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Top 10 list of 2009 (so far)


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Half the year is over... and this is where I place my movies.  I expect the list to be radically different over the next few months and will be updating it frequently.


1. District 9

2. Star Trek

3. Taken

4. Watchmen

5. The Hangover

6. I Love You, Man

7 - 10 - N/A


Still to see on Netflix: Up, Away We Go, Monsters vs. Aliens, State of Play, Sunshine Cleaning, Knowing, Adventureland, In the Loop, The Hurt Locker




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1. Watchmen, I loved this hard


The rest, in somewhat random order, as I don't have the willpower to rate them properly


2. Star Trek

3. Brüno

4. Coraline

5. In the Loop

6. Public Enemies

7. The Hangover

8. Observe and Report

9. I love you man

10. None, yet


I am immensely looking forward to finally seein Up and Moon


Also, Inglorious Basterds will probably find a spot, as I love anything even vaguely Tarantino related

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Agree with Empy - I tried to like Push, but it just didn't pull me in.  Hehe...get it?  See what I did there?  Gawd...I'm so witty.


But seriously, I still haven't seen Star Trek yet, and I feel like I've violated some rule there....

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