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Favorite Jordanism...?

Impressive Bosom

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What are your favorite sayings taken from the books? I find that RJ had some real folksy wisdom scattered throughout his books and one of the sayings that rang most true to me was this one:


"Men will forget, but will never forgive... women will forgive, but will never forget."


Since reading that line I've actually used it more than once. Any others out there that struck you guys as particularly insightful, interesting or funny?

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LOL - That IS a great one...


...but to be fair, its a bit easier to have that attitude when you get to be reborn over and over again as a Hero of Legend.  :P


Love the name, by the way ;D


I didn't mean it as a funny quote, I really do find the quote to be good advice in a general sense. If you must face something horrible or unpleasant, might as well do it with a smartass comment and a smile on your face ;) I've always felt that way, and I found Birgitte's quote to sum it up nicely.



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