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Good Riddance!


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Start on page (paperback) 536 - 542 of CoT - Egwene PoV - A Chat With Suian. It's too long to post in it's entirety. You're going to have to read it for yourself.


The allusion begins with:

Concentrating on the business at hand, she picked up the next sheet.


This conversation with "Suian" is really with Matrim. This is the allusion. Egwene and Matrims conversation starts at

"At least they don't suggest sending anyone to Caemlyn." Egwene blinked, the pain behind her eyes sharpened by following the tight letters.


The 'tight letters' are the ta'veren.


1: AMOL foreshadowing with a lot of red herrings thrown in. This is all really tangled and clamped together.


2: Luck = Matrim. Dumping those Oaths is what we're being clued into.


Don't pick on Matrim about his eye! :biggrin:


She (Matrim) leaned forward, carefully balancing herself this time when the uneven legs made her stool lurch.


The allusion ends with,

Egwene's head came up as she read to the bottom of the page, and she hurriedly set that page down and picked up the next.
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