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  1. SO! Con plague swept through the house, Winnie got her arm dislocated (yea, totally my fault, I feel horrible about it) I (happily) got comissioned to do two websites but that's been keeping me VERY busy (on top of all my normal stuff life brings) and if that wasn't enough for you ... yea, my boss got contacted by our local university extension office with an offer to join a competition for our new business to win $3000 if we could write our business plan in two weeks time. Oh yea, and another convention organizing team saw our group at the Springfield convention and have invited us to come to Bentonville, Arkansas' for the Arkansas Anime Festival the first weekend of March (SHOUT OUT IF YOU'LL BE THERE!) So I'm prepping for another business trip. I love life but I'll be damned if my life doesn't go from dead and doing nothing to BUSY in .075 seconds. So, short answer is I'm still here... long answer is I'm in and out and no promises to activity save for my beloved Warder Alin who must have been having a heart attack over having been promised to me and then me bailing for weeks. Missed you all!
  2. oc: Thank you for being SOOOO very understanding of my time away Alin. I'll drop you a more private explaination after this post but I wanted to just give you a shout out here too. Can't imagine that it's reassuring to consider taking up a new Sedai and then have her not be around for a while. :) ic: "Well, at least you know how to laugh." She exposed a guarded smirk. "Trust me Alin, you'll have no fear of dusty bunnies while I'm in your care. I may not be as young and idealistic as I once was but I am not lay about either. If you don't lose that sword of yours once in the first year at my side, I will personally take you on a journey to make certain your blade & your skill doesn't lose it's edge." She looks down to the Great Serpant ring on her right hand, "I've made promises that I must keep, even in this late hour... and I am bound to honor them eventually." Taking a deep breath and exhaling it with a smile she tried her best for some humor in return, "It's been a long time... Now let's see, is bonding done with Spirit ... or fire?" She waited only a second and then chuckled. "Rest easy my friend... my mind isn't that gone yet." She winked at him. "Seriously though, I know some make a very big deal about this sort of thing but, this isn't my first trip to Tar Valon, if you know what I mean. Still perhaps we could have some drinks at a tavern with some friends and Ajah Sisters if you're up for it?"
  3. Day 5 of this and I've only been able to sleep in 2 hour bursts and only when I've reached utter exhaustion. If I'm not well come monday (or at least on the mend) I'm off to see the doctor but I hope it doesn't come to that as I'm uninsured. :(
  4. Just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know I'm not dead... or run off... just VERY ill. I spent time at a convnetion for work for a few days and then came back sick as a dog and still am. I'm fighting it but have been lacking motivation to write or surf the net more than my job requires. Expect me back soon! :D
  5. Miya listened to Alin's words and nodded thoughtfully. "Making a difference is the goal of every sister and Gaidin I suppose... but the blues like to pick something and run with it more than most. I suppose that makes us come off as pushy, meddling or nosey busy bodies but, it's not important what people think about your methods... so long as the job is completed at the end of the day." She nodded firmly to herself, satisfied that because she could say the words, obviously they were true. "It may sound crass but historians rarely dwell on the dark details of the making of peace ... instead they celebrate that it was made at all. We Blues pick a cause and commit ourselves to it from the moment the shawl is laid on our shoulders but for most of us... I suppose we knew from the first day we came here what it was we really wanted to be doing." "For myself, I've always been an advocate of Justice. I believe that without justice - for all men and women, there can never truly be peace or enlightenment. The Dark One's power over man thrives in any place where justice is denied ... be it in the backwater villages of Andor where a pig farmer is judged by his demeanor and not his actions or even here in Tar Valon ... the Light forbid that we should ever loose sight of the need for true justice." She stops and looks Alin in the eyes, “I can’t promise you that your sword will be caked in the blood of trollocs when you are at my side Alin… but the work I do and that I will ask of you, will be equally as important if somewhat less glorious. Does the idea of that bother you?”
