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  1. I was responding from my iPhone mate. Sorry for any confusion but nevertheless I just gave you a direct quote of what you said. You took a strong stance on RJ not possibly being able to do it in less and attacked others for disagreeing. Actually, I don't think I attacked anyone over the goal post of Jordan finishing in the same amount of page count. Because you immediately posted and set your own goal post. Which was half. Call it splitting hairs, but I if someone wants to argue the downright absurd over the merely asinine, then I'll take it. Really? Really? Really? You are going to say I am the one who is avoiding the subject when I don't tackle your single paragraph? After glibly telling me that I wasted a time making an hour long post? After completely ignoring my offer to bulletpoint Knife of Dreams in comparison to a rough outline of the Brandon trilogy to see how Jordan's effort stacks up? As I said before, I am more interested in hard evidence rather then pure speculation. Show me where Jordan worked at a pace that would make your figures add up. I don't see it. I don't see it in his early books. I don't see it in his middle books, I don't see it in the late books. And I don't see it in Knife of Dreams.
  2. Not really. Considering that the beginning of my post, that was addressed to someone else, that YOU THEN QUOTED, was the about the "basically half the space" You chose to quote the part specifically about the "basically half" in your original post instead of my latter part which you are quoting now. You then went on to say in, put simply, that you thought the trilogy could have been done by RJ in half the words. I am not changing the goal post at all. I was talking to someone else entirely, you quoted me, and set your own goal post. It really doesn't matter what I said, you're the one that picked it up and ran with it.
  3. I actually liked the beginning of the book. I thought the Black Tower arc started alright, and I loved the Dragon Peace scenes despite what others have said. I thought it came off the rails when it tipped the captain complusion scheme too early and then kept hinting way too long. And I got just plain bored when it turned into a Trolloc snuff film. Much like the curse of easily accessible internet porn, I fear aMoL may have rendered me unable to get excited over a Trolloc fight ever again. I also have some big problems other do. Moiraine played not much of a role. Abrupt, just so, plot wrap ups like Alanna, Min, and Faile. But upon reflection, I just feel a sense that Brandon got bogged down in the details of the battle, and just didn't have fun writing "the good stuff. I didn't have a problem with the way Hurin and Bashere died. I thought that added to the story at the time. But it seems to me, if you build up this amazing world......why not have fun tearing it down? I thought it would have been cool to have a few detached scenes were much smaller Trolloc raiding parties hit places like the Two Rivers, Tear, etc. Not only would it have been fun, and a great way to give a nod to some characters, it would have helped the fact that a three front war was borderline tame for the war to end all wars. I can think of countless little ways that things could have been improved. We never got a Dobraine PoV, did we? Why not a quick PoV where he dies bravely in battle with the thought of keeping his oath to the very end. It would have been a nice nod to so many who wondered at such a strange character.....an honorable Cairihan who kept his oath! We never got to see a PoV from a snapping Warder, have we? Wouldn't that have been a perfect way to send out Bryne instead of just on his shield? Have him musing on everything he's lost. Morgrase, Camlyn, his command....but determined to do what he can. *Snap* And charging Trollocs. As I said in my original post. There were many of these characters that I think could have made the book feel more complete with extremely small amounts of space And if we were going to get sooooo much battle. I think it could have been better battle
