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  1. I'm really sorry, but I don't quite get where you're going with this. I'd be really grateful were you able to prepare this theory in full detail.
  2. Not sure why this is such a big deal. All I did was point out the actual fact that we haven't seen it counter a saidin weave yet, that's it! We don't even know if it's as powerful as Mat's. It might only be as strong as Elayne's copies for all we know. I just pointed out that it's a posibility, albeit a remote one. AGAIN, that's all I said, there's no argument here This is reaching the level of total absurdity... No, I think it's entirely valid to posit that from the information we have been given. /sarcasmoff.
  3. I've always found the study of social theory, justice, development of social ideas to be fascinating, so this quote really interests me. I do worry though that it's a bit "out there" and unrelated to a lot of Wheel of Time stuff. I think there's certainly a valid argument in the idea that societies that breed a mindset of ignoring imperfections and trying to close them out (in context, I suppose you'd say it was through the use of binders and such), might inevitably not have the proper structures for dealing with systematic problems that develop over time. I'm just not sure that aMoL has the time nor reason to examine this in detail. As such, it will likely seem a little disjointed in whatever context it is placed.
  4. Weirdly, I've always had the thought that Moridin might turn out not to be Ishy or something. Now that would be a twist, it would fit with the "one forsaken impersonating another" thing. Plus it'd just be quite funny.
  5. There numbers dropped after the BA purge and now they will have to find a new purpose obviously. In fact(rather ironically) I could see them taking a major role in the integration of male/females post TG... Any reason to think their numbers dropped proportionally more than any other Ajah? We know that there were more black reds than any other Ajah, but that was simply because the Red Ajah is the largest.
  6. We can't extrapolate that far. All BS is saying is, looking at the requests we know of (i.e. those of Mat), they were able to supply him with ter'angreal that precisely met his requirements (including the spear here, although not sure it is best described as a ter'angreal, perhaps just some other "object of power" (small p). Either it's hugely coincidental or they have a large supply. That said, we can't be certain they actually have any powers to do anything for themselves - beyond reading an individual's future etc.
  7. Indeed, aren't people who argue for the sake of it incredibly irritating. I've been rather put off posting here recently. Not because I think criticism is unfair or invalid or anything along those lines, but I think it is now reaching the point when criticism is being seen as fashionable. Brandon's efforts are short of perfection. I genuinely believe the man when he says he believes he's giving all he can. I'm not sure we're entitled to expect more just because we may think (or wish) that he is capable of more; we aren't in his position and we don't know. What is downright inexcusable is the increasing trend for people, when spoilers etc are released, to assert that they must include a mistake or that Brandon hasn't done the research or the like. I think, in a situation such as this, we have to trust the author until (in each specific example) are proven to have been mistaken. Otherwise, how can anyone realistically hope to enjoy the final book if one addresses it with nothing short of scepticism.
  8. I’m guessing that Cadsuane is doing some kind of forensic analysis of Light leader assassination(s), i.e., explaining why some people are dropping dead. I think Team Jordan / Tor is trying to throw us a red herring quote to make us think she’s Black Ajah maybe, but I don’t buy that for a second. Could be. Also, the Power is not mentioned in the quote so she might not be talking about killing with the OP. That was my first thought too. I don't think Cadsuane ever healed anybody onscreen, did she? I can't recall. She did not try on Rand when Fain wounded him. That's possible but it would still not explain why she thinks that it's easy to stop someone's heart with the OP (if that's what she means). Sorry, there's a conflation of simplicity and ease here, which are separate. There are multiple ways in which this could be seen as not a mistake. Firstly and most persuasively IMO, is that it may be a simple weave. That means that pretty much every AS can perform it; what it doesn't mean is that they all get the same result. Healing is perfectly analogous here, most AS learn the same healing weave (albeit, one which isn't so simple), but for some performing that weave only heals bruises etc, while for others it brings people back from the brink of death. Alternatively, it might just be simple for Cadsuane - bear in mind how full of herself she is. As such, the statement is true insofar as she says it.
  9. One brief thought: Those complaining about the use of male-female links being portrayed solely as using Saidar to strengthen weaves of Saidin etc, please consider the weave we've seen being portrayed. A gateway. Now, men and women create gateways in different ways - thus it's reasonable to assume that combining the two powers as the core threads of one weave might have bad consequences. Brandon has, quite reasonably, avoided a can of worms by portraying it as such.