  6. For half-a-heartbeat Miya lost her composure. Her eyes went wide, horrified with insult, indignant at the idea that he obviously thought she couldn't handle a short walk around the court yard. "My ... staff," she stressed the word "is a traditional artifact of the Blue Ajah that has been a vital part of our identity dating back nearly to the Breaking." she first shook the stick at him as though she considered thumping him and then she motioned towards the door as if to say 'shall we?' and then began to walk. "Every Blue sister has one in some form or another though some do not carry them with the pride or frequency that I do.” Calming she continued thoughtfully, “I suppose it's seen by some sisters to be like the shawl.” Seeing Alin’s thoughtful expression she decided she would explain though it was less than customary to do so. “Wearing it too much makes one appear as new to her station as a babe to life… it‘s prideful, boasting and infantile in nature to do; but," she snorted, her eyes looking to her gray braids. “...with me there is little chance of that error in assumption being made, is there?" Before Alin could go on about how he didn't mean any insult to her personally, she waved a hand dismissively and pushed forward. She didn‘t care to waste time assuring him he‘d have to do a lot more than that to hurt her feelings; though she'd walk all day just to prove to this bloody man she could do it, burn her but she would! “I want you to know that the previous evening we spent together is not typical of me. Our circumstances puts us both into … awkward and unfamiliar territory. Most of all, I want you to know that I don’t intend for you to confess to me anything further about your business with Aaolain. Whatever has passed between you and she is for you and the Creator alone. It is privileged information and sacred and only the most insulting of sisters would dare disrespect either of you in that way. It is regrettable that I asked as much as I did of you and for that, you have my apologizes. It’s not the foot I would have chosen to start off on with you.” “Breaking a warder much in the same way as you might a horse is no good way to bring him into your service. Though some might say as much but, I‘d call such women witless and inexperienced.” She wrinkled her nose with the thought of more than a few women who thought the only reason to have a warder was to have an animated sword at their side. “Personally, I prefer to simply make my expectations known from the first moment and trust my brother-in-arms to work within those boundaries using the resources and mental acuities I chose him for to begin with. After all, if I wanted a mindless protector, then I have found myself a wolf-hound and not a partner in my quest to serve my cause.” Let him wonder about what that means for a while, it’ll do him good to be thinking about more than just how he phrases his words while we talk. “So, I suppose that‘s where we need to start our discussions. Explanations and expectations. I’ve always been a woman to say what’s on my mind, I suppose all Sisters are to a certain degree or another but I… more than most.” She smiled. You can take a woman out of Arafel but you can’t take Arafel completely out of the blood of the woman. “Leaving Aaolin out of the explanation, because your care for her only clouds the facts surrounding your own personal desires; I want to know why you took up the fan cloak rather than continuing your loyal service on Tower grounds. Obviously something in you was inspired to act and I want to be familiar with that side of you and I want to know what it is you expect as a warder of not just myself… but in general.”
  7. “Miya Sedai?” The girl surely couldn’t be of an age to be in the books… but there she was, all in white and jabbering nervously. Had she sent this girl on some sort of task before? Light, but how was she expected to keep track when they all seemed so much alike? Weak spirited, complaining, lazy young twigs of women who were barely fit for novice white let alone to aspire to a banded dress. “What is it child, the day isn’t getting any earlier.” “Forgive me, Aes Sedai but there is a handsome fellow asking for you at the end of the hallway.” This made Miya’s eyebrows raise for two reasons… the first was the idea that Alin had finally made his peace and was ready to move forward and in less than a ten-day and the second was at the girl’s interesting choice of words to describe Alin Gaidin. Yes, not hard on the eyes but she may have chosen any number of other descriptors for the fellow not the least of which included his proper rank. “Thank you girl.” Miya said thoughtfully. The child tried to hide a smirk as she nodded, obviously she felt that this encounter had gone her way. Full of herself and her abilities and fixated on men… future Green if I’ve ever met one. “Now take yourself to the Mistress of Novices and ask her to find a way to help you better to remember the proper address for Warders and for Light’s sake stand up straight and take some pride in your position.” Taking her walking stick she made her way down the hall to the ‘handsome man’ waiting for her. “Alin Gaidin, it‘s good to see you.” She greeted him. “Shall we take a walk while we speak or would you be more comfortable finding a private location?”
