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  1. I'm at work and don't have the books with me, but there's a prophecy about his blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul. Maybe Logain doesn't cleanse the black tower, maybe it's Rand and he's injured there? Probably a stretch......And sorry if it's been covered elsewhere. James
  2. I've always assumed LTT has been in Rand's head from the first time he seized Saidin. That was how he always managed to know how to do something without knowing. How else could LTT seize Saidin and create Deathgates in KoD? Not only did LTT show him how, but knew what it was called. Not saying it's 100% the reason, but it's something to think about. James
  3. I'm trying desperately to "fix" my pronunciation. Cairhien was always CAIR-heen to me, until I looked in the glossary, where it's like 6 syllables. Some of it is ridiculous. I remember reading a thread about funny techniques. The only two I can remember are "Cat Craps in a Sandbox" and "Fat Guy Rushes the Food Bar." I still giggle when I read those....LOL James
  4. I can't resist..... My wife and I have been married for almost 6 years now and she is a Kiwi. We've been back to New Zealand 3 times since the wedding. She catches a lot of flak about Australia and we're headed there in November for a wedding. This was my Facebook status a week ago: As I said, couldn't resist... James
  5. I'm re-reading, AGAIN, and I'm taking copious notes. I have a spreadsheet with all the character names and hopefully a description of them as I'm going along, halfway through TSR (and have just under 500 names). I'm also coloring the cell with the color of an Aes Sedai Ajah, so I can remember what they are at later stages of the book. Not sure why I'm doing it, but I am. James
  6. You're not alone. I can watch people getting beheaded, disemboweled, etc. (on TV or in the movies), but pull out a needle and I close my eyes and turn my head, even if it's a news report about flu shots!!!! I do have my gallon pin for donating a gallon of blood, but they have a tough time getting my blood pressure down low enough to allow me to donate anymore. James
  7. I like your article there, very good stuff. Again, I wasn't saying that he *would* find the song (I know, it doesn't exist....LOL), I just found her vision interesting, one that has not been fulfilled, AFAIK. Do you know of a place that lists all her visions and their meanings? That will possibly keep me from posting something wrong again....LOL James
  8. I think it's a possibility. Min's visions are never wrong and we haven't seen anything about Perrin so far that has to do with trees flowering all around him. There's also a strange one about Mat, but that doesn't have anything to do with the title of this thread. James
  9. I'm working through the books (again), taking tons of notes and found something I never noticed before. Rand is outside the Stag and Lion and Min comes up behind him and starts to tell about her ability. She says: Not sure if this has been brought up before, but when I did a search on "the song," most of the stuff was in the Social Groups forums. James
  10. I thought I'd throw in a few. The Gholam: The lyrics are in the description. Pretty much any battle: The lyrics are subtitled under some gory video from the 300 movie. Rand: I realize this was in Highlander, but it's a great song! There are others. These are just some that I remember thinking about when playing D&D a decade or so ago. James
  11. It isn't the thought of three women that scares me.....It's the thought of three mother-in-laws that I couldn't handle!!!! James Edit: I forgot to add that my vote has to go with Elayne. I have a certain fondness (some would call it a fetish) for blue eyed strawberry blondes.
  12. This is hilarious! Thanks for the link!!! My favorite so far: James
  13. Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe the point you are trying to make is this. Had Mat chosen to open the letter from Verin he would have had time to both take care of the waygate in Caemlyn and go to the ToG to rescue Moiraine. If that is the point i will agree with that hands down. But i have to disagree that his ignorance of the contents of the letter is irrelevant. I can count on one hand how many Aes Sedai there are in the series Mat doesn't look sideways at. Moiraine, now Teslyn, and to a somewhat lesser degree Nyn, Elyane, and Egwene. Would opening the letter have delayed him? From my POV no, from Mats POV yes. This is the prophesy the wheel supplied to Egwene in the dream; Mat, weighing two Aes Sedai on a huge set of balance scales, and on his decision depended....She could not say what; something vast; the world, perhaps. The only thing that matters is whether choosing Verin would actually exclude Moiraine, not whether Mat thinks it would. Since choosing Verin would have left him with plenty of time to rescue Moiraine, we must conclude that it wouldn't. Logically this means that either the dream did not refer to Verin/Moiraine, or Mat made the wrong choice. But you now know what was in the letter. Mat didn't know (and still doesn't). If I remember right, if Mat opened the letter he had to do what it said, no matter what. He had to promise that. What if the letter said he had to travel to the Aiel Waste and sit on his butt until the Last Battle was over? He had to decide to save Moiraine or do exactly what Verin told him to do in the letter. When I first read the Moiraine/Verin idea, I thought it was hogwash. I now think that it's very possible. James
  14. You can never have too many Princess Bride quotes.....LOL James
  15. Didn't Moiraine go through the pillars? I know she went to Rhuidean and I thought she went through the pillars. James
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