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  1. @Awangku Yusli: You can purchase the eBook. I did purchase it 3 days ago through the german Amazon Kindle store. What you don't get is the Dragonmount discount...sadly.
  2. I think the chapter you mean is called 'In the White Tower'.
  3. There are just so many good scenes. Some scenes from tGS. To avoid spoilers, here are the chapter names: A Visit from Verin Sedai Veins of Gold Then from other books: Moiraine telling the story of Manetheren. The cleansing of Saidin Dumai's Wells When Rand poisons an Asha'man (Fedwin Morr???) because he has gone totally mad. I think the chapter is called 'A cup of sleep' in PoD.
  4. Really? Now that saves my day :-) A song about WoT by Blind Guardian. That's just great news. I loved the LotR album. 'Nightfall in Middleearth' it is called I think. Do you know when it is due?
  5. Rand has always been my favorite character and his PoV's where those I enjoyed the most, except maybe for Egwene's PoV's in TGS (that was good stuff). Others have already posted about why Rand acts like he acts and I totally agree. But your statement (the one I quoted) got my attention. What makes Rand this interesting for me IS the fact that he is not the typical hero who fights the DO. It's something which in my opinion makes the whole WoT series so interesting. It is not black and white. It is not good vs. evil. There are shades of gray. Of course Rand is one of the good guys, but to be able to carry his burden, he needs to do things that your typical fantasy hero would never ever do. This makes the WoT so much more 'real' if I dare say so. In real life, leaders will also do stuff for the good of their people although not everyone will agree with their methods. It's like the old saying: 'The end justifies the means'.
  6. Something I came across yesterday in EotW is Lan talking about Trolloc tribes. After the attack on Emond's Field, Lan is counting iirc 7 different trolloc clans. They seem to wear some sort of badge, sign, pin whatever (I don't have the book here to check). I can't remember anything about trollocs clans/tribes from my first read (though there is certainly A LOT I can't remember :-) ). Is this something I just missed or did RJ give up on the idea and keep the Trollocs as cannon fodder? There are so many interesting things going on. In the chapter 'Tellings of the Wheel', Rand dream from Thakan'dar and Shayol Ghul and remebers already having been there. The first time I read this, I probably didn't even notice it. But this time I was like: Crap, Lews Therin (or his memories) is already taking over Rand's mind :-) He can already remember pieces of his past lifes. I'm almost only reading on my round-trip to work and back home (train/bus). Sometimes, I notice people looking at me because I'm just sitting there and staring at my book. Grinning, been shocked etc...by the mere facts that I can now better enjoy the foreshadowing, the hints laid out by RJ to what is to come. I think this might just get even better then the first time around.
  7. I finished TGS about a week ago. Yesterday I started my re-read of the series. I'm only about chapter 5 of Eye of the World and hell did I find stuff that now makes complete sense which was absolutely non-sense back when I read it the first time. Just consider the prologue 'Dragonmount'. The first time I read this I was more like, yeah, whatever he's talking about. Although you can figure out a little bit what he means. But now I'm like, 'Hell yeah, that's so cool'. Other example from 'Dragonmount': As a first time reader I took something like this for granted. I mean, what is saidin? How is it tainted? What is 'Travelling'. Now I know and it makes perfect sense. In chapter 4, 'The Gleeman', Thom adresses Rand saying How the hell would I be able to know what an Aielman is during my first read, not even considering the fact that I didn't even know that Rand is indeed an Aielman. There are more examples. But to say, even after only 5 chapters into book 1, there is so much I can enjoy that I just seemed to either overlook or take for granted. I actually now understand why some people have read the books multiple times. There are so many hints to future events hidden. It is total fun.and I really hope it will continue on like this (though I'm pretty sure about that) So, how was your first re-read of WoT?
  8. During my first reading of the series (which I finished about a week ago), my mind wandered of during 'Perrin rescues Faile from Shaido' related scenes (a lot of people seem to find this part boring). Everything related to political stuff like who supports who because this guy is the cousin of that dude who in turns dislikes his brother because his other brother slept with his girlfriend who actually secretly loves the first guy (?? wtf). No just kidding here of cours, but I think you get the picture. What comes to my mind is Elayne's fight to get the throne. There is a lot of 'who supports Elayne' talk. PoV's from non-main characters, like some random AS, Wise One, Whitecloak etc..., because I just don't remembrer who they are and so I can't really put them into context. Though I hope this might get better on my first re-read (which I started just yesterday :-) )
  9. I started my first re-read yesterday, so I can't really comment on the OP's question. But from my first read I totally agree with Mhoram's last statement here. For me, Egwene was always OK as a character and I found her storylines pretty interesting. But I must say that since book 11 and 12, she as all my respect. She is a very strong character. For me, it is one of the best storylines in the whole series (at least from what I remember from my first read :-) )
  10. I know. I had a good laugh myself when you pointed out my little mistake back there :)
  11. Why do I get the feeling that this will haunt me for the rest of my days on the DM forums? :D Considering that I just joined, it makes for a really bad start :) To answer the question, no, I haven't read Warbreaker yet. As a matter of fact, I haven't read anything from BRANDON :D yet. But I'll certainly check out Warbreaker.
  12. I found this one here on DM in the gallers: http://www.dragonmount.com/Gallery/displayimage.php?album=163&pos=0 Looks pretty neat.
  13. Ah crap!!! Don't know what I was thinking there. Of course I mean Brandon. Shame on me :) I'll just go and edit the other post to avoid any more shame ;D
  14. I'm currently reading Knife of Dreams and will of course continue right through to The Gathering Storm. What I'll read after that I don't know yet. Was thinking about the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson.
  15. Hi there, I'm considering getting a tattoo and the thought crossed my mind of getting a WoT based tattoo. I like the wheel with the serpents, shaped like the symbol for infinity. Not only because it is related to WoT and in tribute to RJ's great work. Also, I think it has a meaning in real life too. History does seem to repeat itself, just like the Ages come and pass...until the age that gave it birth comes again :-). What I mean is not only history here on earth, but on a grander scale. Stars die to give birth to other stars which in turn can give birth to new planets. The universe is a never ending circle, infinitely large. Well, I disgress. What I actually wanted to ask is if anyone has a WoT related tattoo? Maybe you could post a picture of it?
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