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  1. Thank Tay! I am slowly returning to reality. It's been a long month adjusting to my new normal. I am happy to settle back in to DM and start writing again.
  2. Yay!!!! It is now safely saved on my computer, thanks again!
  3. Finally got back into my old account thanks to the lovely Taymist. I have searched high and low online and on my old computer and for the life of me I cannot find a bio for Covina. She was an Aiel Wise One, I found record of her having Dream Walking, and her old RP threads, but that's about it. Is there an online record of Aiel bios anywhere else that I may have missed??? If not I will just recreate her the best I can.
  4. EEEk!!! Hey you!!! I would love love love to get my old account back. I think it was attached to my former last name before my divorce. Life has been insane, but also really great. I totally would love to pop over to the social side too.
  5. I was around back in 2006, and was incredibly active for several years. I got divorced in 2010 and it threw me for a loop.... I popped up a bit after that, but there has been a long lull. I will get started on my bios later today.
  6. I have read the entire series a few times, but it has been years. I am currently re reading and am on the last few chapters of The Great Hunt.
  7. I am so excited for you! This is an amazing series. I have read it many times, but it has been years. I recently started re reading them and am on book 2. I swear I find new details each time I read them.
  8. I used to be on Dragonmount many years ago, mainly on the RP side. I could not get back into my old account, so I had to start a new one. I have missed this community and am happy to be back. The Wheel of Time series has been a part of my life since an ice storm in the the 1990's when we lost power for several days and I was given book 1. They are the only books that I have continued to read and re-read over and over again. I feel like the books are a part of me and I am happy to be back talking with people who love the books like I do. Formerly, Eqwina (now Crystal)
  9. Is it possible to revive my old characters again?
  10. I used to be an RPer around here back in the day. My screen name was Eqwina, but I had several characters. I had Eqwina a Yellow Aes Sedai, and Kabria Delondre, Thera a Warder and Covina an Aiel Wise One. I have been writing again every day and it has brought me back to wanting to RP. I no longer have access to the email account I used to use so I had to create a new account, but I would love to revive my old characters or perhaps even start a new one or two. Is anyone from back in my day still around??
  11. ooc: I had this entire post written and thought I had posted it last week. :( The bad thing is I was on my iPad and I guess I never actually hit post and so when I turned it back on today (it had died) the whole post was gone!!! :( Kabria had spent too many years feeling uncomfortable in her own skin to not recognize the signs of fear in others. She felt bad for the young woman, but if she intended to be a Warder someday or even continue as a Tower Guard she would have to learn to swallow her fear around Aes Sedai. "And do you have a name? If we are going to be traveling together I shall have to call you something. Or shall I just call you my little rabbit, or perhaps my little duckling.... or maybe just Guard?" Giving a slight smile Kabria waited to see if the young woman would respond or if she would just turn and run. Becomming an Aes Sedai had taught Kabria many things, but perhaps the most important lesson she had learned was how to love herself. She had spent too many years shut in her own world, alone with her books to be comfortable allowing another to take the same path. When she was in the Tower and not out traveling Kabria took a special interest in young women with excessive fears. She'd had some successes using a variety of methods, but she found the most effective method to be simply making them face their fear again and again and again until they no longer felt the fear. It could be a harsh method if the student was weak, but the White Tower tended to weed out those that are too weak early. Of course teaching this young guard would have to come third behind finding the woman pretending to be Aes Sedai and reuniting with Perivar, but perhaps it would provide a welcome distraction during her journey. Crossing the room with a slight smile, Kabria laid a hand on the young girls shoulder.. "So my little rabbit, what shall I call you? Kabria Delondre Having a little fun
