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  1. You're right, it's not earlier, it comes way later. Sorry to dissapoint, It's a prophecy! Actually, this is Ishamael bringing the boys into Tel'aran'rohid (however it's called..) against their will / without their knowledge [the wise ones later said, that this was evil and a thing of the shadow]. However, we've seen Rand enter Tel' without a Gateway and apparently without someone pulling him in (Rand-Perrin, Rand-Egwene meetings). And now the prophecy! Fro 'A Crown of Swords' from the Intro (before the prologue) Not only a prime forshadowing of 'the land is one with the dragon' but also TGS - VoG!
  2. Also, is there a reason why the shadow side would not expect exactly that? The Lightforces jumping to the bore trying to seal it / attacking there? I don't know, the longer I think about it, the more I'm sure somethings going to go terribly wrong at the beginning / attack on the bore. (Though ultimatly the light side will win.)
  3. Yeah, me too. More Wheel of Time = awesome. But I don't think this will happen. Then I guess you're in luck. Because a LOT will remain unconcluded. RJ said so himself. He stated, that he didnt like stories where everything was neatly wrapped up and believed them to be unrealistic. Think of everthing you'd like to see resolved. I bet 1/2 of all of that, while being mentioned and maybe proded along somewhat, won't get resolved AT ALL. Maybe 1/3. Don't know how much, but it will be alot. Be prepared for that. I know I am.^^
  4. Here's what I think. A Memory of Light A Memory of Light I think a certain Prophecy hasn't been forfilled. Yet. TEotW,Ch40 (emphasis mine) A Memory of Light will start with a heavy Darkfriend / Dark Side focused prologue. Then well see the F.o.M. and the Dragons Peace. They will charge in and confront the Dark One, where Rand will break the seals. He will loose and die (but somehow still live). Everthing will spiral downward. The Dark One will be free, and be gaining more power the longer he is free (as he was before the bore was sealed). Randland will be overrun on a huge scale. Almost overun. Brealy surviving. Resistance will be fickle as a flame in the wind. All will seem lost. Light itself will become but a Memory. Enter he who is dead yet lives. Somehow he saves the day. This I fortell!
  5. Later, when Egwene was rooted out all the Darkfriends of the Rebels and the Darkfriend-AS fled, she thinks to herself [don't have the actual quote right now] something along the lines of : "Verin hat only missed 3 Aes Sedai who were Black" - so she was quite good at finding those it seems. Wether or not it can be said that Sheriam was caught in a lie, it's faily reasonably to assume Verin had this 'trick' figured out, used it to find most the of Darkfriend-AS and written it down in her book for Egwene to find and use. At least that's what I think^^
  6. Hi there! I'm not much of a poster, but since no one even mentioned the prophecy I'd like to see discussed, I guess I'll be the first one to mention it. (My very own first Theory^^) ToM Chapter 32 - A Storm of Light "Light is held before the maw of the infinite void, and all that he is can be seized." I have a feeling, that Callandor is not only a Sa'angreal for the One-Power but also for the True-Power. Callandor ist often called "a blade of light", so that *could* be it, "the blade of light is held [...]" would be to easily understood for a prophecy, if phrased in this way. At least thats my opinion and a reason why I feel this is a valid interpretation. The "maw of the infinite void" is the Great Lord Dark One. Now, that next phrase could be interpreted in two diffrent ways I think. Either I'm right, and all that HE is, can be seized (note the similar wording, 'to seize saidin/saidar'). What's done with HIM after that, I have no idea. Sealed / Cast Away (somehow) / Slain / Eaten (probably not eaten though). Note that Rand seems to think, he still has access to the True Power (Boderland Meeting [Or it could be seen, that he know's that in the senario they're discussing, Dark-Rand would have had access. I'd like to think he still has access to it, thinking it is his link to Moradin that enables him. Would fit with my theory. But yeah, I'm on shaky ground]). The other option I see, is that Min is right. That *Rand* is he, and can be seized, while trying to do with Callandor whatever he has planed to do to the Dark One. Min states her belive, that Rand can be attacked somehow while using Callandor. Also, this option could be part of a diffrent theroy, one I don't know on which side I'm on. While "seized" Rand could be seen as somehow linked to the Dark One (he'll be trying to do something, so in my head, that do be counting, yes?). And as we know, all Darkfriends are linked to the Dark One + Moradin will probably be there, and they have a connection no one understands so far. Insert Body Sawp Theory here. Rand - Moradin Soo, my first theory. I hope I made myself clear, and that my spelling and use of the english language was comprehendible. What do you think?
  7. The wind died. The screams died. The earth was still. Dust and smoke swirled back down the pass to surround him. "The Light blind you, Ba'alzamon! This has to end!" IT IS NOT HERE. It was not Rand's thought, making his skull vibrate. I WILL TAKE NO PART. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE CAN DO WHAT MUST BE DONE, IF HE WILL. "Where?" He did not want to say it, but he could not stop himself. "Where?" The haze surrounding him parted, leaving a dome of clear, clean air ten spans high, walled by billowing smoke and dust. Steps rose before him, each tanding alone and unsupported, stretching up into the murk that obscured the sun. NOT HERE. Through the mist, as from the far end of the earth, came a cry. "The Light wills it!" The ground rumbled with the thunder of hooves as the forces of humankind launched their last charge. ------------------------------------------------------------- Whose Voice is that? Shaitain? The Creator? And why the heck, have we seen it only once [if it isnt shaitain] and what could the voice mean?