  8. January's Travel Log Thread is up! This is where we'll post all the clues so be sure to come read the prologue (some clues are there too!) and follow the thread as we go along. A word to the wise though... since this could be a city, state, or country you shouldn't guess until your CERTAIN you know what the answer is. Only one guess per person and I'm taking the first I get from you if anyone tries to pull a fast one on me. *winks* http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,52358.0.html
  9. Everyone is welcome to take part! Learning isn't just for Aes Sedai and their Warders you know! We want to share this cool information with everyone at DM. We'll be starting the first month's thread very soon so keep an eye out. *Hugs & Brownies*
  10. Miya rose from her seat once Alin was done speaking. Nodding slowly she says, “Of course you need to talk to her. If you didn’t she’d wonder why you didn’t care enough to come asking about her reasons for letting you go and she’d assume you wanted to be rid of her …but, don‘t make too much of this. She already feels horrible about letting you go Alin. What she does now isn’t for herself it’s for your happiness and for the good of Tower & the world.” Walking over to the wall of a man she let’s Saidar slip away from her grasp. It was never good to hold the power too long, no matter how safe and powerful it made her feel in the face of less than promising odds. “You would serve as her friend and confident on a farm and be loyal to a fault… I have no doubt. But we all know that your talents would wither and waste on a farm where as a few years there might serve to make her a better Aes Sedai. You’ll grow older and slower and she… only more wise as it will be many, many long years before she’s got gray in her hair like me.” In a compassionate gesture, one she usually reserved only for children and victims of injustice, she put a hand on Alin’s arm. “You have so much yet to give the world Alin and she’s selflessly making sure you don’t squander that. Appreciate her wisdom and concern for your comfort and happiness… love her for putting the world first just as she swore she would… because if she couldn’t then every bit of the woman we care so much for would be gone.” Drawing breath she let her eyes lock on his, filled with more empathy that she’d spared for any man since Hamad. “… and promise whatever you can to help her to not question this decision because, regardless of how much it may sting both our prides that we can not reassure her enough to keep her here; forcing her to stay through guilt will only complicate and worsen matters.” Letting her hand fall away she finishes with, “I hate it… I made every argument to urge her to stay that was logical and reasonable, but she needs this.” Stepping back away from him she cleared the path to the door. “Dinner is my treat. Come find me tomorrow after your talk and when you’ve cleared your head enough to discuss the particulars of what must be done. If you don’t come tomorrow, I’ll wait until the next day… and the following and the one after that if it’s necessary but - I will wait for you and I expect that eventually you will make your peace with our duty as I have.”
  11. Ed, I'd be happy to help you writing a bio and getting approved if only so I could play with you. We enjoy picking on each other so much on non-rp boards... imagine the fun we could have on the rp boards! *snuggles evil ed* Oh yea.. HI Faiyaa! So glad to have you here at DM. If you need any help I or one of these other wot-addicts will be very happy to help you. :)
  12. Miya

    Im Back

    Just a brief note to say welcome back ConQuest! I hope that your internet access is here to stay! Watch out for those shadow-sworn shayol ghul guys... they got knives! *offers you a warm brownie fresh from the oven* Hope to see you around the boards! ;D
  13. Ladies and Gents, Over the course of the next 12 months the Brown Ajah is going on a Virtual Tour of the World and we need your help or we may never find our way back home to the White Tower! HOW IT WORKS Each month the Brown Ajah is going to visit a new place in the world and record information about that place to share with all of you! However, you know us forgetful Browns! Without YOUR help discovering the name of the location we're visiting we might not be able to find our way to the next destination or worse yet... home! WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW (HOSTS) However, before we can leave on this epic virtual journey we need offers of places to visit! So, if you're interested in playing host to the Brown Ajah in your city/state/country at some point during the course of our year long journey… send me a ****PRIVATE MESSAGE**** and tell me where you live and maybe a little about why it's a pretty spiffy place to visit. If we choose you to be our host while we're traveling in your city/state/country we'll let you know at the end of the month and we'll give you a special siggie to tell the world that you were a "Where in the World is the Brown Ajah" host in 2010. HOW TO PLAY ALONG Throughout the month we browns will be telling you a bit about the place we’re visiting. We’ll share pictures, historical facts, and other great information that can be learned by going to this location. As we give details of this place you must try to figure out where we poor, sometimes absent-minded, Browns have wandered off to! When you think you know the answer PRIVATE MESSAGE ME. Each person gets one guess so don’t send in your answer until you’re