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  1. As much as I liked Lan surviving. His moment would have been much better if he didn't survive "sheathing the sword." After I read that I shut the book and threw it down. It was such an epic moment. Then he was alive and I was like "oh, not as cool."
  2. Does anyone know when the "He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind was gone" quote was first used?
  3. So, is Nakomi the Creator? She shows up a couple of times during aMoL, IIRC. Once at the FoM after Moiraine shows up and then is holding Rand after he seals the bore. There isn't much to go on but that feels like the best assumption given Bair says that she doesn't know a Nakomi. She only knows it's an ancient name.
  4. I'm just starting to worry how crammed together "everything" will be considering the buildup and slow start from what we've seen. I get that they aren't going to give us any big spoilers or action in these free previews and I'm greatful for the teasers but I hope things start to pick up early in the book. There's a lot of repetition so far.
  5. We find out who traveled to Shara with their father...
  6. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Suttree" data-cid="2693374" data-time="1354853542"><p> <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="herid" data-cid="2693364" data-time="1354853076"><p><br /> <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Suttree" data-cid="2692377" data-time="1354814586"><p><br /> <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="herid" data-cid="2692336" data-time="1354812167"><p><br /> @mwayneknight Did you read <a href='http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/09/qdear-robert-jordanq-a-response-to-a-memory-of-light'>Jason's review</a>? There is also a<a href='http://www.adventuresinscifipublishing.com/2012/12/aisfp-180-jason-denzel/'> very nice audio interview with him</a> which is even more interesting than that review IMO. The upcoming review by Leigh Butler that BFG mentioned is another good option.<br /> There is absolutely no way I will see an advanced copy of AMOL, however. I have nothing to do with Tor, BS, team Jordan or any other people involved in the publishing process. I suspect the same goes for Barid, Suttree and Mik. Luckers was the only one on your list with a chance but since he said he won't get it either I'm afraid that particular Christams wish will go unfulfilled :).</p></blockquote> If by advance copy you mean the one I get from the indie bookstore here in SF that puts things out a week or so before the release date...then yes I will be getting one. <br /> </p></blockquote> lol, +1 with batcaver, please do write a review then. Lots of indie bookstores in Toronto but I've never had such luck here. In my experience they actually usually get new releases much later than the big store chains like Chapters. Perhaps I just don't know where to look...<br /> </p></blockquote> The place rules...highly recommend to anyone who lives in my area...<br /> <br /> <a href='http://www.darkcarnival.com/'>http://www.darkcarnival.com/</a></p></blockquote> Going to be in the area towards the end of December. How early in the past have you received one?
  7. I'm currently listening to the audiobook of ToM at work. I just came across something I never noticed before. There's a Min POV near the beginning of the book, right before Rand comes back to Tear, and she's talking to Nynaeve. Nynaeve is throwing a fit because Rand has been gone for three days. In a later POV from Cadsuane (still the same day) Rand returns to Tear. There's a whole lot of foreshadowing/mentioning about 3 days in earlier books. Whether it's not believing Rand is dead until someone sits with his body for 3 days or if it's someone talking about how Nynaeve wouldn't be happy until she healed someone three days gone. So...is there any additional significance to him being gone for 3 days? Does this count for one of his "deaths?" It's the Zombie Jesus connections that make it hard for me not to think there's something a little bit more going on. Otherwise, this is just a scene that screams in your face, "hey look, Rand's like Jesus, he's been gone for three days, come back and is all Zen." Any thoughts?
  8. I pretty much agree with the above. I imagine an aiel dying on the ground from a battle wound looking up to a friend and then saying that line. I don't think it needs to be in TAR.
  9. Day 8: Egwene strode around a frozen pillar of glass in her dream. It almost looked like a column of light. What did it mean? She could not interpret it. Discuss...
  10. Mat also saw Hawkwing's face from one of his old memories. Besides Birgitte, I would be surprised if Mat remembers much at all from Falme. This was during the time of his "fuzzy" memories because of the dagger.
  11. We heard from Brandon's people that chapter 2 (IIRC) would be the last material released. So, the question is, do we think these aMoL previews are in response to the negative feedback from the chapters? Is this their way of giving us little tidbits to try and make us focus on what's coming rather then what's been released? Unfortunately, if true, they underestimate our ability to tear apart single sentences and find a million things wrong.
  12. Does anyone have any idea when Tor will be releasing the first preview today?
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