out too much (although with the conflicting statements on whether a man can sense how much another man can hold, his power would definately stand out, so actually he's probably not there, especially with the Spike up) or hiding under a rock somewhere and just doing everything through proxies.
  6. That is a good point. I can't honestly say I blame him much, I would likely be guilty of similar faults (though honestly I try to avoid nudity and sexuality altogether in my writing) As for the gay character, I heard about that, and heard there was a lot of uproar about it, but I say good on Brandon. I personally am all for it.
  7. Well, there's prisons. But mostly, this is correct. Well, it's an extremely unlikely point, but as long as people don't get bent out of shape about it, I don't see why it can't be discussed. Although I admit I haven't been around that long, I'm sure some of these debates can get pretty heated. Anyway, as I was reading the series, I heard a few people (mostly women) tell me they didn't like it because it was overly sexist. I didn't see it untill I had things pointed out to me. A lot of people pointed out the Aes Sedai, what with the pillowfriends and the going naked through Ter'angreal and going topless during important sessions of the Hall. But most of those were similar to things that went on in the medieval Church (I remember the scene in The Borgias where after Alexander VI get's elected, they have to have someone confirm he's really a male before he can be formally named. Also Hopefire had some really good points, I think.
  8. Hey Scott. Unfortunately, the first two books are kind of slow. They're like the Fellowship portion of LotR. I love the series, but for me I wasn't really entrhalled by it untill books 3 and 4. Yes, there are buttloads of characters. If you ever really want a hint at what someone looks like, try Googling their name. Though a lot of artists have wildly different ideas.
  9. It's a neat idea. I like it. I've thought similar things too. When Mat first got his memories back, I figured all the Superkids had been some kind of heroes in previous lives. Sadly, as the books wore on, it seemed that wasn't neccessarily the case.
  10. Ah yeah, I knew about the Channellers and Myrdraal thing but it didn't click for me that it was what was being referred to. Also I was certain LTT was the strongest, but browsing the wiki, while it says he is the strongest and 'as strong as a man can be' in the Power, it does say Elin is just as strong (but possibly not as skilled, as it almost mentions how LTT humbled him in the Hall of Servants)
  11. Totally understandable. Star Ocean is a fairly underrated series (though 2 was far better than 3. If you have a Sony Console, I'd recommend it. It came out on PSOne but got ported to PSP
  12. It's hard to say how strong he is with only Rand to compare him to. Aginor, Ishamael and Demandred have all been described as being just a hair weaker than Lews Therin. The Dark One hasn't to my knwledge raised any new Forsaken. The Forsaken themselves seem pretty contemptuous of channellers of this era. Also as the DO values selfishness, the 'idea' of the Forsaken seems to have been that they would compete untill one emerged as Nae'blis, the competition making the winner all the stronger. I think as long as one becomes Nae'blis to command his forces, the DO doesn't care what happens to the rest. He seemed to be mad at Graendal, but he seems much more intolerant of failing than infighting. At any rate the only thing making the Forsaken special is their knowledge and strength. If Moridin and Demandred are the only Forsaken left standing, being the top Dreadlord isn't such a bad deal A Colonel might be mad he doesn't get promoted to General, but Generals don't usually get to fight on the front lines. BTW, could someone explain this 13x13 thing to me? I keep seeing it but don't understand what it means.
  13. Ishamael's returns happened during the major periods of upheaval (Trolloc Wars, War of the Hundred Years, now) so I figure he used those opportunities to scout for sympathetic channellers. Also since Taim is a Darkfriend, I figure most of the male Dreadlords will be/are coming from his faction in the BT. As for those weird Aiel, I was wondering what the deuce was up with them..
  14. I think that has less to do with Mat's skill or the Princelings' lack of skill, but the fact that a quarterstaff offers a huge advantage in a fight against sword, particularily swords that can't cut. After all, after the fight, Hammar made the point that Jearom lost a fight to some farmer with a stick.
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