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  1. Can I have a raise? Actually, my real question is, did you ever meet RJ, and if so what was it like?
  2. "Good morning, Jon," Rhya's answer was quick, but not cold, "Your offer would sound just fine any other day but I have too much to do at the moment I'm afraid. Aislyn has informed me that...." Another wanderer coming over stopped the other Wolfkin short, allowing Jon to chuckle and respond. "I hope I am not in trouble with her Rhya, I swear I didn't track mud or dirt into the Infirmary again or anything." His tone was joking, if only a little. It had happened before, him and his companion, Forest Shadow, tracking mud or something else into building when they visited after playing perhaps a little too roughly. After the first time it had happened he had made sure to wash up and dust himself off before offering himself as a volunteer there. "The very person! Do come and join us, Jace. I was about to go looking for you next. You've saved me a hunt." Rhya said with a smile. And Jon could not help but chuckle again because the other wanderer looked like a deer caught then let go by a pack. Dumbfounded and quite confused. "Better run Master Jace. Rhya here was looking for us, can only mean trouble." This was of course a joke, though likely it'd come and bite him in the tail, if not from Rhya herself than from Forest. Oh, how Forest loved to chide him on how he treated others. One would almost think he was raised by Two-legs! Of course, he had been, but as Forest often pointed out that was hardly his fault. "As I was saying to Jon, Aislyn tells me that you both urgently need a lesson in the Wolf Dream. Owen's rather taken up with Ranger business so I've offered to teach you the basics. Meet me at the Ranger Barracks tonight once it's dark. You won't have to bring anything except yourself. Oh...and I suggest you get plenty of exercise for the remainder of the day," Her smile almost causes Winter to believe his earlier statement of 'there shall be trouble.' Dream training though sounded like it would be fun, so for now he wouldn't worry. "Falling asleep on demand is somewhat difficult the first few times you try it and if you can't sleep, there'll be no lesson in dreamwalking. Any questions?" Opining his mouth to ask a question Jon quickly closes it again, thinking better than to ask one now. Later, perhaps, when they were actually in the training, as his questions all pertained to that. "No? Excellent." Rhya then left, giving them no room for argument, questions or attempts to flee. Sighing Jon looked over to the man he had just been introduced to only for the new 'kin to speak. "Well, I better go tire myself out. See you in a bit and very nice to meet you!" He then offered his hand, which Jon accepted and shook, before the young man walked off. Left suddenly alone and now in need to tire himself out so he could sleep on demand later, Jon decided to put the sword he had just finished tending to use by practicing his sword in the Rangers' training yard. Standing up he headed off in that direction, wondering if he should tell Forest about the training or not. It was the -wolf dream- after all, she would probably know, or figure it out, if he was there and have no end of fun calling him a witless pup as he stumbled around in what was unknown territory for him. Reaching the training yard, Jon practiced his sword slowly, deliberately thinking out each swing, each thrust, and each parry against imaginary foes. Of course, at first it was not that tiring, but going slow enough, the weight of the sword soon became heavier than a boulder. As the sun started to set Jon put his sword away, sweat dripping from his face. He was tired and ready to pass out on demand but forced himself to have a wash and clean up before presenting himself to Rhya. He finally wandered in the direction of the Barracks, and before too long found the meeting place with Rhya already there awaiting their arrival. "So," he began, with a weary smile, "what's next?"
  3. Jonathan Winterwinds sat on a bench outside the Hole in the Wall relaxing after spending the majority of his morning in the Infirmary aiding with the chores around there. It was the least he could do after taking up a bed there for as long as he had. While he sat he sharpened his sword, slowly, and with a slightly more practiced hand then when he had first chosen the blade. He had taken care of it all this time, keeping it sharp, and practiced in his spare time. Though the spare time was far and few between these days, and Owen was rarely able to teach classes on swordsmanship, nor were many others around the Stedding. In fact, save for a few people like himself, many had vanished as of late. Going to other places to do as wolves do, wander around the world, hunt, and explore for the sheer joy of being in the open air. Him and Forest though, they had stayed here and settled down for the most part. They were thinking of perhaps finding a house of their own or even building something for themselves. Winter leaned towards the building of one. He wanted to be able to say he'd created something with his own hands, It would be more than any of his former merchant family could lay claim to, at least in his and his parents' generations. It simply would be fitting too for his new life, making his new home with his own hands. Perhaps a nice warm fireplace for Forest to settle down in front of, with some chairs for him and guests to sit in. And books, lots of bookshelves. He had read many of the books in the Infirmary's small collection already, and he figured when he was allowed to leave the Stedding, he'd find a way to bring more books back, some for a private collection, some for others. The sound of footsteps coming up towards the Hole in the Wall didn't immediately make him look up, but the scent that drifted over on a quick gust did. Looking up and putting his sword back into its leather sheath he smiled at Rhya. "Hey! Rhya, been a while since our paths last crossed. You in a hurry or would you like to stay and chat a while?" His voice was, as always, warm and happy. "If not, perhaps at a later date over lunch or something?" And there he would sit until Rhya gave him an answer, warm smile on his face. ~Winterwinds Friends, always fun to chat with.
