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  1. Dude, I have read the first 11 books multiple times since 1995 so - Hush. I have also read Towers of Midnight and it sucks. The story that lies behind the writing is great but the actual writing is crap. So, there, I've said it. I really dislike Mr Brandon Sanderson's way of writing. He feels awkward and does things that I thought a published author didn't do. Some parts are better than others but, those I guess RJ had a hand in writing. The Rand-parts are quite nice and also parts of the last section where Mat & Gang goes to play with the Finns and Aelfinns (spelling?!) - it does
  2. ;) My bad. They go to the Tower of genji.. ;) Typed a liitle too fast.
  3. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, I have finished the story - FINALLY! - and here are my thoughts and my rating. (Everything is from my opinion and not to be taken as a generally held opinion - also, you might be offended by my post since I do not like the way Brandon Sanderson writes. I apologize for that in advance but I feel like I have to let some of my disappointment steam out of my system)) My thoughts - in general The story really feels like a new story with borrowed content. There are a lot of story lines that get solved/ended - quickly, which is nice. This is also the first novel in
  4. Sanderson is not my favorite author. He is not doing a great job with the "finishing up" project. There are so many differences between RJ's way of expressing stuff and Sanderson's that I find it hard to go on reading the story. I can't stand the way he litters, absolutely and utterly litters each page with character names and place names. Does he think the readers are stupid?! It a chapter centers around - Perrin for instance - the reader knows this and also knows Perrin by way of familiarity. We recognize him from the way he thinks and speaks. Slow and deliberate. His name needs only to be r
  5. Brandon also name drops like a mad-man. The text is a mess of names and he repeates them over and over too. I am not happy about his last installment...
  6. I would cut and mainly in the latest volume. All the names.. I would cut away 15 of the 17 "Alliandre" used on a couple of pages... I would. Then I would change the way Rand and the Gang runs into Shadar Logoth. I would write it so that they don't come across the big city by surpise. They would see it from far off. I would change the armies and their numbers. You just don't move 200 000 soldiers around like they were made of air. Or even 40 000. The numbers are just plain crazy. Then I would be satisfied. ;)
  7. Yes, you are right. That is one of the things RJ could not leave behind :/ and Brandon does the best he can.. I just had to vent my feelings on the matter and since I am the only one in my cirkle of riends who is reading RJ's work this place is the only place I've got. Sometimes one could wish for a more subtle approach but then I am human and fly off the handle every once in a while. :)
  8. I agree. This talk of bad names is ridiculous. You say Brandon's names are bad and stand out? Every single time I see a mention of 'Faile' I see 'Fail.' I never noticed any major difference in names. All of RJ's names are ones you would never see in real life and many took quite a bit of time to get used to (I still often pronounce Moiraine as Moraine instead of Mwaraine.) Just wondering, are you all actually looking for a reason to say Brandon isn't as good as RJ in writing style? I thought I had stated "why". Sure RJ himself made a few sorry choices when naming characters as well.. No
  9. Oh yeah, some guy won an appearance in the books right? Can someone explain what happened and what section of book is concerned (or just link me to it if it's posted somewhere already)? The contest winner appears as Azi al'Thone, one of the Two Rivers men with Perrin. Other notable cameos are "Melli Craeb" the owner of the Seven Striped Lass. You might know her as Melissa Craib, the Amyrlin of TarValon.net. And "Hatch", the owner of the Dusty Wheel (AKA, the Rumor Wheel) is a stand in for Matt Hatch, the owner of Theoryland. I'm pretty sure Naeff predates Towers of
  10. I'm pretty sure Naeff predates Towers of Midnight; I can't remember where I've seen him before, but he didn't strike me as a new character. Also "utterly incapable" is pretty strong; I think he's capable. YOu may not like the names, but that doesn't make him "incapable." yes, I know.. I was a bit! harsh.. but I was very annoyed.. :) so, utterly icapable .. no he is not.. my bad.
  11. I'm holding my breath waiting for Denezel's friends Tomom Cruisein and Bruise Willisamon.. Well, if they win a charity auction guaranteeing they'll get a WoT character named after them, then they may well show up, and you'll just have to cope. It'd probably be "Thom" BTW. In Brandon's WoT I can't get used to his choice of names. They just won't work. It was the same in TGS. The names. Oh the names. This makes it hard to cope. The names disturb my reading of the story. Still I will cope, since his story-telling is fine.
  12. I'm holding my breath waiting for Denezel's friends Tomom Cruisein and Bruise Willisamon..
  13. I read on in ToM and on one page there are three names that sound - so amature-ish that my eyes hurt from reading them. One of these names is. Soffi Naeff is another, I think it was Naeff.. He is the Ashaman working with Nyneave at one point.. The names are just not readable or speakable. They turn me off. Like when I get into the reading spell those darn names pull me right out off said reading spell. Annoying. And it doesn't matter if the characters are only perifer/sub/extras. The names bother me.
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