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Asmodean's Teachings, I wonder...


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I'm re-reding the books and yesterday I found, what may be a tiny flaw, I could be mistaken though.



How come Asmodean can't teach Rand to Travel? He claims that shielded as he is, he's simply to weak to show him.


Later in the books though, we see a *very* weak Sorilea [at least power-wise] teach Cadsuane how to travel [producing flow's that are too weak to form a gateway, but showing her how-to]


AND Egwene smugly showing, how she can weave seven [at least i think it was seven] balls of light all diffrent colors and sizes, making them swirl around, shoking even her Aes Sedai guards [Egwene doubts that even they could divide their flow's that much].


I could see how my second point could be argued against, but i certainly don't understand, why Asmodean can't teach Rand how-to, but Sorilea can..



I'd also like to point out the possibility, that Asmodean could just plainly be lying [but I doupt it very much, seeing how Aemodean dreams of Rand winning ect.ect.]


Soo.. what do you think?

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There has been some discussion about this, and the answers are...


1) Men cannot form a weave they don't have the strength to make/men's weaves will not be complete if they don't have the strength to make them.


2) Asmodean was lying in order to keep Rand needing him.


I think the later is more likely, but there is no evidence to contradict the former.

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i always thought since it was right after he was captured that he was lying. he has seen Rand Skim and tells Rand that the doorway was called a Gateway. i'm guessing that he felt he was still a chosen and didn't want to give Rand too much knowledge. (as seen further on when he was balefire resurrected he still thought of the DO as the great lord, whatever Rand told him)




maybe since he wasn't weak but semi-shielded might be the problem. Lanfear says that the knot would hold and Asmo wouldn't break it because he could never deal with pain. maybe if he tried to form the weave it would try to work and pull too much power and cause him some real pain and being a wimp he said the lie to Rand. ???

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i'm sad that asy died  :'( He had such great potential as Rands teacher, "The dragon reborn and his sworn enemy, working together because they have to". But Asy dies a book after he becomes rands teacher.  :'( I wonder if the DO resurected him, it seems likely.... poor asmo.... i wonder what the DO does to traitors?)

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