  4. This has my stamp of approval, though I do not think it needs it.
  5. The way the young man jumped when Winifred walked into the camp made her smile, oh so sweetly inside. It was not very often she got to sneak up on Wanderers like that. Usually they had been warned beforehand of her and Midnight's imminent arrival, either by the local wolves or, in rare cases, their own wolf companion. Of course, this one seemed simply too proud to ask the wolves for much help beyond what they were willing to provide him by default. Of course, she could not fault the wolves for feeding him. No wolf would sit by for long and watch a fellow wolf, or 'kin for that matter, starve to death when they were clearly just a pup and did not have the skills required to feed themselves. Their charity though only went so far, and they were more than happy to stop so Midnight and Winifred could take him somewhere he could learn the skills he needed. Winifred could tell he had many questions still, but was not voicing them. That was alright. She could put up with the silent treatment. He'd open up to her, or he wouldn't. She wasn't a Sage. She couldn't care less if the spoiled noble brat decided to say nothing about his past or ask her any questions beyond the obvious. All that mattered to her was whether he was in one piece, able to travel and not in the midst of madness. After tossing the bread to the starving boy, Winifred herself grabbed some bread and sat down on the ground next to the campfire. A little dusty, sure, but she had just been sitting beneath a tree, and she was not about to complain about a little dirt on her trousers. The boy did not sit down, rather he just stood there, eating his bread real dignified like but quickly. As he munched away, Winifred gave him a look. Nothing offensive, but a little pointed. Enough to get him to admit that he asked for help. She could see his will wearing down, though she received another mental tail swat from Midnight for it. Be careful with this one, he is not like other Wanderers. "I will Midnight, you know me." That is what I am afraid of. A mental tongue sticking out at Midnight later and she heard the Wanderer speak. "Yes, I did." He admitted to the help at last, "I don't know what is happening to me, and I don't have any food, nor any way of getting any food." A growl deep in his throat caused Midnight to stand and Winifred's hackles to rise a little, though the boy kept his playful smile as he continued, "And I am getting hungry." Shrugging and sighing Winifred patted her bag, "I have enough food for the two of us, and Midnight there can hunt for himself... and us should it be needed. But, I doubt he will have to as the supplies I have should last us the trip." She continued to eat her bread slowly for a few moments before continuing, "As for whats happening. Now is not the time to explain to you in great depth. Suffice to say though, you've changed. For better or for worse, is yours to decide. However, I am here to lead you to a place where you won't have to worry about people chasing after you because of these new found gifts." She sighed as she swallowed the last bit of her bread, "Choice is yours though, as I said. But trust me, you won't be getting help from the wolves for much longer. Going to need to learn to hunt for yourself, cook for yourself, fend for yourself. Going to have to learn to hide too. Those who do not share your gift won't look kindly on you. They'll try to kill you, burn you as a Darkfriend... might even call the Whitecloaks down on you." She looked over at the young noble, her eyes serious, "You do not want the Whitecloaks on your tail boy, because I can guarantee there won't be anything left of you but memories of your screams for the wolves to pass on." Midnight growled a little at the mention of the Whitecloaks, but they were a possibility sometimes. Grabbing a wine skin from the side of her pack, Winifred took a long drink to wash the bread down as she waited for the Wanderer to respond, or at the very least digest her words.
