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  1. Almost no mention of the Horn of Valere whatsoever... it has got to have a role still to play. I thought one interesting possibility might be the death of a major player (like Lan) and then to have his return when the Horn is blown, a new Hero added to their ranks...
  2. The Trolloc CITY!!! Rand finding out he's a Daddy and how that will impact him. Reunions all around, where deaths do not prevent them. Rand/Moirane, Lan/Nynaeve, Mat/Tuon, Rand/Aviendha, Moirane/Lan, etc. Also, more pillowfriends.
  3. I'm getting a little nervous - I've gotten about half-way through the book now and they haven't even left for the Tower of Ghenji yet, there's barely been a hint of anything having to do with the Black Tower, nothing on Aviendha yet... please tell me they get to at least some of this stuff before I run out of pages!
  4. Isn't that like 6 months to a year? Poor thing - I'm tempted to buy a copy and have it mailed to you, but anywhere I could mail it I'm sure Amazon could too...
  5. I concur whole-heartedly with this thread. No midnight release in Baton Rouge and work comes early in the morning... which means not only do I have to go get it at lunch, but I get to look at it on my desk for 4-5 hours afterwards before taking it home. And then there's the all-important voting. Argh!!! Its everything I can do - literally - not to go to the spoiler board.
  6. It also may be that you and Mat Cauthon and another, a man I do not know, will try to rescue me. May, I say because it may be that you will not or cannot, or because Mat may refuse. He does not hold me in the affection you seem to. and he has his reasons which he no doubt thinks are good. If you try, it must be only you and Mat and one other. More will mean death for all. Fewer will mean death for all. Even if you come only with Mat and one other, death also may come. I have seen you try and die, one or two or all three. I have seen myself die in the attempt. I have seen all of us live and die as captives. [Moiraine Damodred's Review of Towers of Midnight] Just throwing this out there - that phrase 'death for all' has an Aes-Sedaiesque ambiguity to it. Death for all four who come? Death for all four plus Moiraine? Death for everyone in Finnland? Death for everyone in the Pattern? It'll be interesting when we finally find out, interesting to say the least.
  7. After all this time, this being the final book - possibly ever - I have absolutely zero problem with Brandon taking all the time off he needs to to get it right AND maintain his sanity. Last thing we need is author burn-out while he's penning the penultimate novel.
  8. I'd love to know the reasoning behind that theory - was it just the timing, or was it other clues. Regretably, I never got to know RJ, certainly not well enough to know if this was akin to his sense of humor or not.
  9. Wasn't it great? I see you joined yesterday - welcome!
  10. I've actually been wondering for a long time if he would be some sort of betrayer, mainly because of his all-consuming obesession with Faile. If something were to (finally) happen to her, he might go all Annikin Skywalker - would certainly make for an interesting twist.
  11. But this really is the best bit IMO: Lord of Chaos Dark Lord: DEMANDRED. HOW FARES THIS WORLD, DEMANDRED. Demandred: Rahvin is dead, Great Lord. Dark Lord: DONE BY MY ANCIENT ENEMY. THE ONE CALLED DRAGON. Demandred: Great Lord, do you mean one currently called Dragon, or another in a previous Age, who might be a female Dragon, or barring that, a female substitute Dragon? I refuse to believe that a female Dragon couldn’t exist… Dark Lord: DEMANDRED, I’VE TOLD YOU TO STOP PERPETUATING THAT STUPID THEORY. Demandred: Sorry, Great Lord. I don’t know what I was thinking. Dark Lord: So, tell, me Demandred….Damn, my amp…it’s lost power. Demandred: I’ll plug it back in, Great Lord. How about now? Dark Lord: SO tell ME Demandred….NOW it’s SWITCHING back AND forth. THAT’S no GOOD… Demandred: How about now? Dark Lord: Was ist los? Ich kann nicht normal sprechen. Ich spreche wie ein verrueckter Mensch. Demandred: How about now? Dark Lord: ImspeakingtoofasthelpstopmefromspeakingsofastIcantstopthisIcan’tbreathe… Demandred: How about now? Dark Lord: 01111001100001100000111111010100110010010. Demandred: HOW ABOUT NOW. HEY, NOW I’VE GOT THE BIG VOICE. Dark Lord: Stop that. Demandred: SORRY, GREAT LORD, BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TURN OFF MY OWN BIG VOICE. HEY. THIS IS KIND OF COOL. I AM THE GREAT LORD. OBEY ME OR DIE. LET THE LORD OF CHAOS RULE. Dark Lord: Do not do impressions