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  1. Just found these today! Tar Valon mark http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1a37/?srp=2 Wheel and Great Serpent necklace http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1837/?srp=1
  2. Besides, the residents of Randland don't believe that silk comes from worms, but use it nonetheless, so no reason to believe that they treasure ivory despite not knowing its source other than "from Shara"
  3. I imagine he could, but why would he? He won't even necessarily do it for one of the FS if they aren't doing a good enough job.
  4. THIS. What was once a proud and honorable people dies and becomes a ragged fragment of what they once were, begging for scraps, and unable to shed a tear for a dead infant. Also:
  5. I, for one, have never thought that Taim could be Moridin. I don't have quotes to back me up, but I always felt that Taim seemed to be building himself up to rule after TLB. He also seems to be a very angry and cruel person. But what we know of Ishy/Moridin is that he has always been a pragmatist and a nihilist. Cruelty, anger and power trips just don't suit that personality type. He's just working toward the end of existence. Nothing concrete, but that's my take on it.
  6. This thread was a bit stagnant, but I figured I'd chime in anyway. Overall, I really like the audiobooks (though not on Audible-their bitrate is absolutely atrocious, it sounds so hollow!), but a few of the pronunciations do throw me off a bit. The Domani/damane one, for example. Ituralde's winter war did get a bit confusing at times. The other is trebuchet. While not technically incorrect, Kramer pronounces it treb-you-shet. Dictionary.com agrees with this, but myself, and most I've spoken to, use the French pronunciation of treb-you-shay, so Kramer's pronunciation makes me grind my teeth a bit. As far as Randland lore pronunciations go, I've found myself changing how the words sound in my head to match those I hear in the audiobooks -especially the names of the Forsaken-, despite being pretty firmly set in my mind for over a decade.
  7. When I read the title, at first I read it as "red-veiled Aiel...maybe three grolm" I almost face-palmed until I re-read it.
  8. Interestingly enough, the character who most often uses this colloquialism is a Green...
  9. In my mind, the fundamental difference between the gholam and other shadowspawn, which allows it to survive gateways, is that most shadowspawn are living, breathing creatures, twisted by the shadow during their creation. On the other hand, the gholam is a construct; an artificial being that is sentient. Because it is not truly "alive", it cannot be killed in the ways other shadowspawn can.
  10. I am more suspicious of big black birds these days...
  11. *TOM SPOILER* The BUT was the fact that the 'Finns gave Mat the ashandarei as a means of escaping Finn-land.
  12. I thought Elayne was tallish... She's shorter than Rand... Isn't everyone? Except the Great Lord. I mean go Light! Bael is often quoted as the tallest man any given character has ever seen...
  13. No wonder we've never seen him "on screen"...
  14. Unless dispelled by means of not thinking about said ta'veren, the swirling colors will resolve into an image of what the person is doing at the time. It is just an effect of the link between the boys.
  15. I hardly consider this to be conclusive of her being BA. We know that an AS bound by the oaths cannot say anything she knows to be a lie. It can be argued when Sheriam blurted out her false answer, she had not yet processed the question, therefore was not knowingly speaking a lie.
  16. I've never used any other readers, but the Kindle, at least, has a search function.
  17. I was started on it about ten years ago. Seems like an eternity.
  18. Perhaps it is as simple as T'A'R, the mirror worlds, etc. merely being different planes of Randland's reality, while Finnland is another reality entirely. The loss of the path from one reality to the other is what severed the bond. I dunno. I was never much for metaphysics.
  19. A Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey reference? I think my day is complete. Thank you.
  20. Was the Eye anything more than a Well? It didn't seem to serve any purpose but to contain a finite supply of Saidin, near as I could tell.
  21. lol...I like this idea. Can you imagine the conniption Karede will have if he sees a guy with three bloodknife rings as trophies near the empress? (side note: half the time, I try to call Karede "Kadere". Oh noes! The head of the Deathwatch Guard is a DF!)
  22. I just remembered another off pronunciation. My friend who introduced me to WOT pronounced Myrddraal like "Murder All". Y'know, it fits...
  23. I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw it...
  24. Doc, I am your man! Thanks to my KINDLE'S Super NEAT and ultra, electronically-advanced SEARCH Feature, I can confirm that ''Tempest'' is used...*Drum Roll*...Waiiiiiit For It: 20 TIMES!!! And I'm going to do you a REAL favor and tell you WHERE they are in the book - but its going to have to be later for all 20, lol. A few quick examples for now though....Fain uses it in the prologue...Naef in chapter 15...Faile in chapter 16...Perrin in chapter 21...and on it goes, lol. - Fish I seem to remember about a quarter of those being in the same POV...
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