  6. From where she was sitting at the base of a tree, Winifred could not help but chuckle as images sent by her companion, the wolf known as Midnight who was sneaking around the nearby campsite of the Wanderer they were here to find, danced through her mind. The way the young man held himself, conducted himself. Especially the way he raised that damn handkerchief to guard his nose from some imaginary smell. It all oozed noble to her. And it was taking all the control she could muster not to chuckle at how far this man, this child, must have fallen from grace. Her cruel mirth must have seeped through to her companion because suddenly an image of Midnight smacking a younger wolf with his tail in mock discipline entered her mind. Quite literally it was a "Don't laugh at those less fortunate.", or to anyone besides her it would be. In reality it was more like "Save the gloating until later." If there was a later, hopefully this Noble would not be too proud to see that he had to eat some time and that the meals the wolves had been providing for him had dried up. Sure, she had asked the wolves to do that. If he was comfortable and everything was provided for him he would never be ready to be taken to the Stedding, where nothing was ever just handed to you. Before too long, he would hopefully ask for help, and help would arrive in the form of Winifred and Midnight. Patting the bag of supplies next to her which she had picked up in town not that long ago, her amusement broke through in a smile at last. Midnight didn't bop her mentally this time as she had reason to gloat. If only because Midnight also didn't like how some two-legs had everything done for them. He had been more than a little irritable when they'd found out that wolves had been providing the lad with food, that he could not hunt for himself, let alone find his own meat. These thoughts however were interrupted in the form of the noble sending a call for help out to the wolves. And so the Head Tracker stood up, dusted herself off, picked up the supplies and strode forward with a faintly sardonic smile briefly crossing her face. Upon reaching the campsite she approached from the bushes and trees in front of the Wanderer, knowing well from experience that when you are at your most low, you're also at your most dangerous. Midnight by her side, Winifred's smile normalised and she offered an only slightly mocking bow. "I believe you requested help?" She was all business now. She could laugh in her mind, but not at the Wanderer. She waited for him to respond, to ask who she was and all the other normal questions Wanderers were full of before continuing. "Name's Winifred," she put the supplies down next to his campfire, then looked over at him, golden eyes shining. "And, as I said, you asked for help. Didn't you? You could say I make a job out of helping people like you, like us." She kneeled down and opened the pack, pulling out some bread. Carefully breaking some off, she tossed it to the young man, "And you, you need help." Throughout this exchange, Midnight plodded slowly around the campsite, sniffing and looking carefully around before settling down near a tree at the edge of the clearing. He trusted his two-legged friend to get what needed to be done, done. ((Late reply is late.))
  7. The appearance of a hunting knife put Midnight slightly on edge, but the wolf was too well seasoned in tracking and helping Wanderers to let it show to anyone except Winifred, and even she only noticed because of how long they had been working together. Of course, Fred had reacted slightly to the knife too, a subtle non-threatening movement of hand to sword hilt, but otherwise she gave no outward sign of her feelings. The Wanderer seemed to look between them, Winifred and Midnight, as if confused or perhaps in slight wonder at having been tracked or found. It didnt matter though. What mattered was that he then put his blade away and spoke. "I have no idea who you are, but as to why you are here, I can guess." His voice was plain and nervous. He smelled of nerves too, a fact backed up by him adjusting his bow in an entirely unnecessary gesture. "You are here to find me, and strangely enough, I think I was looking for you." Winifred chuckled a little, "Well, we've been looking for you for a long time. At least as long as you've been on the road, perhaps a little less time than that." Midnight snorted softly. Their search had been mostly asking wolves if he had left the farm he was staying at yet. A long, boring search full of nights spent in hay bales or in the woods. Midnight was, as he put it, getting too long in the tooth to do pups' work. Winifred knew he didn't actually mean it, he just complained like that sometimes. Meanwhile, the Wanderer's mouth had been working silently as if to find a voice for a question, which at last burst forth. "Do you know what's happening to me?" Winifred nodded, "I do. I remember it happening to me quite clearly in fact." She rubbed the back of her head and frowned a little. She didn't like the memories of where she was when it had started, nor of the person she had called father. "Suffice to say, you have a special gift, one that the world does not take kindly to. I, and Midnight here," she gestured to the wolf who snorted once more, or perhaps sneezed, it was cold out here after all, "are here to help you and bring you somewhere safe where others of our kind live. Others who can teach you more about it than this Tracker ever could." She looked around, tugging on one of the straps on her pack and, looking over to the Wanderer, continued, "Anyway, unless you are dead set on going back into town, I think I am going to make camp here. You are welcome to stick around and think up more questions I may or may not be able to answer." She shrugged, "Then again, perhaps Midnight can answer them, he always was the wiser of the two of us." Midnight, true to his nature, only rolled his eyes. She could never tell if he was being sarcastic, or simply shrugging the praise off.
