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  1. I'd love to see Pevara POV and her thoughts regarding whats happening in the Black Tower. We could also be given her new insights into Androl and even Logain. Like say for instance Logain has arrived and Pevara/Androl are together and a few others and they're having a meeting with Logain who's arrived to mobilize them into action would be really cool. You could even put Demandrad arriving at the Black Tower in here with this and Pevara witnessing this lol. And then switch to Demandrad/Taim POV seeing what they're up to. I think a seanchan POV with them attacking through the Tower's basements and nobody hardly even there will be shown. A Talmanes POV or someone in the Band and what they're doing in an attempt to defend Caemlynn. Beyond that, not sure. Perhaps a final Forsaken meeting on whats what with 'em.
  2. Grandael got all the chances she was going to. She's a sex slave to Shadar Hairan now and her screentime, going by her last scene, I don't think we'll every hear from her again.
  3. And you missed the character that would make such a gathering a riot: Tuon. If anyone neeeds to be at a Randlander gathering like this, Tuon does for sure. I think the big reveal of Matrim's newly acquired wife will come to them all at the same time amidst the Field of Merrilor when he brings Egwene/Tuon/Rand together, after the meeting. After all, he's been married for 2+ books now, so obviously this 'big reveal' is being put aside to have the biggest bloom it can have Ie; when all Edmond fielders are together and the reaction from all of them will be pricelss, even more so if Tuon is amidst them when they all fall over in shock.
  4. I think you're right. At the Field of Merrilor, I think Rand will put forth the same decision he faced on Dragonmount to all the rulers. To save the world or not, unite and fight and live, or die, forever. At this point in the story, it's only Rand, Moiraine, Perrin, Nynaeve and Cadsuane that even realize and even get it that the Dark One really exist and that he won't be defeated without any thought being put to it (Mat too, kinda. The others that do know, are just out to further their own ends and profit from the Last Battle, fools). Rand will tell them that the Dark One is kicking their asses and they stand no chance to live if they continue as they have. As Robert Jordan said, Rand will make them aware that they are in overtime and they need to come up with that knockout punch or it's curtains for real. So all need to jump on his back. cuz daddy Dragon is gonna make his convenent and take 'em home
  5. Egwene isn't realistic to me by any means of the imagination. She's just a carciture created for conflict in the story. The majority of the things she thinks and feels about Aes Sedai are completely wrong when she has been shown otherwise repeatedly throughout the story how much fail Aes Sedai are (Nynaeve's 'test' hello?!). Instead of recognizing the suck, she embraced it and became it *sad*. Regardless, the story needed Egwene to be this way and so it was. It will all come to a boil and the Light will shine on her in the Field of Merrilor meeting, just not in the way she would want . Do not fret little ones, Egwene has her proverbial smack in the face coming that will deflate her ego faster than a popped baloon. How do I know this? Well, she had a true dream about it in CoT (another topic altogether though). It's a good thing for her that they consider her a friend, otherwise she would recieve the same treatment Elaida got if she wasn't favored by the Creator (author). Egwene's enlightenment in AMOL will come about with the kiddie gloves on. So she should consider herself fortunate that she is favored by the author. Albeit, the only real crime she's commited is that of ignorance, the same as everything else in existence. All Egwene needs to do is embrace the truth and let go of her prejudices and she would be A-Ok (isn't this the story of mankind? ) (This is coming from someone whose favorite character was Egwene until she became Amyrlin on first read)
  6. I'm not sure if this is discussed, but couldn't bloody hand mean also the Band of the Red Hand? after all, a red hand could easily be thought as bloody hand if it is a vision. And the 'white-hot iron' may symbolise Perrin. For the 'water on sand', see this Aiel prophecy from (TSR34) "He shall spill out the blood of those who call themselves Aiel as water on sand, and he shall break them as dried twigs, yet the remnant of a remnant shall he save, and they shall live." I agree with this. Notice also the "call themselves Aiel" part. Randland day Aiel truly aren't Aiel. The true Aiel will be those who follow Aviendha and the Way of the Leaf. The rest, that fight, will die as per the Aiel prophecy in the Last Battle spilling their blood as water on sand.
