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  1. I'm really sorry, but I don't quite get where you're going with this. I'd be really grateful were you able to prepare this theory in full detail.
  2. Not sure why this is such a big deal. All I did was point out the actual fact that we haven't seen it counter a saidin weave yet, that's it! We don't even know if it's as powerful as Mat's. It might only be as strong as Elayne's copies for all we know. I just pointed out that it's a posibility, albeit a remote one. AGAIN, that's all I said, there's no argument here This is reaching the level of total absurdity... No, I think it's entirely valid to posit that from the information we have been given. /sarcasmoff.
  3. I've always found the study of social theory, justice, development of social ideas to be fascinating, so this quote really interests me. I do worry though that it's a bit "out there" and unrelated to a lot of Wheel of Time stuff. I think there's certainly a valid argument in the idea that societies that breed a mindset of ignoring imperfections and trying to close them out (in context, I suppose you'd say it was through the use of binders and such), might inevitably not have the proper structures for dealing with systematic problems that develop over time. I'm just not sure that aMoL has th
  4. Weirdly, I've always had the thought that Moridin might turn out not to be Ishy or something. Now that would be a twist, it would fit with the "one forsaken impersonating another" thing. Plus it'd just be quite funny.
  5. There numbers dropped after the BA purge and now they will have to find a new purpose obviously. In fact(rather ironically) I could see them taking a major role in the integration of male/females post TG... Any reason to think their numbers dropped proportionally more than any other Ajah? We know that there were more black reds than any other Ajah, but that was simply because the Red Ajah is the largest.
  6. We can't extrapolate that far. All BS is saying is, looking at the requests we know of (i.e. those of Mat), they were able to supply him with ter'angreal that precisely met his requirements (including the spear here, although not sure it is best described as a ter'angreal, perhaps just some other "object of power" (small p). Either it's hugely coincidental or they have a large supply. That said, we can't be certain they actually have any powers to do anything for themselves - beyond reading an individual's future etc.
  7. Indeed, aren't people who argue for the sake of it incredibly irritating. I've been rather put off posting here recently. Not because I think criticism is unfair or invalid or anything along those lines, but I think it is now reaching the point when criticism is being seen as fashionable. Brandon's efforts are short of perfection. I genuinely believe the man when he says he believes he's giving all he can. I'm not sure we're entitled to expect more just because we may think (or wish) that he is capable of more; we aren't in his position and we don't know. What is downright inexcusable is the
  8. I’m guessing that Cadsuane is doing some kind of forensic analysis of Light leader assassination(s), i.e., explaining why some people are dropping dead. I think Team Jordan / Tor is trying to throw us a red herring quote to make us think she’s Black Ajah maybe, but I don’t buy that for a second. Could be. Also, the Power is not mentioned in the quote so she might not be talking about killing with the OP. That was my first thought too. I don't think Cadsuane ever healed anybody onscreen, did she? I can't recall. She did not try on Rand when Fain wounded him. That's possible but it would s
  9. One brief thought: Those complaining about the use of male-female links being portrayed solely as using Saidar to strengthen weaves of Saidin etc, please consider the weave we've seen being portrayed. A gateway. Now, men and women create gateways in different ways - thus it's reasonable to assume that combining the two powers as the core threads of one weave might have bad consequences. Brandon has, quite reasonably, avoided a can of worms by portraying it as such.
  10. Alonin, can I just say I really dislike it when people make their text larger - all it does is give the impression you feel that your opinion is simply more valid than anyone else's. I'm sure that's not actually what you think, but I otherwise don't understand it? As for your theory, I'm afraid it doesn't stand up. Mat isn't permanently buffered from exposure to the dagger again - all they did in TDR was break down his current bond to it (the one that was killing him). Also, how does control of TAR & being ta'veren protect from Shayol Ghul (whatever that means?) Ultimately, suc
  11. To settle this confusion about Graendal, I'm going to point you all to two sources. Firstly, when Semirhage is captured by Rand, and she says that Rand is hearing the voice of Lews Therin, she then goes on to say words to the effect of "Even Graendal usually failed to achieve reintegration with someone hearing a real voice". Secondly, if you look at the BWB, you will see that in the entry from Graendal, it begins with something like "While Semirhage was a famous healer of the body, the forsaken known as Graendal was an equally famous healer of the mind". Both these quotes are from
  12. I find Stephen Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant brilliant - completely unlike anything else on the market. Or well, the first two trilogies at least. I haven't read the third, because after the first two it was definitely finished.
  13. Hi there, So, I've just been re-reading ToM for about the 1100th time, just reached the part where Mat's off to see Elayne and the rumours got me thinking. One in particular caught the attention: Page 285 At this point, Mat is thinking the Band are mostly to blame for the "true" rumours spread about him, such as the one about him defeating Couladin. However, the story behind this (about his visits to the Eelfinn and Aelfinn) are only known to a very select few. It seems unlikely to me that anyone could have simply made this up, as the details of it are so close that if you replaced
  14. Indeed, this quote makes me pretty certain it can't be Masema etc. In what way could Masema and his ragged "Dragonsworn" realistically put an end to Rand? If Rand's full attention turned on something, likely a large proportion of his military strength would be too. Even though Rand is in the habit of going places with little protection, the Forsaken by this point must think more highly of Rand's capabilities than that? Unless I'm mistaken, we know that it was a female forsaken behind Masema, so simply ruling the Seanchan out because Semi is behind it would seem foolish. They're a very dangero
  15. 20M. The only character I sometimes don't enjoy reading is Perrin, simply because I find he seems to confront the same problem repeatedly coming up with slightly different takes on essentially the same issue.
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