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  1. Maybe look up some prompts? We have our group November prompts.
  2. I have been in last minute Nano prep mode. Finishing up a few character outlines, and working on a VERY rough outline.
  3. Welcome Again Juan. I LOVE comedy. In high school I was in drama and advanced repertory theatre. I was a huge into improv. My artistic endeavors took me away from the stage, but I still love comedy, improv, and of course the theatre. So what do you mean about using improv for writing??
  4. Thanks Juan! And welcome. That’s all great advice... I have come to learn that I just have to sit down and make myself write without judgement, and it eventually leads me somewhere. Good, bad and ugly I just get the words down. I’ve taken to writing late at night, when I am too tired to be self critical. Then I pick it back up to edit during the day.
  5. A cool breeze tussled her curls as she doubled over with laughter trying to catch her breath. Mathis had just fallen posterior first into a bramble bush and was running around the green, his hands grabbing at his bloodied bum. “Come here you f-f-foool” Thera called out to him, not bothering to disguise her mirth. Her brother had always leapt before he looked and today it came back to bite him. Grinning even harder when she saw her brothers sheepish, and slightly pained smile she lovinginly wiped the sweat from his brow. “Come along kid, Mistress Alla’ne will get you fixed up”. Putting an arm around his waist she started guiding him back towards the house. “You know Thera I.......Thera...........Thera....... Slowly the world faded away, the last thing Thera saw were her brothers bright green eyes staring back into her own. Reality slowly began to sink in, and Thera slowly pushed herself into a sitting position. “I am sorry Liitha...I....I’ She did not even know how to begin to explain what was happening in her mind. For months she had existed as a broken shell of herself, but the triad of ties to her daughter, her family, and her commitment to the job had been keeping her going. Suddenly her tripod had lost a leg and she felt herself teetering on the edge. Mathis had been her best friend growing up; and when he decided to follow her to the Tower should could not have been happier. Looking around the room, the concerned faces finally registered. “I am alright, do you mind helping me up?” Using Liitha to help her regain her feet Thera brushed off her clothes and ran her hand through her curls trying to tame it as best she could. “Do you mind if we go somewhere else? I need some time to process and there are far too many prying eyes here.” Straightening her jacket Thera motioned to the door, but she quickly pulled her arm back to her side when she saw her hands shaking. “I never wander anyplace new anymore, do you know a place where we could talk and perhaps have a drink? You brought me this news, the least I can do is buy you a beverage and give you an explanation”
  6. While the premise has some similarities the books are VERY different. I want to tread carefully so I do not spoil anything. In Sanderson's novel the "good guy" lost a long time ago, In Kade's it feels a little more recent. Kade takes us on the journey toward the loss. Kade's novel is also much shorter, by around 200 pages I believe (its hard to tell since I read Kade's book on my computer). It makes it a quicker read than some fantasy novels, and that was also appealing to me. I have not read anything else by Kel Kade, but I am interested in adding another of her books Free the Darkness to my reading list. It is a four part series. If you do read the novel I would love to hear your thoughts. One of my favorite things about reading fantasy novels is discussing them with other people. I think it is the nature of the genre that everyone interprets them slightly differently. It makes for great conversations.
  7. A good fantasy novel will have some familiar archetypes that avid readers of the genre know well. There are the endless battles between Good and Evil, Lightness and Dark, a Dark Lord and a scrappy Hero. Mix in a harrowing quest, a magical system, and a cast of mythical creatures, and you can create an epic novel that grips the reader to the very end. Good writers are able to reinvent these concepts in new ways again and again to keep fantasy readers hooked. Kel Kade presents us with a trope-subverting version of those archetypes in her new novel, Fate of the Fallen: Shroud of Prophecy (Book One). “What happens when the path of good and right, the triumph of light over darkness, the only path to salvation...fails?” This is the question Kade poses for us in the prologue of the book. I was instantly intrigued at the concept of evil winning out over good. I have come to expect heartbreak and tragedy as I travel along my fantasy journey, but however messy the journey becomes, I always expect the heroes to win the day. We are thrown immediately into a medievalesque world where a young handsome hero Mathais and his faithful friend Aaslo are bantering in the forest. We quickly learn the depth of their bond, and the book continually reinforces the lengths that “brothers in all things” will go to in order to honor that friendship. It isn’t long before our main characters have left the quaint life they once led, where their greatest worry was whom to take to the next town dance and are now venturing off into foreign lands. The duo are taking on a seemingly doomed quest to save humankind. In Kade’s world, the Greek-like gods take an active role in the manipulation of human lives. These ethereal beings exist in their own microcosms of the universe he created; and the lines between the realms seem less static than in other fantasy novels. As a reader you have to pay close attention to disentangle the many varied names and locations that are thrown your way as Kade gallops rather quickly through book one of this series. There are a few abrupt transitions that left me going back to reread the previous page, but I do not think that this was an accident. I believe Kade was intentionally trying to subvert the typical experience of the fantasy genre. She wove a tapestry of fascinating characters who were easy to love and that easily pulled me through the pages. In my opinion this book’s greatest strength is the witty banter that exists between its characters. There is a relatable and endearing comradery between Mathais and Aaslo that had me wondering if my best friend would go to such epic lengths for me? I finished the last page and was surprised to find myself so committed to seeing this journey to its end. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of book two, to hear more of Mathais and Aaslo’s banter and to see what other surprises Kade can conjure. Get a Free extended preview (ebook) on the DM ebook store Other Links KelKade.com Dragonmount eBook Store Amazon Barnes & Noble IndieBound.org / local retailers
  8. That is 100% why I am ready to be done with my day job. There are so many fun things I want to be doing and not enough hours in the day!! I often wish I could go without sleep. Lol *guzzles more coffee*
  9. I tend to get inspiration paralysis this time of year. I know it is from overthinking and not just doing.
  10. I am planning to do it. The time is now to start outlines! I just have to decide on an idea. Lol
  11. Another blast from the past!! Welcome back M'Hael, we are glad to bring you back into the fold.
  12. Welcome to DM! Never apologize for coming over from Brandon Sanderson. Please keep posting as you read the books. It is thrilling for me when new readers begin the series. I drove my family crazy wanting to talk to them as they read the series. I think that's half the reason some of them never finished..just to keep my from bugging them.
  13. Glad to have you back. I was never on those boards, but I ALL for old members finding their way back to the fray.
  14. Welcome to DM. It is always exciting to talk to someone who has newly finished the series. Let us know if you have any questions.
  15. Welcome, I am always interested to hear new theories. Let us know if you need any help getting the lay of the land.
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