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Hello from1st time forum member

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I have been reading the WOT books for quite some time now and finally got the latest book as an early Mother's day present yesterday, along woth a whole day to myself to read it. Its amazing how everything all comes back to life so vividly, even when you have been away from the WOT world for quite a long time. Unfortunately I have no-one to discuss my love of these novels with, and felt really pleased to have come across these forums whilst searching for the publication date of the next book. I fear I may become a 'zero replies' statistic but they say you should face your fears - so here goes.


I am intrigued about how you can actually enter the White Tower as a novice or become other Characters. I have no experience of RP however and from my glances into that world they seem like well crafted story experiences and not at all how I thought they would be. How do you become involved?


So there we go, I have decided to not be a lurker looking in at those who take action. Much good may it do me.


Ps. How sad was the first/oldest flashforward of the possible future of the Aiel. Proper soul etching sadness.

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Hello and welcome to DM, Ithillion! I hope you'll find your home away from home here, just like I did. I'm also one of the many people who came searching for someone to discuss the books with, and found that (and so much more!) here.


In case you're confused, there are 3 sections on DM that focus on the Wheel of Time books. They are:


A) The Discussion areas, where people concentrate on discussing the books in depth.


B) The Role Play side, where people make characters that would fit into the series, then write stories with other people. These can be either "main story line" role plays, like "Cleansing the Taint" or "Dumai Wells", or they can be more personal stories, like an Aes Sedai and her Warder go adventuring, Sitters conniving together, Asha'man going crazy, etc.


C) The Social side, where you can join various groups based on the WoT, like Shayol Ghul, the Kin, the Wolfies, the Black Tower, the White Tower and Warders, etc. We hang out and have fun, though we have ranks that you have to earn.


The main difference between the Role Play side and the Social Side is that at the RP you make characters and write stories using them, whereas at the Social Side you are just yourself.


You can join as many Groups in as many places as you want, though it would depend on how much time you have to spend here.


Oh and I agree with you about that "forward flash" of the Aiel - heart wrenching stuff that, which made me go "oh PLEASE don't let that happen!"


Hmmm ... I've rambled a bit, but I got the impression that you think you have to join the RP side in order to interact with others in a WoT setting. I thought I'd better clear that point up, if that's the case :biggrin:


Feel free to ask more questions ... lol

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Excellent. Thank you so much for the response. I'm thinking the social side is more my cup of tea. The RP seems very involved and with 2 small people bobbing around I don't think I would have the time required to truly get immersed in that. To be honest' just being able to chat is enough at the mo.


Is it all forums and responding to questions or are there more general areas. How would I go about joining a social group. I'm worried it will be a bit cliquey and difficult to fit in ... Especially as I don't always have a lot of free time.

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It might be best to dip your toes into the social are first, and later if you feel more comfortable, join in at the RP section too.


I must say I don't really understand the cliquey thing. As in any situation in life, some people will like each other and others won't. Those who like each other will gravitate towards each other. So yes, there will be groups of friends formed. However, it just takes getting to know the people to form your own circle of friends.


To join any Social Group, you go to their main board (which is usually the only one you can see, and read their pinned topics. That will explain their rules and how to join.

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Hey Ithi, welcome to the forums. :smile:

I'm pretty new myself, but I've been RPing for a while, and would be glad to help anyway I can.


There's a few guides on How to RP kicking around the forums here. Essentially the best place to start is knowing the books. Knowing the nationalities and factions and how certain characters should act will be invaluable, you wouldn't want to play a dumb Aes Sedai or a pacifistic Whitecloak.


After that comes crafting a concept. Where is your character from? What did they do? were they rich or poor? What are their relatives like? Why did they decide to become whatever it is you want them to become? There are all good things to keep in mind.


Anyway, I don't mean to ramble, just to give you some ideas if you decide to start RPing. There's no rush. I'd recommend b rowsing around the forums, reading different threads and getting a feel for what you want to do here.


In any event, have fun and enjoy your time here, and feel free to PM me or any of the fine and helpful moderaters if you have any questions. :smile:

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Welcome to DM! I both RP and hang around the Social groups, so I am sure you will see me. I have actually run into you at the Kin so far! Stop by all of the Social Groups or glance around, as there is always something going on and always someone getting into trouble. Like the Mummy2 says, there is some tight groups of friends, but it is so easy to jump into. People here are all so welcoming and kind (although some of them do smell a little funny).

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From one Brit to another, welcome to DM! :biggrin:


Everybody joins the White Tower for some reason. Something about channeling. Don't quite see what the perk is! So do check out the rest of the Social Groups. You'll be surprised by what you might find! And I have the paperwork here for you to sign up with the Band. All it needs is your signature on this spot here.


*points to the area marked with an "X"*


Enjoy the site, and maybe I'll see you around the Band's Campfires!

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