of me, Demandred. I am the Great Lord. Those who do impressions of me will die. Demandred: EXCEPT FOR ISHAMAEL. BECAUSE HE IS MY FAVORITE FANCY PANTS BOY. Dark Lord: I’ve never called Ishamael my favorite fancy pants boy. Demandred: YOU IMPLIED IT. THIS I COMMAND. Dark Lord: You cannot command me. I command you. Demandred: BUT YOU DON’T HAVE THE BIG VOICE. Dark Lord: I should have the big voice. Demandred: BUT YOU DON’T. SHAIDAR HARAN, GET ME SOME LEMONADE. Shaidar Haran: Yes, Great Lord. Dark Lord: No! Shaidar Haran, he’s impersonating me! Don’t get him lemonade. Shadar Haran: But He’s got the big voice, Great Lord. How can I refuse? Moghedien: Hey, what’s going on? Demandred: Check out my impression, Moghedien. Ahem. MOGHEDIEN. YOU DISAPPOINT ME. BUT I WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE TO SERVE THE SHADOW. YOU MUST CRAWL THROUGH MY MAGICALLY LOWERING TUNNEL WITH THE ROCKS GRAZNG YOUR HEAD. THEN YOU MUST LEAP THROUGH FLAMING HOOPS, THEN JUGGLE EIGHT PORCUPINES TO SHOW YOUR LOYALTY TO ME. FROM THIS DAY FORTH, YOU SHALL BE REBORN AS ‘CUCAMONGA.’ THIS I COMMAND. Moghedien: Hey, that’s pretty good! Let me try. I AM THE GREAT LORD. I LIVE IN A BIG FIERY LAVA TOILET. OBEY ME OR PREPARE TO BE FLUSHED DOWN AMONG THE FLAMES. Great Lord: Okay, I don’t really sound like that. Shaidar Haran, back me up. Shaidar Haran: Actually, you do kind of sound like that. And it does look a little like a big toilet. Here’s your lemonade, Demandred. Demandred: THANK YOU, SHAIDAR HARAN. YOU PLEASE ME ALMOST AS MUCH AS MY FANCY PANTS BOY, ISHAMAEL. Dark Lord: Now I’m getting mad. Demandred: I AM THE GREAT LORD. I CAN DISH IT OUT, BUT I CAN’T TAKE IT. Moghedien: Good one. (fast forward to end of book) Demandred: Have I not done well, Great Lord? Dark Lord: YOU HAVE DONE WELL, DEMANDRED. MY BIG VOICE SYSTEM WORKS GREAT. CHECK ONE, CHECK TWO. TEST. TEST. YOU WILL NOT BE NAE’BLIS. TEST. TEST.
  12. A few favorites: The Great Hunt Rand: I really should be going. Lan: Yes, you should. Another lesson? Rand: Sure. Lan: This move is called "Ending the Book." Use it in a climactic battle at the end of the book against a bad guy. The Dragon Reborn Verin: I don't want to hear another word from any of you. Nynaeve: But I'm tired of yanking my braid. Verin: Try punching yourself in the stomach. Nynaeve: Ahhh. Thanks. ------------------- Moiraine: You must tell me things. Perhaps I can help. Perrin: I talk to wolves. Moiraine: Good luck with that. The Shadow Rising Rand: The ter'angreal doorway told me to go to Rhuidian. Mat: Yes, me too. Moiraine: It was foolish of you both to enter the doorway at the same time. Rand: Maybe you should have given us that advice BEFORE we entered the doorway. Moiraine: I would, but it’s more fun to give advice after it’s too late to change anything. That way, I can’t be proven wrong. Now prepare to don your yellow party hat of war, and attack Illian with the Tairens, who use the code name:</b> 'The People of the Dragon.' Tairens: We are not the People of the Dragon. Moiraine: You are what I say you are. Rhuarc: Actually, we are the People of the Dragon. Moiraine: What the hell would you know about it? The Fires of Heaven Thom: Are you sure you don’t need help this time? Nynaeve: How dare you insult us! We aren’t fools! Ronde Macura: Drink this, fools. Nynaeve: Ah, nice, delicious fool tea. ------------------- Aviendha: Rand al’Thor, you gave me a bracelet that was to make me like you, and stop hating you. But all the Maidens thought it was because you loved me, and I loved you. Which you do, and I do. But it’s supposed to be a secret, which makes me mad. And I am mad that you thought that a nice gift would make me like you, and I am mad that wearing the gift makes it look like I accept your love, even though I really would if you offered, which you haven’t, and won’t until I admit my true feelings, which I won’t. Even though I say I would hate it if you tried to love me, I actually am lying, and want desperately for you to admit your feelings to me. So here is a gift of a heron-mark sword. I hope this can successfully heighten the sexual tension between us. Rand: Uh, thanks for the sword. Aviendha: Men are so complicated. ------------------ Sulin: Why do you hide your crying, Rand al’Thor? We Aiel never hide our crying. Rand: That’s funny, because I’ve never once seen any of you cry. Sulin: Sure we do. I stubbed my toe. Boo-hoo. Rand: You’re faking it. Your culture sounds a lot like you’re just making it up as you go along. Sulin: How dare you. You insult us like a Wizard of Oz! Rand: Now you’re just copying other stories! Sulin: Silence, Jedi.