  10. Alonin, can I just say I really dislike it when people make their text larger - all it does is give the impression you feel that your opinion is simply more valid than anyone else's. I'm sure that's not actually what you think, but I otherwise don't understand it? As for your theory, I'm afraid it doesn't stand up. Mat isn't permanently buffered from exposure to the dagger again - all they did in TDR was break down his current bond to it (the one that was killing him). Also, how does control of TAR & being ta'veren protect from Shayol Ghul (whatever that means?) Ultimately, such theories come across as really fanfic-y. I do actually rather like the idea that a tainted body could work as a buffer in some way, I think that's inventive and has some merit in itself, but the rest is either not new, or not plausible,
  11. To settle this confusion about Graendal, I'm going to point you all to two sources. Firstly, when Semirhage is captured by Rand, and she says that Rand is hearing the voice of Lews Therin, she then goes on to say words to the effect of "Even Graendal usually failed to achieve reintegration with someone hearing a real voice". Secondly, if you look at the BWB, you will see that in the entry from Graendal, it begins with something like "While Semirhage was a famous healer of the body, the forsaken known as Graendal was an equally famous healer of the mind". Both these quotes are from memory so not 100% accurate, but I guarantee you if you look in those two places, you'll find I'm right.
  12. I find Stephen Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant brilliant - completely unlike anything else on the market. Or well, the first two trilogies at least. I haven't read the third, because after the first two it was definitely finished.
  13. Hi there, So, I've just been re-reading ToM for about the 1100th time, just reached the part where Mat's off to see Elayne and the rumours got me thinking. One in particular caught the attention: Page 285 At this point, Mat is thinking the Band are mostly to blame for the "true" rumours spread about him, such as the one about him defeating Couladin. However, the story behind this (about his visits to the Eelfinn and Aelfinn) are only known to a very select few. It seems unlikely to me that anyone could have simply made this up, as the details of it are so close that if you replaced "death's domain" with the "Finn's domain", it'd be true. Who knows? Rand may have some inclination. He was present both times Mat left the Finns, rescued Mat from being hung etc - and there is a rumour about him being hung spreading through Caemlyn - so that would be a true rumour too. However, Rand doesn't know what happened in the Finn's domain as far as we're told - and the rumour about hanging can be explained away by anyone who has seen the scars on Mat's neck - which the other three candidates presumably will have at some point. The other three candidates are therefore Noal, Olver and Thom, as they are the only ones who to my knowledge were present at the chat in tGS. Olver Prima facie, he would seem the obvious candidate. He's known for talking out of turn, and earlier on in the same chapter he's told off by Mat for telling people about the trip into ToG - page 281 Were this the case, it would fit with Mat's suspicions that the Band are responsible for the gossip and rumours around him. However, for me this doesn't fit. We know that Olver places a high premium on his promises (rather like Mat), so while he may have discussed going into ToG with the Redarms, I think it unlikely that he'd tell them Mat had made him promise not to. Noal Least likely candidate for me. While he probably has the sophistication to change the rumour a little bit from the Finns to Death, he himself complains to Mat about rumours about him. Thom My favourite of the three. He's definitely got the sophistication to change the stories from being 100% true to enhance Mat's legend, and has the platform and ability to spread them well as a Gleeman, particularly as we know he has been spending a lot of time in taverns. The only problem is - to what end? I just cannot pin down why Thom would want to make Mat so famous, particularly as the Forsaken are hunting him and Thom himself remarks at one point that he's convinced the only reason Mat etc have survived so long is because the Forsaken haven't been able to find them (I believe in tGS when the pictures of Mat are being distributed, can dig this out if challenged). And an off-thought. Death's domain - as usual, could this be a Moridin reference? Particularly in the context of Moridin likely being the one who went to Finnland to recover Lanfear - remember Moiraine at the end of ToM remarking on the man being present once when she awoke. Any thoughts?
  14. Indeed, this quote makes me pretty certain it can't be Masema etc. In what way could Masema and his ragged "Dragonsworn" realistically put an end to Rand? If Rand's full attention turned on something, likely a large proportion of his military strength would be too. Even though Rand is in the habit of going places with little protection, the Forsaken by this point must think more highly of Rand's capabilities than that? Unless I'm mistaken, we know that it was a female forsaken behind Masema, so simply ruling the Seanchan out because Semi is behind it would seem foolish. They're a very dangerous and powerful group, and at this point have considerably more channelers and troops than Rand. Therefore, I'm firmly of the view he saw Demandred's hand (incorrectly) behind the Seanchan.
  15. 20M. The only character I sometimes don't enjoy reading is Perrin, simply because I find he seems to confront the same problem repeatedly coming up with slightly different takes on essentially the same issue.
  16. Another reason compulsion might not be a good idea is due to all but the strongest compulsion being "defeatable" by those of strong will, which apparently Egwene is (certainly, strong willed enough to defeat Mesaana in the manner she did).
  17. Our Age is most likely the First Age, the Age Before the Age of Legends - there is evidence of that in the books, such as Thom's stories. The AoL is more advanced that out own Age. Shock lances are directed energy weapons, not just tasers, their vehicles are more environmentally friendly than our own, and they can create a giant research station that floats in the air. That last without the OP. It seems considerably more likely to me that our age is somewhere between the 5th and 7th ages, as we see in Aviendha's vision in Rhuidean a future of guns, cannons, steam-driven vehicles etc. If we take such a level of technology as the 4th age, which in our calendar would probably have been the late 17th century onwards, then following the logical technological progression from there, it makes sense. That is very much a convergent technological development system.
