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Having played about 2-3 hours of this game so far, it looks fairly promising. It does have a lot of elements "stolen" from WoW, but one can argue that it helps players acclimatise to the game easier.


Public open beta starts on 15th Feb, and the game will be released on 1st March.


Anyone played in the alpha/closed beta?

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I had a chance to play this past weekend. The game mechanics are very cool and there is a very big diversity possibilities in the game. Though I'm sure they will cookie cutter it like any other game.


I play WoW I like WoW but I hate WoW's end game. Raiding isn't my thing and I hate overly large groups that I don't know. Rift has a very dynamic world. You can log out in a safe spot and when you log back in you can log into a raging battle caused by a new rift opening on your head. While it encourage large scale game play like raids, its far easier to get into said raid if there are public groups available.


This game takes a lot from a lot of games. There are classes from WoW, there are classes from Dark Age of Camelot. They took many of the features WoW had like auction houses, and in game mail and the like. They use a "talent" tree similar to WoW but in a whole new way. They have area wide quests like warhammer that offer you much better rewards for participation. Open groups for these area wide quests makes getting in on the action much easier, much better than yelling invite over and over again.


They have AoE looting which is awesome!


The graphics were much more grown up. Sorry WoW but you look like a kids game/anime game.


All in all it's a good game. All beta weekend we heard comparisons about this game and that game. But every single MMO takes the things that the people like from the older games and make use of them in their world. That's just a plain given fact.


It's a game I would leave WoW for, and probably will.

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I played it myself, and as far as the 'trees' class/trees ect go, I dunno Sure, you get 66 points, between 3 'classes', but it almost feels like your gimping our self out in 3 trees, gimping our selfout in 2 trees, and having one 'higher' than the others, or going all the way down one tree and not use any other class, aka to get the 'final' abilities in each tree, you need more than the '30' points in that tree to get them. (51 is the highest I've seen)

So while yes it does offer alot of diversity, It almost feels like it could use more 'work'.


What ever happened to the concept of AA's?

If they simplified the games trees a bit more so it wasn't so 'irritating' to me, and included AA's for 'end game' grinding to 'improve' you character outside of 'gear', and those 'AAs' could not just transfer to each 'spec' but would be say there, regardless of spec, it would IMO increase the depth of the game a bit more...


Alot of the similarities between wow aren't just 'there' cause its industry standard, Alot of it felt intentional, and almost copyright infringment worthy.


Example is, look at the equivolent to the leather worker/tailorer's 'tradeskill vendor', They didn't even both changing the first '5' tradeskill 'items', names, and barely even the icons! Its just offputting to be honest.


I haven't seen the 'end game' in Rift, and to me, whats mostly making me ask, should I switch to rift or not?



A) People I know in RL (Brother for example) going to switch over.

B) Old AoC guild might be switching over.

C) Anyone at DM goin over?


A good guild makes a bad game good quite honestly.

And having people to 'play' it online with help alot, if my AoC guild switches over, I'll probably switch over to Rift, specially if my brother switches to.


WoW's got decent end game honestly, its just with every new expansion its fairly easy to 'reach' end game.


Classic we had to wait until nearly 6-9 months after release to get a new '5 man' dungeon, and hints at a new 'raid'. (molten core i believe was 'End Game' at that point) year later we got Black wing Lair, and I think maybe 3-6 months before Burning Crusade, we got that insect dungeon/raid down in Tanaris. Course that was 'after' Black Wing Lair, and almost no one had finished it at that point, and doing The raid in Tanaris was well.. Hard. :P


Course any MMORPG that you don't do any raids at all, and only do '5' man dungeons, at the 'most' is going to get boring real fast. Content is made for 5+ mans, they don't much care about the soloer.


And this is why, AA's are everyones best friend.

Its a way to keep leveling your character.

After you've reached level cap.

And ironically its something Raiders would IMO fail at, simply because, it woudl require you to Grind, outside of Raiding, and most raiders, typically... Only raid!

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A good guild makes a bad game good quite honestly.


Good lord, don't I know that. I was in an awesome guild for the open beta and launch of Aion, and it was fun up until the point the game got so bad that even the people weren't enough to make up for it.

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Been playing the headstart (and the betas) and I will say this game is amazing. It doesnt redefine the genre in any way, but it's a solid title. The class system especially is a breath of fresh air, especially considering you have 4 builds on every character, almost abolishing the need for alts completely. Rifts are also exciting, but so far I'm slightly disappointed, they all seem to follow the same formula of "Kill spawned trash, kill spawned stronger trash, kill spawned boss, kill spawned trash, kill spawned boss, rift sealed". We'll see where they take that though.


As for Rift "stealing" elements from WoW. You could say the same for WoW itself stealing most of its core aspects from Everquest.

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So. I have a new addiction - exploring. I tend to go wandering anyway when I get tired of questing, and on a ridge in the opening Guardian zone I found an ancient cairn. In the cairn was a bag. In the bag, was a purple piece of loot. I have since found four more, plus artifacts a plenty, and last night I spent a couple of hours climbing mountains and tight rope walking ridge lines. One of the mountains I made it up, I'm not certain I was supposed to be able to make it...there was NOTHING up there, not even a single artifact spawn. On the plus side, I now have four gravity related deaths totally due to my lemming like tendencies when exploring!

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