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Hi all


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I'm Gideon a 22 year old from the Netherlands. I'm not that good at introducing myself and telling thinks about myself (a bit shy u know :P) But anyway's I'm gonna try.


I'm in the dutch militairy police (for 5 years now) and my duty is almost over. What I'm gonna do after that I don't know yet. I like to read (who here doesn't :? ) and I got some other hobby's to, like: Paintball, music, going out with my friends and some other things :P.


I have played "The Wheel of Time" card game for i guess 3 years now (and not that pleased that they stopt producing it) And been reading the books for 2 months now. Reading was never a hobby of mine and I never did it before a friend of mine told me to go read the books so that I would know more of the characters in the card game. After I read the first part (in 5 days :P) I got angry because I didn't the second part. Currently I'm reading part 10 (almost finished) so u could say I am a bit addicted to it :P.


Well anyway I don't know what else to say so if anyone wants to know something just ask :D.


ps: don't mind my english it's been a few years since I learnt it at school and haven't had much practise in it ;).

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HI ! Welcome in DM !


u'll notice soon enough that lot of people do not have english as first language! LOL i'm comin from belium and speaks french and a bit of dutch (flemich LOL )

i hope u'll have nice time with us !


do not hesitate to wander in the community boards !

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Hello again, GiDo :P


Great of you to come to our aid in the spam challenge.. hope you had a fun time!!


Look forward to seeing more of you on Fiddlesticks!!


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