  8. Wait a second.. Really? So if a AS swore something right out, with the right wording, something that would leave no wriggel room to do mental gymnastics in, she could just change her mind and not do as she by the first oath swore? Thats not how I understood oaths and pladges from AS. Thinking of Moiranie swearing to obey Rand, could she just decide not to do as he told him? Like not standing for hours in the sun till her temper cooled of and only then talk to him? I know that if she would be able to, she still wouldnt have. It would have compromised his new found trust in her; but thats simply not how I understood oaths. Non-OR Oaths from OR bound AS,[even if worded perfectly] arent binding? Really? Seems so strange to me.. Beonin's oath was void because of her mental gymnastics, but do we have one instance where there was a bound AS non-OR oath which she avoided simply by deciding not to do as sworn [no mental gymnastics needed]? This seems to be the general consensus, but if someone could offer absolute prove, I could just say I missed something, instead of feeling like an idiot.
  9. Wait right there. I don't think there is a difference between an oath on the OR and an oath sworn after you've sworn "To speak no word that is not true" [exept the aging thing] If you have the first oath in takt and then without the oath rod swear something it is just as binding. If you swore absolute obedience, there's no way around absolute obedience. It doenst matter if you swore on the OR or not [exept when the oaths are removed or you are stilled ect] Lets look at somethings. Siuan Sanche; stilled - looks like a pretty young girl, presumably like she would have anyway if she'd never sworn on the OR. Seems likely, that she'll now have a longer life and that swearing on the OR again [which she did] will just restart the whole bound ageing process. Setalle Anan; bruned out - looked a good deal younger when she was freshly burned out, went to Ebou Dar, married had kids aged. This pretty old novice [who arranged the novice system in the rebel camp, forgot her name]; interestingly enough, in tGS it is hinted that she looks lees old and has less wrinkles, don't know the exact page now. But! All AS who quickly forswear and then reswear, show none of the stilled or burned out singes [younger face, no longer ageless face ect] So it seems, your aging process and looks are only changed, when something permanently effects your ability to channel. [Getting stilled or burned out will make you younger, but just removing the oaths won't - but we haven't seen a permanent removal of the oaths, maybe then it would just take longer to take effect, since it is not as 'drastic' a change like beeing stilled. I know of her planes, I just think that she won't implement them. I'm thinking of the shock she was met with and someone saying "I will die as AS". I think she'll find this the common opinion. And I think since that, she has changed her mind aswell. But we'll see...
  10. That I could unterstand. I rather like the idea of unbound AS who live for almost 1000 years. But keep in mind that Egwene was convinced by her predecessor on the importance of the oaths. Don't think she'll ever impelemt retirement into the Kin with forswearing the oaths. Cant know for sure though ;D
  11. Can't find the RJ quote on that right now, but it said someting similar to this: Omens are the mundane way of reading of the pattern. Min's viewings are the actual reading of the pattern.
  12. Mh, if oaths really aren't all that binding and there's no possible way to ever have an oath which is unbreakable, why then didnt Galina Caspan simply employ whatever logic you're applying? I rather think that she, beeing As since 915 NE and a Black Sister on top of that since 920 NE, would be able to if there was a way.
  13. Again, I have to disagree. There is no way around an oath ob absulute obedience. AS are just very careful with their wording, and we've seen many times that they can get around them. But there are wordings that would make it impossible to get around someting specific. See my examples above. Some oaths would be just as effective as the dominion band. If you swear for incstance, that "Under no circumstances will I ever utter the words that would unbind me from any of the three oaths I took on this oarthrod 20 seconds ago" If you said "Under no circumstances will I ever say the words [...]" you could simply scream them out loud, or whisper. Clearly not the same. Wiggle room. But with some oaths there is just no wiggle room; no mental gymnastics or applied force from someone else will or can make you forswear the oaths if worded correctly.
  14. How then would you evade an oath of absolute obedience?
  15. Well - no. With the first Oath that's all taken care of, if you would say "under no circumstances will I ever say the word 'firefighter'" With the first oath intact, you will never be able to say 'firefighter'. You can say fire, you can say fighter, you can say guy who fights the fire, but never firefighter. Also mental gymnastics work for both ways. With the first oath intact, it doesnt matter if you swear to absolutly obbey the Amyrlin with or without the OR. But in both cases if you somehow think that the Amyrlin isnt Amyrlin anymore, no method would hold you. I agree, you can't write a book with everyone always doing the most logical thing. But in some instances, like this cleansing, you could at least rid the white Tower of Darkfriends for good. I think you didn't quite get my point. I agree, with a fully DF-free Tower and no AS as a DF, the story would be kind of lame. But thats not the case here, we have AS DF's. And some will live after the LB. Egwene will never announce to the world that some AS are DF, and here are some discriptions. Thats not the AS way. But why not now that she has a chance to rid the Tower of Black's for the future take it? We still would have Black's in our World and poeple still will be killed / manipulated / ect by Blacks. But at least at some point they would die out, no new Black's could be made. [Train DF channeler's elsewhere, yes; but no Black Sisters] Thats my point. Why not think of the future and really cleanse the WT? No Way. Egwene did not think along those lines. 'Now betrayal from within is unlikely, will probably happen at some crucial point [where else would a Black Sister use the oppertunity] but thats good enough for me' Again, I agree, with everyone doing the right thing everytime you can't have a good story. But every once in a while somebody doing something right would be appropriate. But alas, it would be too cool. Think about it. Reading how Egwene deafeats all future hope for the Black Ajah. Epic
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