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Where does your mind start to wander?


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Any section that deals with WT or Andor politics.  


i second this. in all of my rereads, i just skip over these parts. i mean... heres a good summary of what elayne's life is like...


Elayne: curse rand al'thor for having sex with me! it is not my fault for seducing him. curse him for being a man! i love him! i need a bath. i am pregnant!


Elayne: dylin! go win more nobles support for the throne while i pout and have baths and complain about being pregnant. I am pregnant!


Elayne: did i mention i am pregnant!




here is a look into the life of a former salidar aes sedai


SAS: sneaky sneaky... plant seeds of rebellion and doubt.. we are so smart! elida is bad! we will only use our massive army to make them THINK we will attack them!!  we will!


[Removed. Spoilers.]


everybody that is left: well that works out nicely then!



i also hate luca's circus.


The Dark Rand comment had me laughing so loud people at work that I was having a stroke.

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I can't think of anything specifically, but sometimes when there is not a whole lot going on action wise, or not that much dialogue I'll drift off. Or, if there's a few pages of a really long discription of something I'll also dose off. Usually I'll catch myself doing it though, and read through it again.


Honestly, usually most of the times I really drift off are when I'm either tired or something's on my mind.

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My mind wanders.. About halfway through reading this thread, lol!


No, really, in the books, reading about someone who has been captured and is now a slave is VERY dull to me. Liandrin, Moggy, Faile, Morgase, any and all of the above when they are not on top of the food chain, they are just dull.


But, don't get me wrong, I'm one of the few people who has no problem with Faile's character, not Morgase.. The BA and the female forsaken are all pretty weaksauce though.

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I'm on my first proper re-read and I'm really enjoying Egwene this time around - apart from the constant mental tirade against Rand, but every female character does that.


I'm just starting CoT for only the second time (haven't had the stomach for it before) but am bouyed by the fact that 8 and 9 were better than I remembered them and this time I'm not under the false assumption when starting 10 that its the final book in the series, and am aware that two really kickass books are already sitting on my shelf to read afterwards, which should help with the frustration levels.


In terms of the bits I don't like - anything with the Shaido AFTER the battle of Dumai Wells.  That was the perfect tidy up of the 'rebel Aiel' story line, which really should have ceased as a major storyline element after the battle of Cairhein.


Faile and Perrin during the Faile in captivity arc.  I actually didn't mind her too much through the Perrin in Two Rivers section, but he should have left her to run the Two Rivers when he went to help Rand.  Never seen a character go from as kickass as Perrin has been through the first 8-9 books to such a waste of ink as he is in books 9-11 - hopefully one of the Forsaken will kill Faile early in 12 and we'll have an enraged, Achilles-style Perrin up until TG.


The Seafolk - every time they appear.  Just **** off!  Hate them.  Just what the series needed in the form of another bunch of arrogant, bossy women browbeating everyone they meet. 


Everytime one of the female characters starts ranting in her head about how Rand is an idiot woolhead who needs someone with a brain to make his decisions for him - have they noticed that he's doing quite well without their help?

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During my first reading of the series (which I finished about a week ago), my mind wandered of during 'Perrin rescues Faile from Shaido' related scenes (a lot of people seem to find this part boring).


Everything related to political stuff like who supports who because this guy is the cousin of that dude who in turns dislikes his brother because his other brother slept with his girlfriend who actually secretly loves the first guy (?? wtf). No just kidding here of cours, but I think you get the picture. What comes to my mind is Elayne's fight to get the throne. There is a lot of 'who supports Elayne' talk.


PoV's from non-main characters, like some random AS, Wise One, Whitecloak etc..., because I just don't remembrer who they are and so I can't really put them into context. Though I hope this might get better on my first re-read (which I started just yesterday :-) )


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