  4. Sinces splitting the paragraphs doesn't seem to be working for me, I'll number them..... 1. I don't see much bloat, no. I covered some of it in my original post. I am halfway into TGS and the only bumps I've seen are Gawyn. Which, as I said, I don't think is Brandon's fault and doubt highly Jordan could have resolved any quicker considering that Jordan didn't get around to it himself for the 7 books that Gawyn was hanging from Elaida's nuts for absolutely no good reason other then apparently he likes having angry, channeling man haters for bosses. And Hinderstap, which I will repeat again that I agree Brandon endulged himself too much in. But also say that some page count was required to set him up for ToM. What bloat am I supposed to see? The scenes where Avi puzzles over the Wise Ones test? The interrogation of Semi? The interaction of Suian and Bryne? No. Just no. I do not accept those as bloat. I do not accept quality character growth for characters we care about as bloat in a series where we have endured so many PoV from so many useless characters. 2. Wait...it was your goalpost! If you don't want to to laugh at 500k, then don't give me a figure of 500k. Look, you can claim that I am drawing unfair comparisons. But the fact is all you are doing is blindly asserting things. All you have said is that Jordan could have finished the series in half the word count as Brandon because "he could be concise when he wanted to be". Well boy howdy. Pardon me, or anyone else who's read a Jordan dress description, who doesn't take your word for it. We'll never know for sure what might have been. That's life. But comparing these things is a much better way of speculating then simply asserting "Jordan could be concise". Were all of my bullet points worth 50 pages whoever wrote them? No some of them were just to point out that THINGS needed to happen, even if relatively small. You only need to reach so many payoffs and climaxes per 100 pages before you realize the sheer volume of stuff that needed to happen needed more then 1,200 pages to contain it all. As far as I am concerned, it's a bad argument that Jordan could have finished in the same space as Brandon. It is an absurd argument that he could have finished in half. I don't think anyone could, and Jordan was verbose even when he was being concise! Tell me, if you think so many of the things I listed didn't deserve space.....compare what happened in KoD's to it. That seems to be your personal benchmark of what Jordan could do when he set his mind to it. 315,000 words of pure forward momentum, right? Over 3/5ths of the length that you think the entirety of the Brandon trilogy could have been. Here, I'll get you started.... Perrin rescued his damn wife. Elayne got the damn throne. Now fill that in with about about 10 more events from KoD that are on the level of Rand's descent, unifying the Tower, Perrin's Slayer/Whitecloak/TAR battle arc, Mat's Genji arc. Mats Seanchan/Merrilor arc. The four generals arc. Rand vs. DO, the Black Tower arc. and feel free to throw in some smaller stuff like gholum, Seanchan attack, Avi's trip to Rhudean, Gawyn arc, and so on.
  5. I don't have a problem with the names. I can see where a couple of Brandon's name's grate. Though like most things, it's blown out of proportion to a great degree and quite funny when derided Brandon names like Hessalem and Fortuona turn out to be Jordan's. I was more poking fun at the fact that the concise Jordan turned books 7-11 into something of an extended game of "lets see how many Aes Sedai names you can possibly frickin remember! I don't think I suggested Jordan needed another author to come in and finish the series. Others in the thread have said it, but I didn't say it and I am not suggesting it. I like a lot of what Brandon has done with the series, but I am not blind to the problems. In fact, after the glaring mistakes and problems with aMoL, I can say without a doubt that if I had my choice, I would take Jordan over Brandon. The good stuff of TGS and ToM somewhat balance their timeline and tone issues. But whatever the hell happened with aMoL, I would have rather had it in the hands of Jordan. But lets be clear. Who I want, or who I even think would have been best to finish the series is a separate argument from the length. None of it changes the fact that it's ridiculous to think Jordan could have finished in less pages then Brandon. Much less an absurd number like 480,000 words.