  18. No, Lini did not. Tallanvor did, and he knew both Basel Gill and Lamgwin as personal friends.
  19. But we know from evidence in the books that Thom is called the Gray Fox who was Morgase's lover, spymaster, and court bard. We also know from evidence that Basel Gill is a trusted Thom friend, hiding him from the Queen's arrest order, and that Gill is a good and capable information source. Saying that Gill is one of Thom's most trusted agents would not be going against the evidence. And of course working together for decades would lead to friendship. Gill was a decent source of gossip, but honestly seemed a bit scatter brained to be a spy. As I stated above, I believe he is exactly who he appears to be. The WoT is full of prophecy, complicated plots and innuendo, but there is no reason to assume every minor character has a hidden agenda or every major character is a HotH. An average innkeeper who is aware of the undercurrents of the city and has knowledge of some Royal Palace news and developments. An innkeeper who doesn't flinch when asked to house Aes Sedai at times when they aren't popular and smuggles them out of his inn via a "secret door." An innkeeper of an establishment that someone "wanted" by Morgase uses as a "safe house." I cannot recall all the references to Gill's "covert" skills; but I don't think he's just an average innkeeper. Innkeepers listen to gossip, it's a common theme. House Aes Sedai when they aren't popular? Maybe he likes the Aes Sedai as an organisation personally, that's not beyond belief. And as for the third, if he's friends with Thom, I can't think why Thom might stay with a friend to hide out...
  20. It's simply not true that the Oath Rod is a contraceptive. To put this into context: It was put forth as early as the second book that Aes Sedai not having children was the reason that the population of channelers was dying out, and reference was made to debate as to whether they should be doing so. At this point, the fact that the Oath Rod could remove oaths was only known to very few.
  21. Nine times out of Ten the obvious answer is the right one. Who is Basel Gill? An innkeeper from Caemlyn who is friends with Thom. It's unlikely he's ever been a member of Court, or a member of House Trakand, or Morgase or Lini would likely have remembered him after a while. Thom is known to enjoy performing, and we know he is something of an oddity among bards in that he enjoyed juggling, for example (PoV of Ituralde in the Stedding). It's likely that he simply knows Thom, whether due to Thom performing or simply coming in regularly for a drink. I don't see the reason or need to speculate like this, particularly with 0 evidence.
  22. What evidence do we have for a 'public relations hole' before the trolloc wars? Aes Sedai ruled, Aes Sedai approved monarchs, Aes Sedai organised the Compact... And, from what we know, Manetheren's people gladly fought for their Aes Sedai queen. I would argue that they fought more for their King Why would you argue this? Yay for sweeping assertions without evidence. Even if they fought "for their King", which the evidence already given makes me entirely sure they didn't, taking your argument at its strongest, they therefore approved of their King. Which means they didn't mind his choice of wife, and probably liked her. If the King was seen as manipulated by a devious Aes Sedai Queen, then the people wouldn't have fought for him.
  23. But we know that Talent has been lost since the AoL. Neald is the first to create power-wrought weapons in 3000 years. My impression (based on Neald's experience) is that the power can be used to enhance a weapon during its creation; not afterwards. If that is correct, AS cannot enhance an existing weapon. We see Verin (and at this very moment it dawns on me that she was quite probably Black Ajah back then!) and another Aes Sedai (Alanna?) walk around between the Catapults in the Two Rivers in preparation for the Trolloc or White Cloak invasion and modify the boulders to have an explosive effect when landing. Sure, it might not be a "weapon" as such, it is just a stone that someone later might end up using in a Catapult, but they sure are enhancing the destructive effect of the catapults. Just getting this from memory so might have got it wrong. They were to be used against Trollocs, so the loopholes are multiple: 1) Probably falls within the scope of using the power as a weapon rather than making a weapon, and was to be used vs trollocs so fine 2) If not, is not a weapon "for one man to kill another"
  24. That's not what it says. I don't have the book with me, but Rahvin senses him seize Saidin in order to "seize an advantage" - as the two women were squaring off, he was going to take advantage of this to kill them both or something similar (the last bit is an interpretation, but it is remarked previously within that passage about how the forsaken find it hard to meet in even a group of 4 without trying to kill one another)
  25. The numbers in my post failed to include Elbar's army, another 10000. That would bring the total to 52000 Seanchan troops killed and only 900 men lost. And Mat achieved his objective! Again, that's what Great Captains do! Not entirely accurate. He defeated 52000 men. It's almost certain that he didn't kill every single one in every encounter - remember, when they fought Elbar's force, Talmanes remarked at the end that the enemy were "fools" as none of them tried to escape.
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