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  1. I finished. And I was pretty happy, but not wholy satisfied. I felt so much more could have been written about the days after the last battle. There is so much detail and lead to up things, that when it just stops I felt incredibly let down. I was so very dissapointed that Egwayne died. I feel that was a big mistake. She was going to be the pillar of the Tower that tied everything together. Her work prior to the last battle was great, but never seeing the fruits of her labour is a loss. Out of everything that happened, this is my greatest bone of contention. How will Matt influence the Seanchan? He's clearly against the grain with them, but knowing he knocked up Tuon isn't really enough. Perrin is now essentially the ruler of what, a quarter of the RandLand area now? All we get from him in the ending is his mastery of the dream, and finding his wife under some trollocs. I'm happy with the book. But I needed more to be fully satisfied.
  2. In the first book, there's a description of the main room and kitchen. When Perrin returns to the Two Rivers with Faile, it mentions the stair case and 3 bedrooms. I assume the 3 bedrooms are guest rooms. Which means there would be more rooms for the mayor and his wife and Egwayne when she was there. Do you want a square footage count? :)
  3. I also wish I had the book in front of me to get the quote right. It's something along the lines of the fox that chases or catches the ravens, then let's her fly after. It's the fact that he was willing to let her go on the terms of her guaranteed safety that fulfilled the Omen. Once the final Omen was fulfilled, Tuon realized that this was, in fact, the man the damane fortune telling was referring too. EDIT: beaten by seconds.
  4. Meh. Moiraine is just nitpicking on him 'cause she didn't get her way :)
  5. I usually see the audio book released along side the paper version at my bookstore. Though it's something like 80 bucks to buy I believe. I love the audio books. I have them going at work all the time. I probably listen to it, and Harry Potter about 3 times a year...
  6. Congrats! I love the M&M expression. someone needs to make a picture for them out of the M&M commercials.
  7. So true! We got ONE GLIMPSE of him in what the first movie? Second? A he comes through the dining hall. Weak sauce. He's such a smarmy character, and needs to be in more of the scenes. If only passing... Jim Dale creates such an awesome character out of him in the audio books. If you've never listened to them, do it now!!!!! It is such a rewarding experience of the books.
  8. I debated adding in Hermione, or both. But I was trying to be relatively clean here... ;) Hermione is over-rated. Ginny has the sassy redhed thing with the confidence and humour, and no bossy-ness.
  9. I thought the movie was quite good. Certainly could have been better, but that's the price you pay with hollywood. Ah well. I find it interesting what he will do as an auror, and as the head of the auror department. I wondered if he would create some horcrux sensing device, as that is the most dangerous part of any dark wizard. I'm sure there will be some rounding up of Death Eaters that fled after the Battle of Hogwarts, but as it's been said, there's not much left to do. Also, Cormac McClaggen (sp?) was far better in the movie than he ever was in the books. Also, what I wouldn't give for five minutes in the Room of Requirements with Ginny..
  10. Really? I can't remember anything about Shadowspawn being unable to travel through gateways. Do you happen to have a quote?
  11. After reading some posts about the collection of armies/countries, I think we need to talk about where the last battle will be fought. Is it going to be in the borderlands and then push onto SG? Or will it be fought in different locations? I know the prophecies state the Dark One will be defeated in Shayol Ghul, but does anybody remember anything about other locations being hinted at?
  12. What was Lan's promise to Nyneave? To accept any that would ride with him? Does she say he must stop at every village? I get the feeling that Lan's impatience to reach his old home will cause him to ride fast. Sure he will pick up some, but he won't waste time searching followers out. It's also not like him to go riding and asking for help. I do think, however, that word will reach the outlying areas of his march and the Golden Crane, and the majority of the borderland armies will follow in his wake.
  13. Hello all. I've been lurking in the Black Tower org since Feb I believe. I'm slowly migrating out through the orgs, and so i now find myself here. I look forward to meeting all'y'all in due time.
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