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Approved White Tower Bio for Tayva ni Ayvery t'Reyon - CCed by the CotS


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Basic Information

Handle : Taei

Character Count : 2 (+ 1 deceased)


Character Information

Name: Tayva ni Ayvery t'Reyon

Age: 162

Nationality: Saldean



Hair: Long fiery red hair which she keeps braided into a large braid with ribbons interwoven into it to match her wardrobe.

Eyes: Almond shaped dark brown eyes

Skin: Darker skinned she seems to keep a tan year round and no matter where she is.

Height: 4'9"

Voice: Firm and commanding voice, but also very expressive

Other: She is Saldean in appearance but dresses in the Domani style more often than not.



Special Skills: Her pracicality has led her to be at least proficient in every subject she could get her hands on. Some of the more rare subjects include knife throwing, harp playing, and it is even rumoured that she has the rudimentary knowledge of how to make Illuminator fireworks and dance the sa'sara.

Knowledge Weakness: Not proficient in any one area of expertise

Physical Weakness: Her height and size provide challenges if it ever came to a hand to hand fight, but she sees it as an advantage to negotiations.

Personality weakness: She has a fiery temper when pushed too far



Tayva is known for for her patience, however once it is gone she is also known for her temper and lack of forgiveness. She views it as practical to allow people to make mistakes, but to punish them if they do not try to rectify their problems.



Tayva was born and raised in Saldea. When she was nine years old her father went on a campaign into the Blight and never returned. Her mother took her pledge to take up his sword literally and when he did not return with the others she armed herself and went out alone into the Blight to join her husband in death. Left an orphan at the age of ten Tayva was the last of her family alive. Having no one to take care of her she learned quickly to take care of herself.


The blight scared her, though, and as a young girl she travelled from town to town working anywhere she could find in order to pay for her keep and eventually ended up on Arad Doman. She was entranced by the culture of the Domani and stayed there for two years having been taken in by a kindly Domani woman who was unable to have children of her own. The woman taught Tayva her culture and her way of life.


When she was seventeen Tayva was hauled off to the Tower by a Sister who who realized her potential with the One Power. Though it was against Tayva's will she changed her mind when she saw the logic behind developing her ability to protect herself. She had always been very logical about how life worked which was something that her parents instilled in her from a young age. Death was just another part of life and they had wanted their daughter to understand the unforgiving world in which she lived.


Tayva learned what she could to the best of her ability, though she wasn't very strong in any one thing she did try to learn at least a rudimentary knowledge of anything she could get her hands on, including basic healing. Her logical approach to things drew her to both the White and Grey Ajahs when it was time for her to choose her Ajah. She eventually chose the White because she believed that their search for Truth should include the fact that Truth is based on perception and that everyone's perceptions are different. She has worked hard to add a more common sense and practical perspective on things.


While she wasn't always agreed with, she could never be dis-proven either, and therefore developed a healthy respect from the others in her Ajah in spite of her somewhat uncommon ideals. Her extreme sense of empathy often allowed her to see other's perspectives quite clearly and made her a very good negotiator as she applied her talents to seeing the truth behind conflicts.


After Taedra's mysterious disappearance the elder Sisters of the White Ajah began their search for a new Ajah head. Someone who would take all things into consideration when judging the future of the Ajah. After much deliberation they chose Tayva, much to her surprise. She swore to do this job to the best of her ability and became more dedicated than ever to her search for the Truth behind all that is happening and has already happened.

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