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Fresh meat!


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Ha! If you had bothered to read the drowning vs burning debate you would know that I would acually prefer to be burned. Double ha! You are gonna have to do better than that sonny jim! *sniff* by the way I'm gonna need more seasoning.

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Guest TheDemigod

Hey and welcome to dragonmount!


*splashes BBQ sauce on person*


anyhoo, i hope you'll enjoy your time here, an dplease do come by the yellow ajah for a vist *nodses

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Guest Egwene

*does some quick thinking*


...you are obviously not a barbarian, Covenant... as you say, they wouldn't bother with marinade. There used to be a thread on Fiddlesticks some while ago.... Barbarians versus Musketeers... You could always vent your anti-barbarian feelings on there :wink:


Oh, I made some perfect roast potatoes to go with the meat *puts bowl on table*

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Well then we need somthing to drink with it too huh


*brings out some good aged brandy*

Now this is a true feast


*Pokes newbie*

I think hes done, dont want to over cook him, i dont like burnt meat.


*Starts serving newbie with a side of bartr*

Were roasting him alive to in the BT, lots of BBQ around DM.


Well youll deffinetly be welcomed here.

*pulls out a little bit of blueberry tea to eat with meat*

prefer it to brandy now, will get drunk after i eat.

Stopp by the blue ajah, after you of course sign up for the white tower.

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I've been invited now to the yellow and blue ajah. Is this something I should be made aware of?


*sniffs again* Hmm...I think I'm more or less ready. Did anyone think to bring bread? I'm still claiming a thigh slice...hmm...some of that ale might be nice too if you brought enough to share. :)

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*hands him a bottle of lemon pepper marinade*

I am female :P I need to put that in my signature, it seems.


But wow, you're all nice and golden and crispy now. *moves to a serving plate and sets aside a piece of thigh*


There is plenty of bread and ale. *nods*

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Guest Egwene

lol... I think there should be a little symbol by peoples names... there are dozens where I don't know if they are male or female.. *g*

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