  7. You are close to my line of reasoning on the prophecy. I think the reason it's hearts is because Rand and Moridin's battle will be one for their very souls. So essentially it's Rand vs. Moridin in a battle of willpower - thrusting his sword (willpower) into the heart. The second line, with hearts plural, is Rand + Moridin. The hand that follows after and holds Callandor between the two will be....
  8. I completely agree. What you're missing, in my opinion though, is that this is Egwene's perspective. So when she does indeed lose the argument, what you stated is exactly Egwene's reasoning. This dream is Egwene's perspective of the meeting, nobody elses'.
  9. I don't pay much attention to what Brandon says (he's not going to say anything that gives away what's going to happen in AMOL so why bother imo...plus I'm lazy - I'll pay attention to what he says after AMOL when he can be forthcoming). I did click that link on your initial post and didn't see anything that would contradict it from a cursory glance. What Brandon quotes are you talking about? If you didn't even read it, then why are you arguing against it? I did read it giving it a cursory glance (the link on the initial post). Cursory meaning I just scrolled through where I looked for what Brandon said and nothing else though if this is what you're talking about (reading the whole bloody thing). *Shrugs sheepishly in confusion* I have no problem being called a fool (I imagine you'll call me one for being confused - lazy and pretty drunk atm would be more appropriate currently though to be honest). All I'm asking is for a nod in the right direction to understand what you're talking about.
  10. I don't pay much attention to what Brandon says (he's not going to say anything that gives away what's going to happen in AMOL so why bother imo...plus I'm lazy - I'll pay attention to what he says after AMOL when he can be forthcoming). I did click that link on your initial post and didn't see anything that would contradict it from a cursory glance. What Brandon quotes are you talking about?
  11. Naw, to understand Demandrad's plan, you have to understand his personality and driving motivation, which is to outdo any and all of Rand's accomplishments throughout the series. To trumph and spit on Rand, Demandrad style, his aim will be to prove superior to Lews Therin and finally prove that he was the greatest male of the second age, not Lews Therin. This means he's been staying out of sight, using proxies to infiltrate Rand's allies and use them against him. Demandrad is not the type to impersonate someone, he's too proud for it. If you recall, he scoffs at the other Forsaken impersonating someone else. I think this was in the Forsaken tea party in Winter's Heart when they're discussing stopping Rand when he uses the Choedan Kol. Demandrad would love nothing better than to take over all Rand has done in one fell swoop and say to Moridin and the Dark One, "See how big of fools all those other Forsaken were?" There's also a reason Moridin favors him and gives Demandrad more leeway than all the other Forsaken ya know. Moirdin being Moirdin, understands Demandrad and approves of his plan. But he also understands Demandrad wouldn't hesistate to take his shot at killing Lews Therin despite Moridin's prohibition of it, so he's perfectly fine with letting Demandrad control the Shadow's war efforts in the south. Thus keeping him away from Rand and keeping him useful as his tool.
  12. *cries over no choice of the abolishment of that blasted Oath Rod*. One of the saddest things in the series to me, despite how much I disdain third age Aes Sedai and their attitudes (the majority of them at least). I hate seeing anyone forced to give up half of their life; it's a complete travesty and totally twisted.
  13. Kay, here we go. These are the ones he post solely on what Demandrad's up to. *Another Doma Demandrad post*
  14. See this doesn't fly with me for a few reasons. First, Taim has been channeling a long time and has unexplained knowledge from the AoL which really gives the notion that he was taught and only one Forsaken was free to teach him and that's Ishy/Moridin. Second, Moridin's "guards" in his Blight fortress are most certainly Asha'man. Third, the second Dreamspike is/was Moridin's and it's obviously at the BT. Fourthly, I find it odd that Demy would order Kisman and Rochaid to kill Rand and not let Taim know about it, if Demy was indeed ordering Taim around, what would it matter. Much more likely he is trying to hide it from Taim's true master Moridin imo. Not saying there's not merit to the theory, I just don't buy it myself. I can understand that. My laziness will my undoing I suppose. Therefore, I will trudge through Doma's post and copy/paste what he said here and see if his words can convince ya better . Be back with it 30 min., hopefully lol.
