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  1. I was responding from my iPhone mate. Sorry for any confusion but nevertheless I just gave you a direct quote of what you said. You took a strong stance on RJ not possibly being able to do it in less and attacked others for disagreeing. Actually, I don't think I attacked anyone over the goal post of Jordan finishing in the same amount of page count. Because you immediately posted and set your own goal post. Which was half. Call it splitting hairs, but I if someone wants to argue the downright absurd over the merely asinine, then I'll take it. Really? Really? Re
  2. Not really. Considering that the beginning of my post, that was addressed to someone else, that YOU THEN QUOTED, was the about the "basically half the space" You chose to quote the part specifically about the "basically half" in your original post instead of my latter part which you are quoting now. You then went on to say in, put simply, that you thought the trilogy could have been done by RJ in half the words. I am not changing the goal post at all. I was talking to someone else entirely, you quoted me, and set your own goal post. It really doesn't matter what I said, you
  3. I actually liked the beginning of the book. I thought the Black Tower arc started alright, and I loved the Dragon Peace scenes despite what others have said. I thought it came off the rails when it tipped the captain complusion scheme too early and then kept hinting way too long. And I got just plain bored when it turned into a Trolloc snuff film. Much like the curse of easily accessible internet porn, I fear aMoL may have rendered me unable to get excited over a Trolloc fight ever again. I also have some big problems other do. Moiraine played not much of a role. Abrupt, just so, plot
  4. Sinces splitting the paragraphs doesn't seem to be working for me, I'll number them..... 1. I don't see much bloat, no. I covered some of it in my original post. I am halfway into TGS and the only bumps I've seen are Gawyn. Which, as I said, I don't think is Brandon's fault and doubt highly Jordan could have resolved any quicker considering that Jordan didn't get around to it himself for the 7 books that Gawyn was hanging from Elaida's nuts for absolutely no good reason other then apparently he likes having angry, channeling man haters for bosses. And Hinderstap, which I will repeat again
  5. I don't have a problem with the names. I can see where a couple of Brandon's name's grate. Though like most things, it's blown out of proportion to a great degree and quite funny when derided Brandon names like Hessalem and Fortuona turn out to be Jordan's. I was more poking fun at the fact that the concise Jordan turned books 7-11 into something of an extended game of "lets see how many Aes Sedai names you can possibly frickin remember! I don't think I suggested Jordan needed another author to come in and finish the series. Others in the thread have said it, but I didn't say i
  6. Sanderson didn't want the books split into three so obviously he thought he could have done it in less. The bloat is there, Brandon for whatever reason would not/could not use ellipsis to move the action along. Add to that all the filler in these three books and yes, RJ could certainly have done it in 1 book split into two WH size volumes. *Rubs temples* No matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it any less ridiculous. When you say two volumes the size of WH, lets be clear that is well under 500,000 words. At 238k, you are talking about a total word count not all tha
  7. God! I am sorry to be rude but guys, what the hell are you talking about? Four books? Five? Six? After KoD, the series had plot material for at most 1500 pages. Do you seriously want to read more useless filler material like Hinderstap, and Gawyn's stupid mopping or mindless, repetitive battle scenes. Come on! You're essentially arguing that Brandon should have finished in nearly half the space? Like I said earlier, I think that aMoL should have been shuffled to give space to more important things, but I think the length was about right. I also think the length was good for TGS and To
  8. I am not sure if this belongs here......any bets on who Harriett insisted on killing? I am guessing either Bela or Romanda.
  9. Boy, what a weird book. I thought there was some good and a lot bad with it. I may be a bit unique in that I thought the problems with aMoL were generally things not done wrong in TGS and ToM. Both books that I liked very much. The most obvious is that the battle scenes were given too much space. I totally disagree that the bloat in aMoL means there should have been less of a split, or no split at all. I think TGS and ToM themselves stood well on their own and couldn't have lost all that much without it hurting. Instead, I think the flaw of aMoL is in an over description of the battles was
  10. I thought the storyline was excellent, his PoV revealed just enough while leaving something to the imagination. One of my favorite moments in the book, and one of the most vivid images I have painted in my mind, is of the lead up to the reveal. You knew something was going to happen when the WT was the only front that was having an easy time. When that camp length gate snapped open......chills.
  11. I thought I would come here and post perhaps one final time before digging into the last book. I had a nice, torturous day as I worked nearly a double shift. The book came basically right as I was leaving, so I got to stare at my beautiful new copy of A Memory of Light for about 12 hours without being able to do more then flip through the pages(which....don't do that! I may have spoiled a thing or two for myself....stupid!). I have to admit, when I first opened up the package, I took a deep breath just to savor the new book smell. I wasn't expecting it, but it took me back to being 18
  12. I would say one of the things on the top of my list is that Rand needs to die. And stay dead. And not be easily accessible through TAR. He can resurrect all he wants during the story, but at the end he needs to be dead. Partially I want this simply because to do anything less is just too much of a happy ending. But also because Rand's polygamous ways really only make sense if he dies. I think Jordan tried to walk the line between a genuinely likable, decent guy for a main character, while also touching on the very prescient fact that most great men in history have been like a stud hors
  13. Egwene is an alpha female with none of the self doubt or humility that another potential alpha female like Nyn to keep her more humble. She's also so young that she has little of the experience to temper her drive, ambition, and skill like Cads or Moi. An example of where this makes her come off looking absolutely terribly is early in LoC. You're almost there Japboix, and it's not a huge spoiler, but I'll tag it anyway..... Granted, she has come a ways from that, which is exactly what redeems her character a bit. But the bottom line is that Egs is never a particularly likable
  14. No that is not the case. He has contemplated it but certainly isn't a certain plan. In fact he has been far more focused on breaking then rebuilding the seals. With the dual nature of the Creator/DO and Manichean themes that run through the series I find it highly unlikely the DO should even be destroyed. Again we also have RJ's quote above which I believe is definitive. Add in Fel's advice... Well, I agree Rand is focused on breaking the seals, but where in particular have we ever seen Rand think or say he means to rebuild the seals? At the most, I think Rand has indicated he means to t
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