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Just saying hello...

Naedys Channirra

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*bounces and snugglebites the Nae* Hey lovely one!! Welcome to DM. I won't intro myself, as that would be like weird LOL. Not gonna start explaining the system again either, as that would be repetitive. So instead I'll just hope you feel good around these parts, feel free to hop in on any of the public boards (which means: any board you can see) and start poking about.


Don't worry about titles and whatnots, we're not that formal around here. Well except for the RP side, but that's kind of logical. If you venture out there, watch out for the MoN. She's a pain in the rear end, that one. One of them hatefull, phooyeh phooyeh Reds! *shock horror*


*notices own shawl color* Um, that's beside the point though.


But do check out the different orgs and divs (if you are in to writing, it's really fun!). Each one (except for the WT, as they like being special and all that) has one or two special themes around which the OL (org leader) has set up their Org.


The Band of the Red Hand, for instance, is centered around travelling and music. However, there is much much more going on in there and, obviously, the Org is setup a bit as the Band's military. With regiments and brawls and jousts and gambling games and a whole truck of stuff. I'm an Infantry Blademaster there and the Editor in Chief of the Hornsounder. The most fabulous newspaper of all of DM ;)


The Wolfkin is all about Nature in all it's forms. This is a bunch of really nice and relaxed people that go about their business and try to avoid getting some wolfpup to bite their tails. *points to siggy, fun trying to grab one of the old wolfie's paws *G*


The Kin, this one has friendship written all over it. Fun, dramafree, casual, get togethering and lots of poking with knitting needles. Lor (who's also MoN on the WT Org) only 'seems' scary, she's not though. Trust me. Well, not all that much anyway..... Well, maybe just stay with me for a while. *puts Nae in her bodice*


Sanchean is all about movies and film, BT is a spamming bunch of raskals, great fun and great bunch, but oh so tricksy! Anyway, I'll let them explain it themselves ;)


WT is just that..... White Tower. No theme going on there, just a lot of AS&Wardering. Ya' know, them Sisters, always tangled up in some kind of mysterious whattamathingy. So who knows what they're up to.



Welcome hon. One thing they lack around here are decent ass smilies. Those on top don't nearly cover the range of expressions we can have. *huggersnuggles the Nae* :D

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Welcome to DM!


I see Myst has already mentioned the Band of the Red Hand...so it looks like I don't need to sell my ORG! lol! So it looks like I can put my feet up and enjoy a refreshing Brew!


Hope you have a good nose around the boards and find a few places to call home. ;)

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<Gets pushed into the thread by his feeling of self duty to welcome newcomers, though perhaps it is the wolf behind him that is growling and threatening to not go hunting with him anymore>





Anyway, my crazy Rp side...well aside, welcome to DM  ;D Perhaps we shall see you around the DRPSW? Perhaps the Wolfkin?


Anyway, as they have all said, take a good look around, for you shall spend alot of time here...NO ONE EVER LEAVES!! NO ONE YOU HEA....<Is dragged out of the thread by the wolf>


<Ignore the above, I am perhaps a little crazy  :P>

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