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  1. Welcome to you Emu... *raises eyebrow* I'm guessing you're not an Aussie though So I won't spoil anything for you, but I have read all the books. LOTR is still the King of fantasy but if there was a Prince Regent there it would be WOT for sure. I hope you enjoy it here, I'm only new as well but I'm having a ball here, very friendly peeps.
  2. I think my profile pic looks awesome lols

  3. Having dug several holes for Amys but failed in her duties to fill them back in, Corki and Elgee stumble in. Corese stands there with a satisfied grin on her face. "One does not steal from a Sister? You have toh to me." Her little pink tongue poked out in delight.
  4. not here yet Ithi, but as soon as I get some free time from my other missions I will. Kind of have my hands tied atm lols
  5. oh, um the New seasons logo, that's from another RP, I was too lazy to make another siggy lols
  6. Hi Ithillian, newbie here as well. I hope to get into the RP's soon myself, hopefully as my siggy indicates
  7. Hello Senexx saw you are Aussie and like Rugby league, Eels fan here lols

  8. Thank You Myst, beautiful welcomes It'll take me a little while to settle in and find everything, but I will get there eventually. I have difficulty getting started in a new place so I hope you all be patient with me. But once I'm there well um all I can say is..... oh and yeah, I'm a Stargate/WOT/LOTR tragic... and a happy birthday as well Myst <<(Jack O'Neil) *steals Choccie from El*
  9. Hi Elgee and yeah thnx so much for the info, I'd love to check it out. Sounds way cool
  10. already there Sister, well not here I'm not but, yes in short my siggy, that is me on another RP forum >>>> http://stargatenewseasons.freeforums.org/post3244.html#p3244
  11. Thank you Lessa, may I find you shade...perhaps we should have a first sister adoption?
  12. I'm a huge fan of both WOT and Stargate. So I had this looney idea whatif. Thousands of years ago in our galaxy when the Ancients were spreading out from Earth, they came across the WOT world. It was just after Tarmon Gai'don and the planet and it's people were almost at a point of total destruction. There were survivors of each of the different cultures and city states and so the Ancients offered a few from each a chance of making a new life on a another world in the Pegasus Galaxy. They took with them originally a few hundred from each society and the remiander they gave some assistance in recovery. Fast forward to today, the survivors of the old world still exist, but are under the domain of the Lucian Alliance. Those on the New World, have thrived and made a world almost as if nothing had changed, but now instead of the Dark Lord at their door, they have the Wraith. They belive the One Power is lost to them, but they carry on as if it were still there. But one Wise woman, Amys, has found it again. so crazy or what???
  13. Hello from a down under Maiden. My real name is Melanie, but most of my friends call me Mel or Meloonie I am a vetenary medicine student in my 4th year. I love horses and the outdoors, Sci-fi (Stargate mainly) and Fantasy, WOT, LOTR and a host of other books. I'm 182 cm tall and have blonde hair, but currently it's a sort of reddish colour. My fav characters in WOT are the Aeil, Aviendha at the top of my list. Next is Mat Cauthon and the Egwene. I play RP's an deven hav my own Stargate forum, where we've introduced a WOT arc into our story, crazy but it worx
  14. rogueranger

    some of my photoshop stuff

    I'm lerning PS and not so good. I mainly do sigs for RP characters
  15. Lost in the waste

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