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Good to see you around.  *slips Alin his TG uniform, a big pot of mum's pudding, and a list of the naughty kids to throw it at*


I'm sure you've been missed by all the "oldbies" who are lurking about (well, most of them... you know how SOME people can be *wink*) and those newbies who don't know you should get their fuzzy butts in here and say hello.


Hope the holiday season has been good for you so far :-) 


Welcome back!

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Well, if you're ever looking for someone to rp with, I would definately appreciate having you join me for something.  I've always liked your writing style and never really got a chance to write with you extensively.  It would be a treat to do so this time around.


Drop me a pm if you're open to the idea of playing a character who could become a warder (preferably to a gray haired blue sister... I'm looking for an old goat of a warrior to match her and so far no dice) - or perhaps would be up for training a very young freebooter how to use a sword properly.  I haven't written her up just yet but the bio is soon to be sent in.  


Okay, enough with the lavishing you with pleadings for rp later on, pm me if you're interested and regardless ... HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON and welcome back.  *steps back to let everyone else say hello!*



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