  13. Stumbled across this link and promptly got absolutely NO work done all morning. Best 'recap' I've ever read. http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=386600 The opening of the LoC in particular had me crying.
  14. I pretty much agree with all that. BTW i just wanted to say, "Impressive Bosom", that screen name makes me chuckle. That's kind of ironic because me 'chuckling' makes the screen name. ;) Seriously, after reading the words from RJ for the 1,000th time I glanced down and thought 'hey - that could be me!' and a screen name was born.
  15. I think - and I could be wrong in this - that Rand's world is the 'true' world in the sense that it's the world where the Bore was drilled, so its the world where the Bore was sealed and therefor its the world where the DO is trying to break free. From our world his touch can and has spilled into some or all of the other mirror worlds, twisting them in whatever ways might be appropriate for those worlds. In this vein I'm interpretting the concept that 'if he wins in one world he wins in all worlds' as 'if he wins in this world he will win in all the others'. May well not be the BUT, as shown by the timing of various revelations, but I'm feeling pretty good about my prediction that Trollocs and other Shadowspawn will be brought into Randland via Portal Stones and account for the overwhelming force they are able to bring to bear. That it's a Portal Stone in the Blight that no one knows about conflicts with my stronger belief that its actually a city no one knows about in the Blight is fine, since that part doesn't have to be true for the theory to bear out.
  16. All the Maidens standing in a line waiting to break their spears if Rand would not honor them. Sulin finally putting off her 'punishment' because the only son to ever be returned to the Maidens was in trouble. Nynaeve demanding to know if her husband would ride alone. The Wise Ones announcing that 'this girl has no toh towards me' when Egwene acknowledged her lie and took her punishment. Aviendha coming clean with Elayne after laying out the switch, the stick and the dagger. The Aiel ceremony where Aviendha and Elayne became First Sisters. When Nynaeve freaks out and says 'I just Healed Logaine'. When Rand first sees the Amyrlin at the beginning of TGH and Siuan has to admonish Moirane for 'letting Lan at him'. Loial carrying Gaul all the way back to Emond's Field. The women of Emond's Field in the double circle around the children of the village before the Battle of Emond's Field, Perrin admitting that he knows better than to interfere with Women's Circle business. Finding the dark prophecy written in blood on the walls after Fain's escape. Ingtar's admission and redemption. The moment we all realized Moirane and Siuan had been pillow friends as Accepted - but maybe that one's just me ;) I could go on, but I'm sure so could everyone else...
  17. After our first encounter with them yes, but I thought the conversation about which the Shadow hold sway in came later... I wish I could find a reference to it.
  18. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I've come to a conclusion, but its a conclusion based on a memory of something I can't seem to find reference to, so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or set me straight. (Also, forgive me if this exposition is not quite as detailed or well organized as our friend Luckers tends to offer - I'm at work with people constantly looking over my shoulder) Now we know that the Portal Stones allow access between worlds. What I seem to remember is someone saying or referencing the fact that the DO holds sway in some of these worlds, or possibly all of them other than Randland. Either case, if true, would serve the point. If the DO holds sway in other worlds then that's everything. EVERYTHING. That explains why the Shadow has access to more Trollocs than the Blight could support by entire orders of magnitude (as Brandon has alluded to) That explains why the Trollocs can seemingly appear anywhere in Randland in huge numbers despite the Ogier working to close the Ways. The 'thing' that exists in the Blight that no one knows about could well be a Portal Stone, as alluded to by RJ. It brings home the point that, no matter how heroic, crafty or brilliant the Light's generals are, this war is ultimately impossible for them to win through force of arms - necessitating the existence of the Dragon. There's more to it than that, but I'd like to hear some thoughts from others or possibly be corrected before I blather on like an idiot and have to get the entire thread deleted by the mods out of shame.
  19. My guess would be that the Patern was made weakest there as the Collum Daan was the place where the most magical research had been done, the more deliberate and calculated stretching, straining, warping and unraveling of the pattern had been done for a very long time.