  6. Sanderson didn't want the books split into three so obviously he thought he could have done it in less. The bloat is there, Brandon for whatever reason would not/could not use ellipsis to move the action along. Add to that all the filler in these three books and yes, RJ could certainly have done it in 1 book split into two WH size volumes. *Rubs temples* No matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it any less ridiculous. When you say two volumes the size of WH, lets be clear that is well under 500,000 words. At 238k, you are talking about a total word count not all that much bigger then The Shadow Rising by itself. A novel which is already arguably the most fluid, action packed novel in the entire series. Which makes it a pretty good control for what Jordan could do in nearly 400,000 words at his best. The sheer content in TGS/ToM/aMoL dwarfs that of TSR. The amount of movement is magnitudes greater. And perhaps most daunting of all is that not only are there probably twice as many big story arcs to deal with, the amount of side arcs that Brandon HAD to address had virtually no parallell in The Shadow Rising. To be fair, The Shadow Rising is 100,000 words, or about 20%, shorter. I don't really think that makes up for it, though. The Shadow Rising has three main arcs. - Rand/Mat/Moi/Egwene in the Waste - Elayne/Nyn in Tanchico - Perrin in the Two Rivers. The Brandon trilogy has.... - Mat from Altara to the Tower of G - Rand's descent and VoG - Egwene's unification of the Tower, purging of the Black Ajah, and Seanchan attack. - Perrin's acceptance of leadership, forging of Mah-Hammer, and misc( - Buddha Rand to the sealing - The four Generals fail, Mat picks up the baton And I think that's being extremely generous as far as that last one goes. Since that itself could easily count as 2 or 3 more major arcs(with the Kandori theater being a major one, as well as the bundling everything that happened with the Seanchan up into it). I am more then happy to grant that Perrin's small part in TGS and poor use in aMoL can be combined with his awesomeness in ToM as one arc. The only ones I think you could complain about are my splitting up of Rand's two main arcs, and counting Mat from Altara to Tower of G as their own major arcs. But I argue that the two arcs of Rand are huge by themselves and deserve to be seen as such. And that seperating Mat's arcs is more then fair considering I am already throwing so much into the second one! So by my count, we've got at least twice as many major arcs in the Brandon trilogy are TSR. At the absolute barest minimum you could merge the Rand and Mat arcs and still have 4 vs. 3. But that's not really fair, considering that if you look at the two, my partitions of arcs from the Brandon trilogy are all at least as meaty as any of the three from TSR, if not more so Of course, that's not really where things look worst for your assertion. It really breaks down when you consider the amount that actually happens in the books. And also the amount of side arcs touched upon. The first is a good gauge of what Jordan and Brandon could do with roughly the same raw material. The second a good gauge of just how stacked the deck was against Brandon. Put simply, in one of his most acclaimed books, which casual fans and hardcore fans alike generally rank 1st or 2nd, and very few ever rate out of the top 3 Jordan took FOUR HUNDRED PAGES just to get out of the Stone of Tear. There were some big scenes in there, no doubt. Like the Finns, the Bubble of Evil, and what not. But I went to do a detailed break down of what it looked like.....and believe me, there wasn't much substance. The "Prologue" of The Shadow Rising(I've always thought it was strange TSR is the only book that doesn't have a Prologue) is Min showing up at the Tower, tipping Elaida, and telling Suian about the coming violence. Dain entering the Two Rivers. And Suroth monologuing. For 50 pages. And this was BEFORE the Prologues "got out of control" It's well crafted. It's captivating. It's the best book in the series(imho). But it's still nearly 400,000 pages of much, much less substantively happening than in the Brandon trilogy. Alright, lets just do the bare minimum and see what Jordan is going to do in 1,200 pages when he can barely get our heroes out of the Stone in 400...... - Move Mat from Altara to the Tower of Genji with a scene for Verin to do her thing and also move them to Camlyn to get the Band in place there. - Have Cadsuane spank Semi, leading to Semi chaing Rand. True Power. Cuenny Rand, etc. - Get Egwene to her dinner meeting with Elaida. This is a big one here, because after the sheer amount of pages that 7-11 smothered us with over the Tower/Rebel story it is hard to fathom how Jordan even comes close to resolving it as succinctly as Brandon. - Get Gawyn out of his rut and into the rebel camp. - Get Rodel out of Arad Doman and into the Borderlands. - Get Avi to Rhuidean. - Rand's descent requiring some time to simmer. - The first meeting of Dark Rand an Tuon. - Rand's attack on Natrim's Barrow - The Seanchan attack on the White Tower. - Verin's meeting with Egwene. - Veins of Gold. - Perrin fights Slayer. - Perrin/Whitecloak arc - Perrin/Egwene TAR arc - Avi's trip in the way forward machine - Mat goes in and rescues Moi. - Rand saves