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Light my fire.


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Hi. Im Ignis. Just stopping in to say hello.

Love how you changed the boards. Now I can actually register! :D Because it wouldn't really let me before... :D


I hope I can contribute and help out in anyway possible. And cheers! It's St. Patty's day!

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both of you will love DM. it's a great place to be around. my only advice: don't be shy, you'll be dragged into stuff if you even hint that you're paying attention to something.


so be bold and meet people, make friends and enjoy yourselves!

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*hands NON-suspicious pie to Ignis*

Hi im Apocalypse of BT (Black Tower) and SG (Shayol Ghul).


Yes it is a potent combination : Insanity and Evil-y-ness. :P


Now, I obviously recommend Black Tower ORG and Shayol Ghul ORG mainly because nobody really cares about what goes on there if you konw what I mean. It's expected of us.


Of course I'm not forcing you to pick, its just you'll live longer then, so have a nice time here at Dragonmount. :twisted:

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Hiya Ig!!

I'm Leane and you should really check out the Band of the Red Hand Org. It's the music and travel Org and a lot of fun. There is drinking, fighting, and more drinking :D

The Archers are the best division! But you should go through the Raw Recruit Phase to find out which division suits you the best :D Hope to see you around! Welcome to DM and have fun!

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Guest Egwene

Hi welcome Ignis...check out the Asmo thread on the book discussion board.... a must read for a quiet afternoon...lol. And of course...leave your vote, too.



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