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  1. A few of you guys put the same book in the list twice, lol. My personal list is (and I'm pulling this from memory.. haven't read the full series in a while): 1. The Dragon Reborn 2. Lord of Chaos 3. Eye of the World 4. The Shadow Rising 5. The Great Hunt 6. The Fires of Heaven 7. Knife of Dreams 8. Towers of Midnight 9. The Gathering Storm 10. Crown of Swords 11. A Memory of Light 12. Winter's Heart 13. Path of Daggers 14. Crossroads of Twilight Books 7-10 were really weak in my opinion. They could've easily been condensed into one book with all the repetiton and lack
  2. Thanks for the link. I found it interesting for his reasoning behind making the Last Battle chapter so long, and it's good to know that the majority of the end of the book was Robert Jordan's work, as I'm sure most of us suspected or had some idea about.
  3. Despite the fact that many have complained about this, I really enjoyed Androl's arc. It only makes sense though because Androl was BS's own creation and he had more liberty with him than other characters.
  4. I was much more satisfied with Mat's character in this book than the previous ones. He fit more into character than before. I think many of us expected him to be a great general in the Last Battle, and while some elements were missing from his character, his role was much better written out than I expected, after reading our last encounters with him in the previous books.
  5. The Seanchan situation can be "explained away" with Tuon speaking to Hawkwing and us assuming that she listened to whatever he said because her entire nation's purpose was to follow him. However, that's a bit of a cop-out, and I was a bit disappointed that we didn't see the actual encounter.
  6. Demandred was mentioned in a private interview with the DO at SG in LOC. He was told to be use balefire in the DO's service. It says there that he was taking a gamble that could have huge chances for success. In turn, the DO hinted that he might be made Nae'blis. At the end of that book Demandred has another appearance where it seems he has succeeded at the task given to him. Only Moridin knew what Demandred was up to as was clear from other POVs of the other forsaken. The name Bao and Wyld don't appear in any of the earlier books. This is well-known, but Brandon Sanderson menti
  7. The saddest moment was when the book ended. ;) But seriously, I think I found Egwene's death to be the saddest. There was another moment, but it's escaping me at this time.
  8. There's a lot that can be said.. but all I'll mention for now is my disappointment in Padan Fain. His character was extensively built up throughout the series and then he ended up just turning into some mist and being killed... his entire scenes in the book didn't even add up to more than five pages. Some people mention that he wasn't really mentioned that often before this.. but that was the point.. he was the type of character you would forget about and then he would do something evil and you'd be shocked. In fact, I was convinced up until the last moments that we were purposefully made to f
  9. I just really wish we saw the encounter between Hawking and Tuon, but I feel like this was very intentionally left open to us.
  10. So, not sure if this was asked anywhere, but I know most of us were searching really hard for hints of when Demandred's alias was mentioned in earlier books as hinted by BS.. now that we finally know who his alias was (Bao the Wyld), where was he mentioned in the previous books? I know it was probably just in passing, but was it really mentioned or was this information incorrect?
  11. I don't really like Rand in this book. I know he's changed after TGS, but he just seemed really out of character. Not the person I've come to know and love at all.
  12. I am almost 100 percent sure that RJ said Taim = Taim.
  13. Traitors die the ultimate death. I have just always to understand that to mean that once the traitor dies, the Dark One erases the traitor's thread permanently from the Pattern. It was said that the Dark One was unable to transmigrate him... not that he chose to have him un-transmigratable (yes, I just made that word up).
  14. If they're channelers, they're not very good ones, considering they used a knife to kill that guy.. Then again, it might not be a coincidence that they kept mentioning channelers in the Shadow army the entire time throughout the book, but we never found out who they were.
  15. I was excited to have Moraine back, but I really can't stand her sudden emotional outburst with Thom. It's true that she's been tortured by these Finns for a long time, but the Moraine we knew would always keep her cool, and if there was a time where she'd show her emotions for Thom... it would be in private, not in front of Mat.
  16. Not everyone has a black thread, but that doesn't mean they need one for the Dark One to revive them.
  17. You are right, but Grady's son doesn't fit either. The timing is all wrong. Why is the timing wrong? I just feel like him having a child "ugly as a stump" right before the Last Battle is a little too much of a coincidence.. He's too old. The sign that Gaidal was reborn, vanishing from the dream, happened shortly before Birgitte was ripped out in tFoH. Grady's son was around four years old at the beginning of LoC. The year was 998 NE in tEotW. The current year is 1000 NE. Do the math. I forgot that they ever mentioned Grady's son before.. haven't read Lord of Chaos in ye
  18. I, for one, would be very curious as to what she had wished for. Ever since Moraine mentioned that she had wished for that ter'angreal, I've been wondering what Lanfear's wishes were. Anyone else wonder who that person was talking to Graendal was? He was unique, I think he was described. Talking to Graendal when? You mean Isam?
  19. That's not going to happen.. the Seanchan's Prophecy that was corrupted by Ishy says that the Dragon Reborn will kneel before the Crystal Throne... it's been alluded to so much that it's obvious that something else is going to happen. The real prophecy only says that the Dragon Reborn will bind the Nine Moons to him.
  20. You are right, but Grady's son doesn't fit either. The timing is all wrong. Why is the timing wrong? I just feel like him having a child "ugly as a stump" right before the Last Battle is a little too much of a coincidence..
  21. That would be really interesting. and incredibly bad. That wouldn't happen. It's obvious that he's just feeling Lews Therin's previous feelings of affection. It's not like Lews Therin hated Lanfear.
  22. I'm pretty sure that RJ said Taim = Taim.
  23. I might be prone to modifying the tense after a prophecy has been fulfilled, in the way she did. Wouldn't you agree that one might do that, so as to emphasize that the prophecy has indeed been fulfilled? No, when you read off a prophecy, you don't change any of the tenses... you want it to read the way it sounded originally to make it more miraculous that it actually did happen. However, she wouldn't be quoting a prophecy if it was from the 4th Age.. then it would just be history, and it wouldn't be very impressive... and let's not even get into all the details about how she could know
  24. Um, I don't get why you said the "FOUR lines" is a typo, when you just mentioned several times in your post about the quadruplets which are the four lines..
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