SURE you know where we’re at. The first person to guess where we’ve gone is the winner! WHAT YOU WIN FOR FIGURING OUT WHERE WE WENT Now, should you uncover where we've gone (based on clues we'll be posting to this board throughout the month) … then you’ll win a siggie that tells everyone that YOU found “where in the world” the Brown Ajah was for that month. ELIGIBILITY TO PLAY Obviously if you’re the host that month you’re not allowed to win that month. Further more, no one who has access to the Brown Ajah Private Board (where we’ll decide what location to visit) can guess either (that wouldn’t be fair.) All Orgs are welcome to participate so … invite your warders and friends to help! So… please private message me (subject line: WitWitBA Host) and I’ll enter your name into the pot for possible hosts. And here’s hoping you guys can find us… I’d hate to think we Browns might not find our way home! *eep* Jan 2010 - http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,52358.0.html
  14. “Mostly.” Miya confessed. “I suppose in the way of things the Tower is a place united but, always divided. You can sooner get six cats to swim in patterns than you can expect the Tower to be kind to all who come through it’s doors.” She smirked, her eye brows rising up to nearly her hairline with amusement at the statement. Light but it was true! “You’re right to keep her confidences and you’d be wise to say no more about what she went through… to anyone.” Taking a sip of her milk she decided it was time to start pulling the horses from the barn. “Aaolin has decided to take some time on a farm and that can lead wagging tongues.” Putting her cup down she leaned back in her chair, a sign she was finished with her meal, at least for the time being. “I’ll do what I can to silence any gossip mongering but, you’ve been around the Tower long enough to know that all the penance in the world won’t stop it from spreading just the same. All we can do is prepare ourselves and bear what must be borne.” There, she had begun to open the door to it… she could almost see his mind working through her words, muddling out that she had implied she and he would be doing something together… that he wouldn’t be on that farm ignoring the world like she would be. “There is no way to make this pleasant to hear. I won’t waste our time trying to find a sugar coating to make this tonic easier to swallow. Aaolin called me to her today, to ask that I accept the passing of your bond.” She wanted to wince or to look away, she didn’t want to see how he reacted… easier to kick a puppy than to tell a Warder that his Sedai didn’t want him anymore; no matter what the reason and surely Aaolin had a few for wanting to be free. However, she had to see his reaction to learn more about him, to see the type of man he really was. “…at least until such time as she willing to return to her duties at the Tower.” Miya was almost ashamed to admit it, and she never would if put to the question later but, she embraced Saidar.
  15. Okay reds ... I think we Browns deserve a fair shot at this one, after all... *points at quote* he fits in with us! Chris, welcome to dragonmount dearie ... and please consider the Browns. We have chocolate and your red tendancies could be soothed by allowing them to come visit you in our hall from time to time to soak away all those male gentling woes in our hot tub of molten milk chocolate. :) Trust me being a brownie a very rewarding place to be even if you have a secret love of all things red! After all I, myself, feel tendencies towards the red so I know the temptation they represent! I'm often considered the chocolate covered cherry berry of the white tower org (or at least I was back when I was around a lot more, I'm returning after a long sojourn... yasy for becoming a mommy!) *realizes she's rambled away from the point, fixes glasses on face* Ahem, yes, my point is welcome and please consider the Brown Ajah on Org side for all your bookish needs. Thank you. :)
  16. It was good to see he was quick enough to read her pleasure in choosing The Stone Wheel. Of course she’d be more subtle in the future to see just how refined his skill at reading expressions really was but, at least he was not as thick as hardwood trees. It was a good quality for anyone to possess and it was uncommon in many of the soldiers she’d met in the past. Alin was a quiet man and she enjoyed that in moments like this; pointless banter often lead to mistakes and that was something that all too often lead to bigger trouble than her old heart was willing to take. This situation had all the pleasurable qualities of a wet bee’s nest and the silence gave her time to think over her words a bit more. The inn was just as she remembered it to be upon her last visit. The girl behind the counter surely couldn’t be Ronald’s youngest? Light she was marriageable now! Had it been so very long ago that she held the babe? Closing her eyes while Alin made the arrangements for their room, she banished the ghosts of the past from her mind once more and made her way into the quiet dining area to take a seat. “Milk please,” she ordered from the pleasant serving girl who came walking up to their table. “… and whatever stew your cooks have on hand will do; just be sure to include those rolls and honey butter.” The girl immediately inclined her head and replied that she would do just as instructed, making certain to call her by her title. Amusing as it was to note, she did miss having every person in a city immediately identify her for what she