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Friendly Reminder (attn ALL)


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Just a few things to remember…


An Aes Sedai may train up to a Weapons Score of 5.

Before you begin training, you must follow these steps in order.

  1. Permission from your Division Leader.

  2. Email the Warder's Division Leader at warders.staff@gmail.com with your information (bio, ws, div)

NOTE: If you are an Aes Sedai and have a Warder you must tell the Mistress of Trainees (warders.mot@gmail.com) who your Warder is when they are training you so that it can be recorded.

If these steps are not followed, your training will not be recognized at all and you will have to begin all over.


Also as far as getting things that are…out of the ordinary approved, I need them in writing please. I can tend to forget if I do not have notes.


Thanks you all!!

Crystal/Eqwina/Thera/Kabria/Covina (too many voices!!!)

Warder DL


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Little note from my end of the Tower, if your Aes Sedai (character or RP partner...) wants a higher WS Score, there's a procedure you need to follow and the thread is listed in the WT Div forums. It REQUIRES getting permission from the DL and the records are kept separate from everyone else's. :)



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lol a third note... because the WT can train to 10 (just not from the warders) an AS may not under any circumstances have a higher WS than their warder (or warders).  If you AS wants a 10 and you are a 10 they have to wait until you are an 11 before they can get their 10.


A Warders WS must always be at least 1 WS higher than their Aes Sedais.  This is only an issue when the Aes in question trains higher than a 5.



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