  15. The best Demandrad theory you'll find is by Doma on WoT messageboards (imo). I'm too lazy atm to go over there and do a search on his post following the release of ToM so I'll just copy/paste it from a post I made about what Demandrad's up to a month or two ago. I stated this in another thread, but I'll say it again here and move on. I believe Taim is just Demandrads Lieutenent and always has been. He's just a Dreadlord for the Shadow and always has been. Everything I say here comes from a poster named Doma on wheel of time messageboard, whom is one of the best posters of any WOT board I've seen btw. Basically he says and I agree with him 100% that: Taim is just a Drealord (already said) Evidnce for Taim being Demandrads man is leaked in TOM in our scenes at the Black Tower; also leaked in the epilogue of KoD showing us that this is really a Forsaken's planned headquarters. Remember the guys that are way too advanced that come to the Black Tower that Androl notices in his thoughts? These are simply other dreadlords that have been given to Taim by Demandrad now that the end game has started and the Shadow is starting to play all its pieces on the board. The time for Darkfriends to be hiding in the Shadows has ended. Demandrad is moving his pieces in place before his opening strike. Basically, what Doma said and what we will come to find out is Taim was only given enough Dreadlords at the BT for security and to escape notice. The rest were sent via gateway to the Blight and forcibly turned via 13x13 to the Shadow or wherever Demandrads/Moridin's headquarters are for the Shadow Training Facility (red-veiled anyone?). Remember, the way the BT recruited via gateways and such they should have way more people there than they currently do. The WT got 1k apprentices just traveling through Murandy lol. This is also why Demandrad and the Dark One are laughing at the end of Lord of Chaos. Rand by openly declaring men untouchable and openly recruiting them to the BT gave Demandrad the perfect opportunity to use Taim (one of his proxies) to openly recruit men for his forces. The Black Tower is Demandrads planned headquarters in the South. Moridin's headquarters is in the Blight. This is why the Dreamspike is there. Moridin implies that Demandrad was given the other Dreamspike and the Dreamspike is at the Black Tower, so this should be pretty obvious. We also know from Perrin's POV's in TOM that the Dreamspike can cover more ground than it is currently covering in TOM at the BT. Once the BT is secure, Demandrad will arrive and extend the Dreamspike to cover Caemlyn - it's only 5 miles away. This time is very close, it's basically the next scene after the attack on Caemlyn in TOM epilogue. Once Demandrad secures Caemlyn and extends the Dreamspike, the Light is screwed and Caemlyn is lost; at least for the first half of the book. One major struggle will most likely involve Mat taking/defending Caemlyn. People have expressed disapointment in the lack of Demandrad accomplisments thusfar but....in reality his opening blows at the end of TOM/into AMOL will morph all the accomplishments of all the previous Forsaken before him. In one opening move, he will have moved the Shadow's forces through the Ways and Portal Stones to take over Caemlyn, secure the Black Tower, take over Tear, Illian and Cairhen. He even could be making a play at Ebou Dar while the Seanchan are at the White Tower. So at the opening of AMOL while all the Light's forces are gathered at the Field of Merrilor and the Seanchan are at the White Tower....they will have lost all their cities and the White Tower will become the last remining bastion for the Light....just like that and all this is Demandrads plan. It's pretty brilliant really. Above all, Demandrad despises Lews Therin and anything Lews Therin accomplishes, Demandrad wants to outdo. So the logical reasoning is Demandrads plan will be to conquer everything Lews Therin has done and erase all his acomplishments and he will do it in one fell swoop. Remember in KOD when Rand returns to Tear and Min has a vision where she sees half the citizens dying and Rand tells Darlin to take in one of the children and make sure he's taken care of? This is the result of Demandrads forces assaulting Tear in the opening strikes of the Last Battle. The Last Battle has started and the Light is going to have to really dig in their heels and overcome the adversity of being severly crippled in one massive blow by Demandrad and the Shadow ><. We were only given a glimpse of Demandrad's opening strike against Caemlyn. News of his full strike will start trickling in during/after the meeting at FOM. *If you want the real version of the theory stated better, I would be willing to find Doma's post and post it here just for clarities sake. He does say it better than I, after all
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