was. There was no where you could go in Tar Valon and not be known as a Sister of the Tower… well, perhaps maybe the docks if you happened upon someone who had never been here before, but that surely was rare enough. No, everyone here knew her to be Aes Sedai and were sure to pay her all due respect for that title. Alin ordered his food and then Miya found herself in the unenviable position of staring into the eyes of a man who once lead what was, arguably, the world’s most powerful army. Granted, she was a Sister of the White Tower and no pushover when it came to impressive men, even one such as Alin Gaidin, but he was obviously a man who cared about his Aes Sedai (as was only right) and judging by the simple meal the man ordered… one who probably did not appreciate the effort that went into an elaborate and well phrased explanation. He wanted answers but, was at least gracious enough to wait for them. So, if only to ensure he knew who was in charge during this discussion, she made him do just that - wait. Dinner was served and for a time they ate in silence. It was strange to have a man in the room with her again. How long had it been? There were a few she did visit with from time to time… merchants, eyes and ears across the whole of the land but none of them quite like this one. It was strange to consider any man an equal when you were an Aes Sedai. No man could ever stand in the glory of the Ivory Tower and compare to those who survived and rose above the challenges which the Sisters were asked to endure yet, warders were expected to try. Their training and experience, in time, made them unique in all the world as they might be able to claim the honor or being compared to those they served. Miya analyzed his chiseled features as he took bite after bite, wielding the spoon as if he might know six or seven various ways to kill a man with it. She smiled around her own spoon at that thought, mostly because she figured he just might. Sitting her spoon down she folded her hands in her lap and spoke in an unwavering but conversational tone. She knew she must come across as though there was really no discussion about this, she wouldn’t let Aaolin look incompetent just to soothe this man’s pride, but somehow she must not make him cold and indifferent to her lest the bond be a difficult thing for both of them. “At the request of Aaolin I spent the afternoon in her company. She told me a great deal about your journey and I must say that I am slightly in awe of the tale.” That was true enough… Light! The girl had been busy. “It is not unusual for a young sister to take off with her warder right after gaining the shawl, nor for her to get into a fair number of difficult situations but, Aaolin may have just set the bar a bit higher for the next wet-behind the ears Sister to achieve.” Sipping her milk calmly she took in his every subtle motion and even the way he controlled his breathing. She’d seen men do this before, but usually they reserved this calm for the fury of battle. Does he see our meeting as a battle or is this just his way of not disturbing Aaolin? She returned his gaze from her seat across the table. “Without breaking Aaolin’s trust, perhaps there are some things you wish to share about your travels too?” She arches an eyebrow slightly. “If I were willing to give my word that I would speak of it to no one but yourself or Aaolin, if she asked me directly what we spoke of tonight?” Oh, yes, she’d agree not to speak of these things… Alin had been at the White Tower long enough to know that he spoke his concerns for Aaolin that it might reflect poorly on her and decrease her standing in the eyes of her fellow sisters. No Gaidin would betray his Sister that way… at least no Gaidin she was willing to bond and she didn’t take Alin for that sort. And so, if only to get him moving towards the conclusion that he must accept, she conceded her silence on all topics discussed from this point forward.
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    *runs in with tray of Brownies to tempt you to WT Org Brown Ajah* WELCOME TO DRAGONMOUNT! *realizes you're an oldbie and know your way around so hides her script* Yeesh Ed, you'd think we were competing or something the way you say that. I'm not trying to get to all the newbies before you. *creates alarm weave to let her know when the next newbie posts* I would NEVER do that. ;) So CZ, welcome back to the Mount and give us a shout if we can make you feel more at home. I'm sure you'll find your way around unless you're REALLY an oldbie ... if that's the case scream real loud... well, scream here. If you scream on the Shayol Ghul boards no one will notice. There's a lot of screaming happening there and well, you know... it's not like they'd mean to miss your post of scream, it's just you get use to after a while. Screams of pain, screams of fear, screams of ... yada yada yada. *leaves you the brownie anyway*
  18. The child must have thought her deaf and dumb as well as old not to know of the Ashaman. Of course she knew of them but what use was there in getting overly dramatic about the whole affair. The Dragon was set to put the world in ruins before the last battle was done, had she really expected less? Still, the horrible news that sisters had been forced into subservance to male channelers was something that did ruffle her feathers a bit. Even worse that the Ajah's First Selector had been so compromised. "Light..." She breathed the word, horrified at the idea. "Please tell me you've been released from this abomination."
