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Happy 12:34:56 7/8/9 day


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I'm a bit late on posting this.  But I sure did get a screen shot.  Today being the seventh day of the eighth month of the (two thousand) ninth year at twelve thirty four and fifty six seconds, my clock lines up to look like this:




Yes, I am in fact, very bored at work.

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lol, I thought about doing this earlier today, when it was that time here, but forgot before I got near the time, lol.


No El, here is Britain it works as we write the day/month/year Americans write month/day/year so they would write today as 8/7/9...so we have it right...hehe

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I don't know about the Americans either, but up here in Canada.... well we do it both ways...


Actually I hate the slash system, because it's too easy to get the day/month or month/day thing wrong.  So I always use the month name. 


But you do bring up an interesting point.  there will be another 123456789 day next month... if you switch the formatting around. This is excellent!

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It would have been last month...


1234:56 7 (july) 8 (th) 9


We only write it dd/mm/yy


but I'm like you Cor, I like tha actual month Aug etc..


I didn't realise you wrote it both ways Dsage, I've only seen you guys write it the one way

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I've seen Americans do it both ways, but usually it would be 8/7/09.  I know lots of people who prefer dashes to slashes, though. ::) 8-7-09



And sometimes it's nice to write out the date:


Today is Saturday, August 8th, 2009.  The time is 2:50 PM and that's as far as I can go.



Pallet, Pallet, he's our man

If he can't do it nobody can!



(not very original at the moment. :P)

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