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Yellow! The New Color of LOVE!


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Valentine's day somewhat represents us (Yellow Ajah) in a

way that us Yellows are JUST lovable, we can be cute sometimes as well...ok

most of the time, and also that we value friendship which is another form of love.

In addition, love doesn't come in just one way or form. We can do other things that

can show we love someone or value them with cuddling or snugglebites or just a nice

few words you say. So I think we all should show love in any way to people we love

and care about but also receive love as well. It's those feelings of feeling loved

and cared for that we need...


So as of starting Monday February 7th, 2011 to Valentin's Day,

The Yellow Ajah will be holding an event where everyone can

participate on the WT board, with games, activities as well

as some discussion. So please keep on the look out for it.




Event Links:

Millon says what you need to know about VD


Valentine's Day Credibility


Flowers VS Chocolate VS Gifts


Cupid's Arrow


Valentine's Answering Machine


Valentine's Artwork

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