  8. ((I figure I may as well just post :3 Seeing as there is no reason to make you wait.)) The woods outside Cairhein were not the safest place in the world for a Wolfkin to travel. Being so close to the capital of one of the largest nations on the continent patrols were not uncommon, and it was quite hard to explain sometimes that you were not a bandit, let alone why your eyes were a strange color. Of course, this was usually only a problem if you were inexperienced and Winifred was anything but inexperienced she was Head Tracker after all. And even if she was, which she wasn't, she had Midnight to look after her. The large wolf always looked after her, or perhaps she looked after him, it really depended on which of the two you asked. That was, however, for the moment quite irrelevant as Midnight was trailing their intended target from the shadows cast by the large trees, slipping in and out of hollow logs and bushes to keep hidden until the right time. They both had no idea how this Wanderer would react to them. Heck, the wolves who had been helping them track him had spoken of him hiding almost constantly around small towns, farms, and now even a big city. Places they could not go, places where they would not have known he was there if not for the fact that they could sense his presence. When they had arrived at a point near Cairhien, Winifred had been looking forward to perhaps going into one of the inns and getting a good rest while she searched the city, but no, their quarry had all but walked out the gate as she was going in. Midnight had been the one who had alerted her to the fact and out she went again into the elements. Not like she needed a warm bowl of stew. The sudden shift in the wind's direction caused a low curse to come forth from the Head Tracker's lips. He would doubtless smell her coming now, so any surprise or ability to plan just went out the window. With a sigh she sent a message to Midnight. The Wanderer has caught my scent now. Go and greet him so that I can catch up. I shall do as you ask Sister, get here soon. The pup seems troubled already. The sending was, as always, matter of fact. Sighing again she picked up her pace from a slow, careful walk, to a brisker pace that covered the ground quickly. Before too long she found herself in visual range of the Wanderer with Midnight sitting a respectful distance away. "Greetings, I hope my brother here has not scared you too badly?" She paused for his response before continuing, "Do you know who I am or why I am here?" She left it at that for a moment and simply waited for him to answer or ask lots of questions. Hopefully he would not try to attack though. That would be tiresome and foolish in the extreme.
  9. ((Lets hope I still remember how to do this xD)) Winter and Forest Shadow sat beneath the boughs of a pine tree, quietly resting after an afternoon of cutting wood to be used for various things around the Stedding. He was still a Pup among the Pack here, having not actively gone out and attempted to gain a rank or a higher place amongst the Wolfkin. His sister Forest, who was in fact a wolf where he was human, told him that such things were needed sometimes. So long as he helped and was useful then he did not need to challenge anyone for their rank. This was of course not how things worked among the Wolfkin, as with many human societies, but Forest still enjoyed using wolf-like proverbs. For the time being Winter was happy doing odd jobs, and would fill a roll when it was required of him. Besides, doing odd jobs left him time to sit there, in the shade, with his sister's head in his lap while he absently rubbed behind her ears. Something that she enjoyed immensely. Before too long he would have to deliver the wood to the Hole in the Wall, as well as to the Healers at the Infirmary, where they made bread and other such things and possibly even some to the Rangers' Barracks. Then, it would be back home to clean and perhaps cook for himself or go hunting to augment the supply of meat he had stored away. At the thought of his and Forest's home he opened his eyes and look over at the modest house they occupied which sat a small distance off. It was not the grand manor house he had lived in back in the Borderlands, and for that he was happy. He did not wish to be reminded of the life he had been so violently tossed from, nor the family that had so casually and so callously branded him a Dark Friend and called soldiers down on him. The flair of negative emotion gained him a prod from Forest's paw and a worried sending from her. Winter Winds no longer needs to worry about his former Pack. He left them and has found a new one. Her 'voice' held a tone of worry and of comfort. She had watched from afar and seen the way his family had treated him. To ease her, he lightly patted her stomach. Forest Shadow does not need to fear for her brother. He knows she will protect him. The sending was more comical than anything else, but it had its desired effect which was a snort laugh from Forest and the feeling of her relaxing back down against him again. He relaxed as well and returned to absently petting her behind the ears. She wouldn't admit it but Winter knew that she enjoyed it almost as much as a domesticated dog. He closed his eyes once more and continued to sit there. ~Winterwinds A long time doing nothing.
