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  1. *doesnt speadread but still completed the books of TWOT in 4 months* I never actually tried to speadread. And I dont read fast either but I just read long periods. Welcome anyway and be sure to check Fiddlesticks for some good offtopic SPAM!!!! :lol: *hugglycuddles his "not so secret" secret lover* :P
  2. GiDo

    New member

    *wonders if he should have Gagged him to* :? :twisted:
  3. GiDo

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    *thinks he's gonna stop spamming for now. Welcomes the new guy again before he takes off* *shrugs* :roll:
  4. GiDo

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    *allready did that before spamming* 8) And what exactly is quality spam to you? *goes to check on Empy to see if the bonds still hold* :lol:
  5. GiDo

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    No we really wouldnt want that. :P *wonders if he is even allowed to spam here* :shock: Well I spam everywhere, even in rules topics so I guess there's no point in stopping me. :twisted:
  6. GiDo


    Welcome *waves* :)
  7. GiDo

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    I put it on him? :? Hmm can't remember doing that. Well ok I'll secure it extra tight this time. *drags Empy back inside by his collar and locks him up real tight* :twisted:
  8. GiDo

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    Who let him loose in the first place? I thought his chain didn't go this far. *shrugs*
  9. GiDo

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    OMG It's Empy. Everybody Runn for you lives. :shock:
  10. GiDo


    Welcome. :lol:
  11. GiDo

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    Welcome *pokes Rae askingly for a snuggle*
  12. *walks into the new guys topic and says; "welcome". Walks out again*
  13. GiDo

    Hi all

    *starts to think for a while* Yeah that must be it :P
  14. *bumped his threat.* Nobody replied to this point. *feels he's not loved anymore* :( (O btw, sorry if I'm stealing your topic False) :lol:
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