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  1. SO! Con plague swept through the house, Winnie got her arm dislocated (yea, totally my fault, I feel horrible about it) I (happily) got comissioned to do two websites but that's been keeping me VERY busy (on top of all my normal stuff life brings) and if that wasn't enough for you ... yea, my boss got contacted by our local university extension office with an offer to join a competition for our new business to win $3000 if we could write our business plan in two weeks time. Oh yea, and another convention organizing team saw our group at the Springfield convention and have invited us
  2. oc: Thank you for being SOOOO very understanding of my time away Alin. I'll drop you a more private explaination after this post but I wanted to just give you a shout out here too. Can't imagine that it's reassuring to consider taking up a new Sedai and then have her not be around for a while. :) ic: "Well, at least you know how to laugh." She exposed a guarded smirk. "Trust me Alin, you'll have no fear of dusty bunnies while I'm in your care. I may not be as young and idealistic as I once was but I am not lay about either. If you don't lose that sword of yours once in the f
  3. Day 5 of this and I've only been able to sleep in 2 hour bursts and only when I've reached utter exhaustion. If I'm not well come monday (or at least on the mend) I'm off to see the doctor but I hope it doesn't come to that as I'm uninsured. :(
  4. Just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know I'm not dead... or run off... just VERY ill. I spent time at a convnetion for work for a few days and then came back sick as a dog and still am. I'm fighting it but have been lacking motivation to write or surf the net more than my job requires. Expect me back soon! :D
  5. Miya listened to Alin's words and nodded thoughtfully. "Making a difference is the goal of every sister and Gaidin I suppose... but the blues like to pick something and run with it more than most. I suppose that makes us come off as pushy, meddling or nosey busy bodies but, it's not important what people think about your methods... so long as the job is completed at the end of the day." She nodded firmly to herself, satisfied that because she could say the words, obviously they were true. "It may sound crass but historians rarely dwell on the dark details of the making of peace ... ins
  6. For half-a-heartbeat Miya lost her composure. Her eyes went wide, horrified with insult, indignant at the idea that he obviously thought she couldn't handle a short walk around the court yard. "My ... staff," she stressed the word "is a traditional artifact of the Blue Ajah that has been a vital part of our identity dating back nearly to the Breaking." she first shook the stick at him as though she considered thumping him and then she motioned towards the door as if to say 'shall we?' and then began to walk. "Every Blue sister has one in some form or another though some do not ca
  7. “Miya Sedai?” The girl surely couldn’t be of an age to be in the books… but there she was, all in white and jabbering nervously. Had she sent this girl on some sort of task before? Light, but how was she expected to keep track when they all seemed so much alike? Weak spirited, complaining, lazy young twigs of women who were barely fit for novice white let alone to aspire to a banded dress. “What is it child, the day isn’t getting any earlier.” “Forgive me, Aes Sedai but there is a handsome fellow asking for you at the end of the hallway.” This made Miya’s eyebrows raise fo
  8. January's Travel Log Thread is up! This is where we'll post all the clues so be sure to come read the prologue (some clues are there too!) and follow the thread as we go along. A word to the wise though... since this could be a city, state, or country you shouldn't guess until your CERTAIN you know what the answer is. Only one guess per person and I'm taking the first I get from you if anyone tries to pull a fast one on me. *winks* http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,52358.0.html
  9. Everyone is welcome to take part! Learning isn't just for Aes Sedai and their Warders you know! We want to share this cool information with everyone at DM. We'll be starting the first month's thread very soon so keep an eye out. *Hugs & Brownies*
  10. Miya rose from her seat once Alin was done speaking. Nodding slowly she says, “Of course you need to talk to her. If you didn’t she’d wonder why you didn’t care enough to come asking about her reasons for letting you go and she’d assume you wanted to be rid of her …but, don‘t make too much of this. She already feels horrible about letting you go Alin. What she does now isn’t for herself it’s for your happiness and for the good of Tower & the world.” Walking over to the wall of a man she let’s Saidar slip away from her grasp. It was never good to hold the power too long, no matter
  11. Ed, I'd be happy to help you writing a bio and getting approved if only so I could play with you. We enjoy picking on each other so much on non-rp boards... imagine the fun we could have on the rp boards! *snuggles evil ed* Oh yea.. HI Faiyaa! So glad to have you here at DM. If you need any help I or one of these other wot-addicts will be very happy to help you. :)
  12. Just a brief note to say welcome back ConQuest! I hope that your internet access is here to stay! Watch out for those shadow-sworn shayol ghul guys... they got knives! *offers you a warm brownie fresh from the oven* Hope to see you around the boards! ;D
  13. Ladies and Gents, Over the course of the next 12 months the Brown Ajah is going on a Virtual Tour of the World and we need your help or we may never find our way back home to the White Tower! HOW IT WORKS Each month the Brown Ajah is going to visit a new place in the world and record information about that place to share with all of you! However, you know us forgetful Browns! Without YOUR help discovering the name of the location we're visiting we might not be able to find our way to the next destination or worse yet... home! WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW (HOSTS) However, b
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