Maradon - Mat sets up Dragons - Mat gets the gholum - Bloodknives fun - Perrin makes Mah-Hammer - Assorted Elayne jackassery that I simply refuse to believe Brandon would have done unless the outline, and thuse Jordan himself, were planning on doing it. - Logain and company retake the Black Tower - The Field of Merrilor/Dragon's Peace - The four different battlefronts. - Setting up Mat as overall commander - Rand's second meeting with Tuon. - Rand vs. DO - Demandred arc. Average those out over 1,200 pages....and each one would get about the amount of space as Min arriving at the Tower, Dain taking a Ferry, and Suroth monologuing. Personally, I think most, if not all, of them deserve more then that. There is a lot of stuff in there that I left out. The need for various background and build for the Prologues with assorted Forsaken scenes. The need for in depth Aes Sedai scenes to untangle the mess from 7-11. The need for quite a few of those stories to simmer to get their desired effect. I just don't see how you get TSR+20% out of that. If you count each book in the Brandon trilogy as roughly equal in raw content(which I wouldn't say aMoL is, but not terribly far off) I don't see how you fit the entirety of what happened in The Gathering Storm into a space the size of Jordan not even getting them out of the Stone. Even ignoring Jordan's verbose style. I don't see how you claim that the books could or should have been done in that amount of space. If you're working with 1,200 pages, how much does the Tower reunification get? How much does Dark Rand get? How much does Perrin Slayer, dreamspike, White cloaks get? How much does Genji get? How much time does the Dragon's Peace get? How much time do you set up the four captains so that Mat can slide in? How much time do you give The Last Battle when he does? How much time do you give Rand vs. DO? How much time do you give the Black Tower fix? How much does the amazing Rhudiean trip get? How about all the pieces that need to fall into place? So yeah, I still find your faith in Jordan baffling. It borders on blind worship if you truly believe he could have finished the series in under 500,000 words.
  7. God! I am sorry to be rude but guys, what the hell are you talking about? Four books? Five? Six? After KoD, the series had plot material for at most 1500 pages. Do you seriously want to read more useless filler material like Hinderstap, and Gawyn's stupid mopping or mindless, repetitive battle scenes. Come on! You're essentially arguing that Brandon should have finished in nearly half the space? Like I said earlier, I think that aMoL should have been shuffled to give space to more important things, but I think the length was about right. I also think the length was good for TGS and ToM. It truly baffles me that people call TGS or ToM bloated. I just find it so ridiculous that people nitpick so much at Brandon for storylines he had to tie up, as bloat. Such as Gawyn. Jordan has him completely, utterly, RIDICULOUSLY stay with Elaida for something like 6 frickin books. And then people blame Brandon for having to waste pages on getting Gawyn where he needs to get. Very few of us liked him, it's one of the weaker parts of TGS. But look at the outcome. Gawyn was clearly a huge part of the remaining outline. What was Brandon supposed to do? People complain about Hinderstap, and I will admit that was a bit of an indulgence on Brandon's part. But here's the thing. Hinderstap is 20 pages. You want to prove your point.....cut about 1,000 more. Much of the rest of the page count for Mat was warranted to properly set him up for ToM. The Perrin chapters are easy to write off as bloat now, but they are short. And the reality of the time was that a WoT book hadn't been released in four years. Those short bits were needed simply because the character deserved a peak and not being shoved off to the side for another year. I am currently rereading TGS, and I simply see very little bloat at all. Especially considering the series it is in. The Cadsuane/Semi arc was perfect, and hit just the right note. The Rand arc deserved every page that it took considering that it concluded the arc of his character for at least the past 7 books. Ditto Egwene's arc, which did a hell of a job wrapping up the convoluted mess that had become the Rebel/Tower tangle. Which had also ran since about Lord of Chaos. Honestly, Brandon should be given a medal for tying up the black ajah hunters, the split, Egwene/Elaida, Verin, the great purge, and even a little intrigue in there in the space he did. I could keep going. For instance, the fact that Brandon basically wrapped Rodel up in a chapter after Jordan has teased us with him for I don't even know how many pages and years. And that is specifics. In general I would argue that it's just plain wrong that people would complain about nearly any of the Rand/Egwene/Perrin/Mat(though there is some legitimate problems with Mat) arcs in TGS and ToM. They are the characters we bought our tickets for in the first place. Not to see how many different Aes Sedai with similair sounding "S" names we can manage to fit into a book. So yeah....reading TGS right now. Just don't see the bloat. Of course that is just on the question of what Brandon should have done. How many pages Brandon should have finished in.
