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Band Idol (BotRH DM Tour) --> The Aiel ORG (7th Leg)


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Many warm greetings to our water-loving friends at the |Aiel! This is the seventh leg of the Band of the Red Hand's tour of DM - our reality show thread called Band Idol. Yes, it is based on the popular TV series that now has international fame.


Each week between the beginning of September and the end of October, the show visits each of the ORGs here at DM. The tour has been to the Wolfkin first, and the Ogier second, the White Tower third, the Black Tower fourth, the Kin fifth, and we are currently tying up all the loose ends at the Illuminators.


Throughout the week here, Banders will turn up and fun and games will hopefully spark between us and you. However, come Thursday, we get down to the nitty-gritty business part of the show. The Band's 3 Regiments (the Archers, the Cavalry and the Infantry) are fighting it out for your votes as well as those of the Band's Senior Staff, who are the judges. That is myself, BridMorgan and Direwolf Jon, who was recently added to the list of the Band's Senior Staff.


On Thursday, the three Regiments will post Jak O' the Shadow verses on a selected theme. Then, once all the verses have been posted, you, the members of the Aiel ORG, will get to have your say as you decide which is the best. The Regiment that accumulates the most votes wins the public vote, and gains 4 points; 2nd picks up 2 points, and 3rd 1 point. The points are the same for the judges. And all these points are added up over the show, and the Regiment that gains the most points wins the show as well as valuable points for our Bi-Monthly Regimental Competition, to see which Regiment is the best.

PLEASE NOTE (1): Banders - the latest you can post your verses is Friday evening (my time). If not, you get nil point (0 points).

PLEASE NOTE (2): Band Members who are also members of the Aiel cannot vote. I know who you are, so don't cheat!  :P Unless you can come up with a valid excuse why you should be excused!


The results from the trip to the Illuminators will be posted shortly by one of my fellow judges as my laptop has died, and I am posting from a computer at this place hosting this accountancy course I am doing. For a review of last week's performances from the Band's three Regiments, where the theme was fireworks, click here.


Also, during our time here, we will invite you to take part in our weekly Tune or No Tune thread. All you need to do is vote whether the chosen song is a Tune (i.e. you love it) or a No Tune (i.e. you hate it). It's very simple - feel free to comment as well. We hold this thread weekly, so feel free to come by and get involved. For an example, here is the thread from the Illuminators ORG - it was Revelations by Audioslave.


Finally, for all Banders, Band Law applies. So if you are lucky enough, you may see a public trial on the Band's boards here!  ;)


Also, you are more than welcome to visit the tour as we go around DM!


I really hope that you enjoy your visit and look forward to seeing you take part in our activities and future legs of the tour!

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Aiel, ninte calichniye no domashitsa iro d'ma Shen al'Calhar ...


Good for Ya'll 'ta be seein' us! Let's Get This Party Started...

Here's the Cavalry JotS for this here visit!


Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!!



Into The Waste



Go east across the Dragonwall

You'll find no sign of a footfall

Nor shade, nor rain, no none at all

Just a dance with Jak o'th' Shadows.


You're in the Waste, Aiel are near

With veiled faces that cause you fear

Behind each rock or bush you hear

Your dance with Jak o' th' Shadows.


You might meet Maidens of the Spear,

Or Stone Dogs, but be of good cheer

You've books to trade and silks so sheer

Not a dance with Jak' o' th' Shadows.


Though some may think this just a joke

They were not always fighting folk

The Leaf their Way 'till some they woke

To their dance with Jak o' th' Shadows.


But that was a time long time ago

The Aiel now heed Ji'e'Toh

Since then they've mastered spear and bow

And they dance with Jak o' th' Shadows.

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Some more singing for you, this from the Infantry... good foot fighting folk!


If you're in the Aiel Waste

There's one thing you just DO NOT waste

For bathing or even for a hasty taste

while dancing with Jak o'the Shadows


Water oath, sworn enemies and friends

Uncommon sights or seen by twenties and tens

The Aiel once committed will go to the ends

To spit at Jac o'the Shadows


Hoist the shoufa and raise the veil

When battle is nigh they take to the trail

Win they will for it doesn't exist for them to fail

To wake the dream with Jac o' the Shadows.

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Alrighty...here we go again.  :D


On the far side of the Dragonwall

A land with men and women tall

A deadly place for one and all

In the Dance with Jak O the Shadows.


A deadly heat that ever lasts

From shade to shade you must be fast

Or else this breath may be your last

As you dance with Jak O the Shadows.


Bone-chilling cold comes with the night

You'll yearn the warmth of dawn's first light

And this transition builds your might

For the dance with Jak O the Shadows.


The creatures there with bite and sting

Will make you dance your final fling

To gasping breaths You'll have to cling

To dance with Jak O the Shadows.


Survive all this and you will find

A strength of body and of mind

Warrior bonds, the strongest kind

In your dance with Jak O the Shadows.



Hope you like it.  ;)

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And there we have it! The three entries! And on time! Well, just. And a quick reminder of the verses for you as you cast your vote:


The Archers


The Cavalry


The Infantry


And you can now vote for your favourite verses. And to vote, just post which Regiment is your favourite. Very simple! :)


And to my fellow judge, let's get critical!

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Right...I see there are no more votes, so time to produce the final results.


With 1 vote, the Archers win the spoils from the Aiel leg of the tour. And as a result, the Archers Regiment pick up 4 valuable points each. The Infantry and the Cavalry share 2 points each despite getting no votes.


Now, the judges vote...


- Top, and picking up 4 points, it is the Archers Regiment. It was a cleverly put together set of verses. Despite no mention of the Aiel, it was easy to work out who you were refering to. So kudos to you! There was great flow in the verses. Top effort!


- Next, in second place with 2 points, it is the Cavalry. This wasn't your best effort, but still pretty good. It didn't flow as well as the Archers. A bit of work is needed for the Shayol Ghul leg of the tour.


- In last place, and getting 1 point, it is the Infantry. We are looking for a huge improvement next time round. All the best for that! :)


Also, could a Aiel Mod return this to the Band's boards as well. Thanks! :)

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