  12. Shrugging into her coat Thera buckled on her katana. She would not spar with it of course, she would use the practice lathes; but with all the rumors circulating in the yards she felt the need to look her best. Motioning for Coramon to lead the way Thera shut her door and assumed the Void. Very unlike herself she was a bundle of nerves. Thera had no real friends in the Yards any longer and no one really knew how far she had fallen during her drinking binge. At times she still had withdrawals and even the Warder bond could not fully steady her hands.....or her heart. Feeding all of her emotions into the Void, Thera entered the practice grounds with her head held high and deadly grace. Many heads turned to stare at her, and a few of the younger students even bent their heads together to whisper, but her fellow Gaiden who were in the Yards as teachers all nodded in respect. Nodding back to each with gratitude, Thera led Cora to one of the open sparing rings. She was surprised at the feeling of being home that tried to creep in. Methodically Thera took off her jacket and laid it over the railing, unbuckled her sword and laid it on her coat. Reaching into the barrel of staves she took her time and selected one about the size and weight of her katana. Feeling more herself than she had in some time Thera stepped forward and began a short rotation of warm up exercises. She was no longer aware of the eyes watching her, she was far away from the rumors and the lies; Thera was one with the flame and the void. OOC: Thera will be rusty, it has been months since she spared. Hopefully soon though Cora will get some help in with sparing against Thera. :)
  13. The sounds of commotion grew louder the closer she came. It became clear that there was shouting, and there was the sound of weapons being beaten against shields. A large crowd had gathered, and Covina had to tap people on the shoulders before they realized who she was. Once her face had been seen the crowd parted and and Covina walked into what she could only call chaos. Several of the Aiel were veiled and had spears drawn staring down at a small group of Tree Killers who had swords drawn and were shouting obscenities at the men surrounding them. Dropping her skirts and gathering her shawl around her shoulders Covina frowned and stepped through the Aiel holding their spears. ' What under the Light is going on here!? Looking at the group of men with their swords Covina's eyes flashed. She hated the length of steel in their hands, but her time in the wetlands had taught her that the wetlanders did not understand how they offended. They were woefully ignorant and the Aiel did not have time to teach them all the ways of Ji'e'toh. " Lower your weapons Cairhienin's, you have no reason to fear a spear in your side while I am here." Turning her back on the Tree Killers and just expecting them to obey, she looked back at the gathered Aiel and followers. "You, Sovin'Nai what is your name? Do you know what happened here Covina OOC: I left this open for you to decide what is going on. Feel free to move this RP in any direction, or if you want me to help guide it just PM me or POst on the thread on the Aiel boards and we can discuss
  14. In all the stories grand adventures began with a flurry of activity, and hasty departures in the middle of the night. Most often life was entirely different; it took time to make plans and gather supplies. Every i had to be dotted and every t had to be crossed before Kabria could depart, and it was proving to take longer than she had first hoped. It had been two days since she had been assigned this task and she was itching to leave. Every hour of delay rankled, but even in her haste to be closer to Perivar she would not skirt the details. Presently she was reading over a list of supplies that had already been gathered, and she was waiting to be summoned to go and approve the pack horse she was being loaned. Having spent much of her youth on a boat it had taken Kabria many years to become comfortable on a horse, but now that she had become a skilled rider she was growing particular about her horses. She’d been forced to purchase a new horse recently, and it had taken her weeks before she had finally decided on Chalinda. Yesterday evening Kabria had sent the fastest messenger she could find North, with a letter for Perivar. She knew that he would not be happy about her traveling to the Borderlands without him, but she had assured him that she would not be alone. She'd spoken to the Master at Arms about sending her a Tower Guard, but she had yet to meet the young man who would be accompanying her. Pacing the length of her desk and back Kabria waited. She felt like a juggler with too many hoops in the air and no control over where they would fall. Her green skirts swished and rustled and she was muttering to herself when there was a timid knock at the door. " Finally! Kabria muttered and rushed across the room to open the door. What she saw was not at all what she expected. It was a young woman standing before her, and unless Kabria was wrong the young girl looked suspiciously like she was going to throw up or perhaps faint. "Good day, Guard. Enter, enter! Hustling the young woman into the room Kabria shut the door firmly behind her. "Do you have a message for me? Or were you sent by the Master at Arms?
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