  8. I am not sure if this belongs here......any bets on who Harriett insisted on killing? I am guessing either Bela or Romanda.
  9. Boy, what a weird book. I thought there was some good and a lot bad with it. I may be a bit unique in that I thought the problems with aMoL were generally things not done wrong in TGS and ToM. Both books that I liked very much. The most obvious is that the battle scenes were given too much space. I totally disagree that the bloat in aMoL means there should have been less of a split, or no split at all. I think TGS and ToM themselves stood well on their own and couldn't have lost all that much without it hurting. Instead, I think the flaw of aMoL is in an over description of the battles wasting space that should have been dedicated to more intimate, personal scenes. I think in some of the battle scenes we finally suffered what Brandon had worried from the beginning. That Brandon trying to mimic Jordan would be a big mistake. I will have to reread to pin it down more, but I thought the Borderlanders scenes in particular should have been cut way down. Outside of the emotional kick of Lan being saved, and the revelation of their forces being slaughtered, I thought most of it could have been cut. I think there were obviously some subtle threads running through there that needed to be plucked. The manipulation of the generals needed to be touched on, but it was done both too bluntly, and then dragged out too much. I actually don't have a problem with Brandon's lack of subtlety compared to Jordan in many areas, but he tipped his hand almost immediately on this one, and then we got more scenes that seemed to do little more then continue to hint. It was also important to touch on the other battlefields so as to build tension about what was going to happen in Kandor. Seeing as how Dem's reveal was one of the big payoffs, I don't think it's wrong to build up to it in some ways. But....yeah, like I said, I don't think it needed to fill the page count it did. The scenes in Kandor were not bad, as it mostly kept things happening. Camlyn was somewhere in between. I really enjoyed the scene with the Ogier fighting. I thought we would have been better off with more like those. But then on the flip side the Ogier showing up was pretty abrupt. My biggest problem with this mid-book bloat is that when I got down to about page 850 I realized how lopsided the book is in that respect. I wasn't necessarily like some that expected 100 pages of epilogue wrapping up where everyone wound up and how all the political stuff panned out. But don't give me 50+ pages of battlefield minutuie and then leave a couple paragraphs for Padan Fain and Darkhounds. Oh, and there really could have been more of an ending then we got. On the flip side, I actually didn't have a problem with most, if any of the death scenes. I think there is something to be said for simple, abrupt, or meaningless deaths. I thought the string of Brigette, Hurin, and the Bashere's was particularly good because it meshed with Rand's struggle with the Dark One. Which came together with the battlefield situation and Elayne's to make it probably the lowest moment in the book. Min and Faile/Horn both strained believability in the "just so" nature of how they got where they needed to be. I don't blame this on Brandon though, as it's not something unique to him. Jordan was known to do it, too. And on top of that, I suspect Brandon was trapped between a rock and a hard place as he needed the characters to get somewhere because of the outline, but I suspect no direction on how to actually get there. Which, while I am on the subject, I wonder if the ending of the book suffered from Brandon being stuck between going too far, or not far enough. If you are left with the final scene as it was. Jordan having written it out specifically having always envisioned it as such, and wanting to leave that part in particular to us.....what do you do if you're Brandon. He's limited in that Jordan didn't give him more, but how do you add onto it? Jordan seems to have wanted that to be the end of the last book. So how do you show all that much post-Shayol Ghul? I think Brandon made a lot of mistakes leading up to that. Moiraine is just criminally underused. But I think his work with the rings in ToM and weavings with Rand vs. DO in their dual give a satisfying, if not complete, taste of what the future holds for our characters. Simply, I think Brandon mishandled the details of what happened during the