  20. I guess my point was that the apple-miracle doesn't really fit the mode of ta'veren. The ta'veren effect doesn't cause things to happen that NEVER happen, it just causes extremely unlikely (but still possible) things to happen. An apple tree blossoming twice in the same year simply does not happen (except with some rare breeds, which is why I brought up the Carolina Red Junes, but these trees are clearly not that species). Almen Bunt thought to himself, "Apple trees didn’t blossom twice," not "Apple trees almost never blossom twice." So if this is ta'veren, its a form we've not seen before, and it would need a new type of explanation. Jordan did explicitly say that ta'veren is not Old Tongue for Deus Ex Machina ... and its use has been sort of creeping in that direction, which I don't like. Assigning this miracle to ta'veren influence would step right over that line, in my opinion. I'm sure you're right, though, that some form of clarification will be forthcoming. I just hope its a good one. It will probably be in relation to the "light-warping" around Rand, as opposed to the "dark-warping" we saw in TGS, rather than ta'veren though, in my opinion. And something in relation to time-space ... thats got to be coming, too much of what is happening seems to be related to the flow of time. (As a side note ... Rand seems totally in-sync with the Pattern now, but, given the comments in the reviews I've read, that doesn't seem likely to last, at least, not without getting really complicated. Which is good ... as cruel as it is to Rand, its too early for him to be settled ... there is at least a book and a half's worth of conflict left. What we may see ... and what would be really, really dangerous, is a Rand that swings back and forth from Dark Rand of the Shadowtwists to Saint Rand of the Glowylight, sort an ultra manic depressive ... now THAT could be bad.) Thats a valid point. A ta'veren shouldn't be able to do something that could never happen. Well, yes and no. Think about it this way - things that are utterly unnatural are already happening as a result of the DO's touch, whether its apples all shriveling up, rotting and falling at once, worms in the potatoes despite green growth above or thousands of insects suddenly pouring out of a man's body. Rand's purpose is to serve as a counter to the Dark One, so within that scope I would think he was capable of pretty much anything so long as it was a 'return to form' after the DO's touch had unnaturally corrupted it, even if that return to form is a rather extreme pendulum swing the other way to serve as a counter-balance (hundreds of apples instead of dozens). However, this theory (and rand's own words in chapter 1) does seem to contradict the idea that the world (and specifically the food grown) was rotting as a result of some sickness within Rand's (The Dragon's) body or soul rather than as the direct result of a deliberate machination by the DO. Rand's comment that his presence should be able to hold off the effects of DO's touch certainly makes it appear as if the problem has been the DO all along rather than the Dragon's 'sickness'.
  21. Just something i wanted to point out about the apple tree's and Rand's effects on them. This wasn't merely a case of lifting the blight and allowing the trees to bloom as they normally do... the trees bloomed far faster than they would have been able to do naturally and rather than produce dozens of apples as they might normally, each tree produced hundreds. You know all of those 'impossible' things that have been happening everywhere that Rand has been since TGH, both good and bad, always in extremes but ultimately equal on the balance? I think now that he has come into his own, he is actually able to bend the pattern consciously rather than subconsciously and control the nature of reality in his immediate area and time. This is exactly the kind of protective 'bubble' if you will that would be necessary for a mortal to face an entity like the DO, particularly once all of the seals have been broken.
  22. Fits with Rand knowing the Amyrlin's anger. How do you know it's in chapter 2? There could be a 200 page gap before we see Rand again. Brandon stated, when explaining why he chose chapter 8 for the wotgh, that chapter two builds upon chapter one. I suppose its possible that Rand doesn't make it to the Tower to meet Egwene--because, say, he runs into Gawyn. But I don't think its likely. This is how I read it: 1.“I totally cannot decide whether to be pleased about this, or kind of freaked out.” Chapter 1 that we all read, referencing Rand's new Zen-like state. 2.“Okay, that may or may not have been quite a Crowning Moment of Awesome for _____, exactly, but that is unquestionably one of the coolest things that has ever happened in this series. All is forgiven, man.” All if forgiven 'man'? If this is building on chapter 1 and Rand is definitely headed towards Tar Valon to speak with Egwene, then this has to be Rand's meeting with Gawyn on the way, or possibly Gawyn's complete capitulation to Egwene though I'm strongly leaning towards the former. What other man would need to have everything be forgiven by the reader and would be in that situation? 12.“Well. I was kind of thinking that was going to be a bit more… dramatic. Or at least have a lot more yelling. But, you know. Okay then.” Typical cut away after Chapter 2 finally brings us back to the actual Rand-Egwene meeting.
  23. I wouldn't say that he doesn't have a worthy foe - the Dark One is still pretty formidible and its against him that he was (re)born to defeat. I liken him right now to Maud'dib post Dune or Luke post Return of the Jedi. Probably more the former. ridiculously powerful compared to any other mortal they might meet, but still mortal and still very much with a job to do. Not that it will happen, but I still hope that Rand dies at the end of ToM and the opening line of AMoL is 'There was no wind'. I actually wrote that enitre opening out dreaming it might actually occur, but I sincerely doubt it will.
  24. ...how many people does it take to feed a trolloc? - ;) Well, let's keep in mind that they are fine feeding on one another - and a hell of a lot more logistically efficient than caring for the wounded.
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