  10. Nope, ink and paper arent going to go into the past for a long time. Also, I prefer reading and holding a physical book. If and when I ever get published even if they dont want to publish it on paper, I will still get one printed up, JUST ONE so I can hold it >:(
  11. ((Heh, lets see if I can get her voice right. So, since it was placed in the Steading sub-board, I am just going to say it wasnt -too- far away from it. I hope thats alright.)) "Quite an interesting place to hole yourself up." Winifred's sending to Midnight was rather absent minded, simply pointing out that it was not far from the actual Steadding. For once, she hadnt had to walk or ride all over the place to find a Wanderer. "The Two-Legged are not kind to those like you sister," Midnight's sending was just as matter-of-factual as hers, "You know this, you should not be surprised to find one hiding in a cave like a scared pup." The Head Tracker could not help but shake her head, not because of the sarcstic tone, but because it was true. Humans were never kind to the 'kin, almost always they were driven from their homes, villages, or cities by angry mobs. Many found refuge in places like this, on their own save for the wolves that often came to help them. So, really this pup was no diffrent than any other Wanderer she had gone to pick up, save for the distance thing. They ad been in contact with the wolf helping him, Moon Dancer she was called. She had assured them that this was the right place, and that the young Wanderer they were going to meet was awake and waiting them. She had also informed them that the young man was hungry and cold. The Steading was not far so both of those things could be easily fixed. Soon, she came into view of the cave he was staying in, and beheld a young man, weak from hunger and the cold, sitting next to the wolf who Winifred knew to be Moon Dancer. Stopping a short ways off the Head Tracker nods to Moon Dancer before speaking. "Greetings. My name is Winifred. I could start out with pleasentries, but you already know why I am here I suspect. Needless to say I am here to take you somewhere safe, warm, and with food." Yeah, that just about covered it. She would wait for a responce, "Are you able to walk?" She hoped he was, she didnt have any intention of carrying him. Though, if she had to she would, she couldnt leave him out here all alone.
  12. I enjoy DM because there are so many awesome people here, and even the staff is awesome. <looks over his shoulder at the other Admins> That was good right? I get a cookie now?
  13. <Walks in> I feel...compelled...to walk in here...as if something was drawing me in.. <Looks at the title and then at the new person> Oh, that explains it! Welcome to the Mount! I think everyone here has basicly covered everything I need to talk about, except for the RP! I am one of hte offical greeters here, but I am also one of the RP admins! If you have any questions about the RP side of things, how to get into it, or even where is a good place to say hello down there, dont be afraid to ask it of me :3! Anyway, until next we meet. Have fun Storming the Mount!
  14. Winterwinds

    9/11 Memories

    I was 10 years old, and had been sleeping soundly having rather nice dreams when my father came in and woke me up at about...oh god 7am I think, and told me nothing but to come downstairs. I didnt register it at the time, but looking back I can remember the tone of shock, disbelief that filled his voice as he told me to come downstairs to watch the TV. What I saw shocked me to my core, even at 10 years old I was no stranger to warfare dispite living on the West Coast of the US. I recall not really eating anything as we watched the 2nd plane hit, too numb and sick to really stomach anything. I recall just before I went to school the first tower fell, and the screams of horror, panic, and sorrow from those who were in the shadow of the Twin Towers haunts me. I went to school, I think I was in like...5th perhaps 4th grade (I was held back a year due to my autism) and everyone was crying, or deftly quiet from shell shock. Our teacher told us nothing, we knew nothing save for what we saw on TV... I recall, the entire week after that, we worried about what would happen next. Would more places be attacked? Was Seattle next? Looking back, all I can think is "September 11th, 2001. A day, that shall foever live in infamy, as the United States of America was ruthlessly attacked in an unprovoked decleration of war....." I doubt those words will ever go away, nor will the images of what I saw that day on the TV...
  15. Welcome to the Mount :3 Elgee, your echoing. Is that for dramatic effect? Because its not working >:3 Anyway, take a good look around :3 If you have any questions feel free to PM me :D ask them here, or drop me an E-mail. Until then, Have fun Storming the Mount!
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