Last Battle to the characters we care about....not so much not giving us a ton of details about how our characters lived happily ever after. This all surprised me quite a bit, as I always said that I thought on a more emotional, gut feeling kinda level that Brandon was the better writer then Jordan. Jordan could get so wrapped up in plot, pretty prose, and intricacy that he neglected the UMPH of a good, emotional storyline. I thought Brandon did better in TGS and ToM then Jordan had since TSR. While there were some good moments in aMoL, it seemed like Brandon how trouble nailing which arcs he wanted to really hit us with......and which to leave hang. It came out a bit schitzo in that Brandon gave us a ton of different PoV from TLB to give us both a wider view and a peak at so many of the minor characters we like. But then so much time is spent on the big battle scenes with mundane PoV. Like I said, it felt like one solution here would have been to give us more one-ofs like the Ogier scene that served both to immerse us in the battle while giving us a moment of fan service. The Juilen and Hurin, short and sweet PoV felt like either too much or not enough. Bottomline, I think Brandon tried to give us broader, more rewarding look at the Last Battle with many PoV. But it is a big task in a series so big, and Brandon would have been better served to either scrap and go with a more main character focused set of arcs. Or go all out and had dozens more PoV. Some longer like the Ogier scene, and then many more scenes like with Juilan/Hurin. The Black Tower.....ho boy. I dunno. I really don't like going completely nuts on this arc but taking a step back really does make it look bad. The problem with being a fan who follows the series closely is that you sometimes judge things more harshly, or more closely then you should for comforts sake. I still think the people who bitch about "Bloody ashes" need to calm the hell down, but in the case of the BT and Androl it's hard to ignore that he's basically Brandon's character, doing Brandony things, in a Robert Jordan book. In one way, it's nice to see someone in Randland actually be inventive with weaves. On the other, anyone who has read Mistborn has got to get the feeling that Androl belongs more in that series then he does WoT. I hate to say it, but I do think Brandon endulged himself too much in allowing Androl consume the Black Tower storyline. I didn't need Logain to do everything himself, and I am relatively pleased with his arc, but it's hard to shake the feeling that a Brandon book arc wormed it's way into WoT. And probably not a good idea to make it the BT arc. As an afterthought, I have to say I thought the liberation of the BT was rather subdued. Blame lofty expectations, but I just don't get much satisfaction from the liberation of the Black Tower being a rainy night crime caper. It's a shame that I have to have these doubts about this arc, since the gateway scenese with Androl really were well done. I could go on and on. But I will just say I thought the book in many, many parts felt rushed. So many little threads like Rhuarc, Cadsuane, Moggy, Gren, and the like felt as though they should have gotten more attention. It all goes to make the unneeded battle scenes feel even more unneeded when much more could have been done with those pages. It helps to keep in mind that aMoL is really the ending of the Brandon trilogy. Some of the cut off significance of certain characters feels less so when you take into account that Cads probably didn't do much in aMoL because she was meant to play her part with Dark Rand in the beginning of what would have been the one volume aMoL. All in all, I have my complaints with the book but I am not extremely disappointed. I rate the Brandon books higher then many, I think. Possibly with ToM and TGS both in the top three. I still scratch my head for anyone who ranks aMoL with tPoD or CoT, but it's definitely a step down from TGS and ToM, and the only Brandon book that did not immediately make me think, "This is much better then anything Jordan had done for a long time".
  10. I thought the storyline was excellent, his PoV revealed just enough while leaving something to the imagination. One of my favorite moments in the book, and one of the most vivid images I have painted in my mind, is of the lead up to the reveal. You knew something was going to happen when the WT was the only front that was having an easy time. When that camp length gate snapped open......chills.
