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Hello Dagonmount Community


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Hi all! My name is Aliarenee and I am new to this forum. I am in the last stages of my reread of the Wheel of Time series and since none of my friends or family are interested in reading these awesome books I have no one to talk to about what I've read. Its frustrating to say the least. They ask me what is going on in my books and its impossible to explain it to them. The last time I tried my Dad made some crude jokes about taints. Ha! Anyway, because of my frustration I decided to join this forum and hopefully start communicating with other fans of this remarkable series.


I am halfway through The Gathering Storm and am finding I had forgotten a lot of what had taken place. I'm not truly surprise since there were years between when I read Knife of Dreams and this one and then again between this one and Towers of Midnight. I hope some of you will reach out and talk with me about what's going on in this series up to this point. I'm confused about a couple of things and would love the opportunity to ask you questions. If anyone is interested in talking or in the middle of their reread please respond to this post. Thank you for letting me converse with like minded folks. Being a fantasy lover doesn't get you much respect these days, but that's all I choose to read. Having no one to talk with just plain sucks!

Alia Renee

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Welcome home, Alia - we have waited long for you :biggrin:


It constantly amazes me how many people join here for the same reason (myself included) - none of our family or friends read fantasy, or this series, but the urge to talk about it with fellow fans is overwhelming. It truly felt like I had come home when I joined here.


It gets even better when you start making friends, believe me!


To chat about the books themselves, you might want to look at the WoT Discussion boards - there are some incredibly knowledgeable people there. If you want to role play in a WoT section, head on down to the PSW section at the bottom (Portal Stone World). And if you just want to hang out and socialize with like minded people, then we have a whole wide world of Social Groups in the middle.


But again, Welcome!

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Welcome to Dragonmount! We're all very glad you've found us and that you finally have a place to discuss the books! I was fortunate enough to be able to discuss the books with my father, as he was the one that suggested the series to me, but I'm a little bit behind on getting to the newest books as my dad hasn't bought them yet, I moved over to Spain from the U.S. for a semester (gotta love studying abroad!).


Like Elgee said, there are many discussion boards you can join in on, but there are also the social orgs and the role playing orgs. My personal favorites are definitely the social orgs! I'm currently second in command over at the Band of the Red Hand and a member of the Brown Ajah in the White Tower. The Band has a lot of fun music and travel related threads while the Brown Ajah loves to discuss anything and everything over some absolutely amazing chocolate.


Also, if you follow me around, I'll constantly be handing out these *hands her a plate of extra special chocolate fudge brownies* Do enjoy :)

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thank you so much for the warm welcome! I will check out the site more when I get myself to a computer. I've been doing all of this from my phone and its hard to get a feel for things in a 2x1inch screen. I am so looking forward to exploring with friends like you three there to help me know where to look. THANKS!

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*holds up sign that says*




Thankfully the site designers have been very thoughtful and have created a mobile version that speeds up the experience no end, uses far less data, and is clearer to read than the brown version. It also doubles nicely as a 'database' at work, because of its lovely plain blue and whiteness.


Hopefully you are already using it, but if not just go to the bottom left hand of the screen and select the drop down arrow next to 'full version' flip it to 'mobile version' and you are away.


It is a little more limited in typing codes and smileys, but these soon become second nature to manually type out - and you can't see people's siggys or avatars, but the actuall functionality is one of the best I've seen on a full to mobile site translation.


I'm also available for other questions.


Welcome to DM :smile:

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