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  1. Almost no mention of the Horn of Valere whatsoever... it has got to have a role still to play. I thought one interesting possibility might be the death of a major player (like Lan) and then to have his return when the Horn is blown, a new Hero added to their ranks...
  2. The Trolloc CITY!!! Rand finding out he's a Daddy and how that will impact him. Reunions all around, where deaths do not prevent them. Rand/Moirane, Lan/Nynaeve, Mat/Tuon, Rand/Aviendha, Moirane/Lan, etc. Also, more pillowfriends.
  3. I'm getting a little nervous - I've gotten about half-way through the book now and they haven't even left for the Tower of Ghenji yet, there's barely been a hint of anything having to do with the Black Tower, nothing on Aviendha yet... please tell me they get to at least some of this stuff before I run out of pages!
  4. Isn't that like 6 months to a year? Poor thing - I'm tempted to buy a copy and have it mailed to you, but anywhere I could mail it I'm sure Amazon could too...
  5. I concur whole-heartedly with this thread. No midnight release in Baton Rouge and work comes early in the morning... which means not only do I have to go get it at lunch, but I get to look at it on my desk for 4-5 hours afterwards before taking it home. And then there's the all-important voting. Argh!!! Its everything I can do - literally - not to go to the spoiler board.
  6. It also may be that you and Mat Cauthon and another, a man I do not know, will try to rescue me. May, I say because it may be that you will not or cannot, or because Mat may refuse. He does not hold me in the affection you seem to. and he has his reasons which he no doubt thinks are good. If you try, it must be only you and Mat and one other. More will mean death for all. Fewer will mean death for all. Even if you come only with Mat and one other, death also may come. I have seen you try and die, one or two or all three. I have seen myself die in the attempt. I have seen all of us live and die
  7. After all this time, this being the final book - possibly ever - I have absolutely zero problem with Brandon taking all the time off he needs to to get it right AND maintain his sanity. Last thing we need is author burn-out while he's penning the penultimate novel.
  8. I'd love to know the reasoning behind that theory - was it just the timing, or was it other clues. Regretably, I never got to know RJ, certainly not well enough to know if this was akin to his sense of humor or not.
  9. I've actually been wondering for a long time if he would be some sort of betrayer, mainly because of his all-consuming obesession with Faile. If something were to (finally) happen to her, he might go all Annikin Skywalker - would certainly make for an interesting twist.
  10. But this really is the best bit IMO: Lord of Chaos Dark Lord: DEMANDRED. HOW FARES THIS WORLD, DEMANDRED. Demandred: Rahvin is dead, Great Lord. Dark Lord: DONE BY MY ANCIENT ENEMY. THE ONE CALLED DRAGON. Demandred: Great Lord, do you mean one currently called Dragon, or another in a previous Age, who might be a female Dragon, or barring that, a female substitute Dragon? I refuse to believe that a female Dragon couldn’t exist… Dark Lord: DEMANDRED, I’VE TOLD YOU TO STOP PERPETUATING THAT STUPID THEORY. Demandred: Sorry, Great Lord. I don’t know what I was think
  11. A few favorites: The Great Hunt Rand: I really should be going. Lan: Yes, you should. Another lesson? Rand: Sure. Lan: This move is called "Ending the Book." Use it in a climactic battle at the end of the book against a bad guy. The Dragon Reborn Verin: I don't want to hear another word from any of you. Nynaeve: But I'm tired of yanking my braid. Verin: Try punching yourself in the stomach. Nynaeve: Ahhh. Thanks. ------------------- Moiraine: You must tell me things. Perhaps I can help. Perrin: I talk to wolves. Moiraine:
  12. Stumbled across this link and promptly got absolutely NO work done all morning. Best 'recap' I've ever read. http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=386600 The opening of the LoC in particular had me crying.
  13. I pretty much agree with all that. BTW i just wanted to say, "Impressive Bosom", that screen name makes me chuckle. That's kind of ironic because me 'chuckling' makes the screen name. ;) Seriously, after reading the words from RJ for the 1,000th time I glanced down and thought 'hey - that could be me!' and a screen name was born.
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