  11. I thought I would come here and post perhaps one final time before digging into the last book. I had a nice, torturous day as I worked nearly a double shift. The book came basically right as I was leaving, so I got to stare at my beautiful new copy of A Memory of Light for about 12 hours without being able to do more then flip through the pages(which....don't do that! I may have spoiled a thing or two for myself....stupid!). I have to admit, when I first opened up the package, I took a deep breath just to savor the new book smell. I wasn't expecting it, but it took me back to being 18 years old in the late 90's when I got my first job at a bookstore and I had just settled into waiting for book 9 after jumping into the series right after aPoD release. It almost sounds ridiculous, but I would imagine some, maybe most, here know what I am talking about. It's interesting to think that there's actually very few things that have spanned my life as much as WoT. I've had long term, significant others that came and gone in the time since I picked up the series. I waited for these books longer then the time I attended school. I've waited for this book nearly half of my life(and well over half of the time that I can actually recall). Not to overdue it, but it's really amazing to think I hold the ending in my hands. I am glad to post with fans who feel just as awe inspired by it as I do Happy reading, indeed!
  12. I would say one of the things on the top of my list is that Rand needs to die. And stay dead. And not be easily accessible through TAR. He can resurrect all he wants during the story, but at the end he needs to be dead. Partially I want this simply because to do anything less is just too much of a happy ending. But also because Rand's polygamous ways really only make sense if he dies. I think Jordan tried to walk the line between a genuinely likable, decent guy for a main character, while also touching on the very prescient fact that most great men in history have been like a stud horse, siring many children from many women. Having half a dozen or more children from three different women makes sense if you are looking at it from a future kingdom, bloodlines, ruler, and/or influence type of way. As Rand being an at home daddy to 3 sets of kids from different women? Not so much. Other then that, there's a lot of little things I need. I need to know more about Verin's letters! I need to know what the deal was with Nakomi! I need to know how all these prophecies fit together to make a coherent story! And I need Perrin to be just as badass in aMoL as he was in ToM. Give me a couple of scenes with Perrin bashing the hell out of things with Mah-Hammer and I will be glad.
  13. Egwene is an alpha female with none of the self doubt or humility that another potential alpha female like Nyn to keep her more humble. She's also so young that she has little of the experience to temper her drive, ambition, and skill like Cads or Moi. An example of where this makes her come off looking absolutely terribly is early in LoC. You're almost there Japboix, and it's not a huge spoiler, but I'll tag it anyway..... Granted, she has come a ways from that, which is exactly what redeems her character a bit. But the bottom line is that Egs is never a particularly likable person.....but she's probably a person you'd like in charge if the fit hits the shan.
  14. No that is not the case. He has contemplated it but certainly isn't a certain plan. In fact he has been far more focused on breaking then rebuilding the seals. With the dual nature of the Creator/DO and Manichean themes that run through the series I find it highly unlikely the DO should even be destroyed. Again we also have RJ's quote above which I believe is definitive. Add in Fel's advice... Well, I agree Rand is focused on breaking the seals, but where in particular have we ever seen Rand think or say he means to rebuild the seals? At the most, I think Rand has indicated he means to try something completely different then the LTT seals....a more perfect sealing with a different method. As for killing the Dark One. I don't think it's a good idea, but the latest we have seen from Rand on the subject says that's exactly what he means to do, I believe. While both clues are in TGS before VoG, and thus you could argue that anything Rand is thinking probably isn't a good idea anyway, his talk with Moridin in Chapter 15 is not exactly complete craziness on Rand's part. And like I said, I don't think it's a good idea on Rand's part, but it indicates where Rand's thought process is. Did we see something in ToM that shows Rand is rethinking that plan? I don't recall, off hand. As for RJ's quotes, I don't think the DO will be slain, but I don't think his quotes make it impossible, either. He says this turning of the wheel is nothing special, but that may just be a sneaky way of saying that the DO COULD have been slayed in other turnings, and yet wasn't. Not that it is impossible in any age.
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