  19. A smile split the old sister’s face as she saw the thin gray wings the man was beginning to develop. The look was dignified, strong, and handsome framing his face that way. He would, if he wasn’t careful, look the part that he’d worked so long to cultivate. Silently, she contemplated just how good with the blade he’d gotten since she last watched him spar with another man. “Light and honor,” she responded, deciding to give over to the borderlander manner that she was born to. “fill your life Alin Gaidin.” Leaning on her staff slightly she moved forward to get a better look at him. If only she were a few years younger, the journeys and adventures this man could accompany her on… Light! If only it did not pain her to stay in the saddle so long, Miya could just imagine the good they might accomplish out on the road together. “The years have been good to you.” The discussion of one’s Sedai passing the bond simply wasn’t you dropped casually as you please on a man’s lap and hoped for the best. Granted, it really was a discussion that almost never occurred to begin with, in truth. Only in the most dire of cases where a Sister feared her own death did she ever consider such a thing and the fact that Aaolin had come to her about this meant nothing good… that was certain. She’d have to watch the girl closely over the next few weeks. No doubt Alin would be troubled and want to see Aaolin straight away once he learned why she was really here or at the very least his emotions might wake her from the sleep she so desperately needed and neither was a particularly good result. No, she had to find a way to handle this with care but honestly, clearly he wasn’t the sort of man who appreciated long winded speeches or elaborate set ups to bad news. She paused only a moment before making the shift to the topic of the business at hand. “You will accompany me to discuss some serious business but, I’d appreciate it if you’d be sure to control your emotional reactions throughout our evening together… Aaolin needs her rest and I‘ll thump you with this stick before I let you go waking her up.” She seriously doubted that she could thump Alin unaided but she wasn’t beyond the point of paddling the man with weaves of air if he took to irrational behavior. Not that she expected that, he was younger than her but he wasn’t inexperienced. The man had lead these very grounds once and was one of the foremost fighters in the known world. His reputation more than proceeded him it was the thing of legends for village children to here stories about on feast days. Looking around Miya considered where would be a private enough place to speak about such a sensitive matter. Surely the man’s pride could be wounded by this revelation, previous ranks and titles aside… he still was a man after all, and she didn’t want to add embarrassment to the load he’d bear after all was said and done. “Now, it’s been a while since I’ve been on grounds myself but if memory serves me… there is a sitting room in this building over here which we can make easy use of. I imagine at this hour it’s cleared out of petitioners, unless of course you’d enjoy some dinner? Light knows I haven’t eaten yet and we may have a long night ahead of us. Surely there is some nice place in town where we can get a descent meal in private?” Time to see if the boy picks up on cues well and just how efficiently he can secure what I require when it’s implied to him that I need it. Hmmm, I wonder if the Stone Wheel still has that delicious honey butter… Oc: Realized you use italics for speaking and I use them for inner thoughts so I decided to color my spoken words blue for clarity sake. ... bloody typos!
  20. J-Rad, Min grows on you. Keep muddling through. I know what you're talking about (and there are a few other characters that you may feel that way about in future books too) but in a lot of ways Min (to me) represents the average girl (when compared to some of the other girls in the books and in particular those whom the main three boy characters pay attention to) ... she's not a princess, epic warrior, or saidar slinging bad a$$... she's just a commoner girl who has to rely on her brain for the most part. Good discussion idea though!
  21. Personally I'm a bit more fond of the older vintage of WOT geeks... there something to be said for the aged to perfection brand of nerd who loves fantasy stuff still. :) Welcome to Dragonmount and don't hesitate to ping one of us if you need help in locating something!
  22. Thank you Crystal Lynn, it's good to "meet" you too! :) *passes you a brownie for being a good novice and setting a positive example by visiting newbies*
  23. I'm personally not a Rodel Ilturade fan. I feel like he was a character thrown into the mix late in the game just so there would be another bad a$$ general to do some of the dirty work rand needed done. It was like Jordan woke up one morning and said "crap... I need to get this thing done and all the characters are busy. Time to make another!" I literally have had to force myself to read Rodel Ilturade's stuff in early books and only in this one did I not find myself completely screaming when his name appeared on the first page of a chapter. So... if he dies off "tragically" early on, I'm not really sure I'll mourn him too much. What is it that you guys find to be so awesome about this character?
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