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  1. Yeah, anybody who wants to match up Cadsuane's accomplishments to Elayne's, even just handling Rand, good luck. I'll give Elayne this much: she always does the smart thing. After she's tried everything else.
  2. *Only the Aiel sworn to the Dragon and the WOs were at Thakandar.
  3. I think The Horn intertwining Tel'aran'rhiod with the real world theory is right. I think TAR is the answer to a lot of the mysteries in the series- the thinness of the pattern around SG which allows all the weird DO things to occur, for instance, sounds a heck of a lot like TAR. This also explains the body swap I think. I don't think the pipe had anything to do with the Horn, per se (the Horn was sounded hundreds of miles away and long before the pipe scene), but I do think Rand walked away with some new insight into the nature of reality that allows him to access elements of TAR in the real world, in a way he's a walking Horn of Valere. I'd equate it with the legendary buddhist monks with great powers to bend reality to their will.
  4. Rand raised his arms high,a conduit of power and energy. Not 'Rand's arms were raised' or 'LTT raised Rand's arms'. Otherwise Rand was just chillin on Dragonmount futzing around with the CK for some reason while LTT worked out his personal issues. This is a huge part of the story, really the climax of Rand's arc. In the entire series LTT NEVER physically manipulates Rand. As far as I can recall, the only time he ever tried was in the manor house of Lord Algarin in Knife of Dreams, when LTT teaches Rand how to create Deathgates, Blossoms of Fire, and Arrows of Fire. And I quote: "my hands, Lews Therin panted. "Why can't I move my hands? I need to raise my hands!" (kindle location 7209 of 13929 "My hands! the madman howled, " My hands!" (kindle location 7228 of 13929) Lews Therin does, on one occasion, attempt to physically manipulate the body he shares with Rand, but this seems to be an impossibility. Perhaps there is a way, but it has never been written of or hinted at, so according to Occam's Razor, Lews Therin Telamon may not "possess" Rand al Thor physically. We agree in principle, but to play devils advocate, didnt Moraine mention in one of her visions the rings Rand turning up with Lanfear calling himself LTT?
  5. There are different calibers of Talent. It doesn't preclude you from burning yourself out using it as far as I know.
  6. In practice you're probably right, but you could argue Talents. Androl can barely channel, for instance. There's some balance between a Talent of traveling and the raw power needed for it.
  7. Probably a gray, but thats hardly definitive. Little off topic but (and im sure this theory has been theorizeded already)- anybody else think Cadsuane's strength discrepancy might be explained by one of her hair ornaments? A ter'angreal that made the bearer appear a good bit weaker than she actually is would go in line with 'theme' of the rest imo.
  8. It seems doubtful to me of Rand stopping at that time without Lews Therin interrupting. Right, this was the midst of integrating all the 'Dragon voices' into one. Maybe if Rand tried to go through with destroying creation, LTT was his failsafe and would have seized control. Then you have an actually insane Dragon running around for the Last Battle with a Rand voice in his head. I would read that book.
  9. Rand raised his arms high,a conduit of power and energy. Not 'Rand's arms were raised' or 'LTT raised Rand's arms'. Otherwise Rand was just chillin on Dragonmount futzing around with the CK for some reason while LTT worked out his personal issues. This is a huge part of the story, really the climax of Rand's arc.
  10. True, but to fall back on the LOTR analogy, there's no reason Gandalf couldnt have borrowed the ring to cast down the walls of Mordor so Frodo could walk in no problem. Well the problem is the nature of the problem itself- Rand couldn't trust himself (much less anyone else) with the CK. Whether one more use, or two more, or a dozen would have been the breaking point was unknowable. To us, but more importantly to Rand himself. Thats the problem with addiction, and power is the greatest addiction there is. Deciding that one last indulgence couldnt hurt is addict talk.
  11. I think this all comes back to the varying degrees of victory/defeat. The only true victory for the DO is to jerk Rand around enough to unmake creation, specifically with the CK (as far as we know, or at least in this age). The Borderlanders etc might have been failsafes of lesser outcomes such as Rand just being a total prick. Perhaps there is some failsafe to keep him from confronting the DO in the LB without integrating souls and getting his act together- but that has nothing to do with saving creation. One would suppose its the patterns most expedient way to hurry along the next turning of the wheel.
  12. Actually now that I think about it- there have been cases of traumatic brain injuries where the victim has undergone total personality change (usually for the worse). There are parts of the brain that control social behavior, impulse control, empathy. Its probably similar to that. The victim isnt necessarily a monster intent of mayhem, but they may simply have no regard for anyone but themselves due to circumstances beyond their control. They can still be taught social skills, but they learn them by rote, not because of any actual regard for right or wrong or empathy for others. <edit> http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/can-you-make-sociopath-through-brain-injury-trauma/ Severe trauma to specific regions of the brain can cause a person to undergo marked personality changes, such as in the famous case of Phineas Gage. While working as a railroad construction foreman in Vermont in 1848, he survived an accident in which a large iron rod was driven through his head, damaging much of his brain's left frontal lobe. Although he did not become a sociopath, the reported effects on his personality and behavior were so profound that friends saw him as “no longer Gage.”
  13. Team RJ described it as damping down all the 'good' attributes a person had and amping up all the negative. Like steroids on steroids I guess. I think this implies their souls are not replaced, but this is the actual same person, just wrecked. I'd suppose its similar to someone being tortured to the point of complete personality change (Theon Greyjoy comes to mind). For that reason, maybe the victims arent so dangerous as being Dark Friends running around, but more likely to be more common criminals or psychopaths. Under close scrutiny they might be rehabbed in a sense, if they can be convinced that anti-social behavior is not in their selfish interest.
  14. The attack on Ebou Dar wasnt his revelation, it was the crisis on Dragonmount where he considered destroying the world. (and a lot of people think Perrin was there as a failsafe to take Rand out if he chose poorly)
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