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Hello? *peeks head in*


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LOL Lets see, a short list of who I am / used to be:


I was the RP Coord for Warders


I had a Green Sister


I became ADL for the Warders Yard


I had a Warder


I had a Yellow Sister


I became the Yellow Ajah Head and reformed the website.



My my my.... I have a list!



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Hello there Christine.  I'm Justen Diablos, I'm the...






um, yeah.


It's a title n' stuff.


Does this look like the kind of emoticon that would lie to you?  :)


I mean look at how sweet and innocent he is.  He's probably just finished lowering prices on DvD's at Wal Mart.  And we all love those cheap DvD's at Wal-Mart don't we?  I mean just today I was thinking to myself... when was the last time I've seen Kevin Costner as Robin Hood?  I don't know if I can sleep tonight without seeing it again.  I'll probably just toss and turn all night wondering what my life has become if I pass up this golden five dollar opportunity.


Now I can see if this emoticon were to roll up on you  ::).


He just looks shifty, like he's up to something.  I really don't know what made this emoticon cry  :'( but if I were the Sherlock Holmes of emoticons I'd probably start there, unfortunatly the only detective the emoticon's have is this one  ???, and he seems pretty lost.  This guy's  :-\ still wondering who peed on his mother's favorite hat (though if you ask me inside these here parenthesis it was probably that guy over there)  >:( (Is he looking in here?  He's scary and I'm all afeared)


Anyway welcome back to DM, like I said I'm the... *scrolls up* RP OVERLORD  and I do indeed know that sounds impressive  :o, that emoticon's never been the same since they told him, of course it could also be because this one over here  :-* keeps sexually harassing him.    :-X That guy there knows, but he's not telling.  The only other witnesses were these three...


;D :D :P


But I'm pretty sure they're all drunk.


So welcome back, this guy hasn't been the same since you left.  :(




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Ummm I retired the Greenie back in the days you could only have 1 Char per division so that I could take over as Yellow Head.


Cavana was an NPC or whatever and Elizabeth was my main but when I stopped writing I kind of dropped her.


So now, I am starting fresh, no characters at all, if that is ok.

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Ohhh yup she's ok to drop her characters. No worries about that one. Well our bio checker just got back and if she hasn't approved it soon I will check it out for you. *eyes Justen* Are you spamming my board? *shoves the smiles somewhere where it hurts*

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I had a few oldbies check over it for me and they seem to approve that I got all my facts right.  I wrote it while at work without by BWB (Big White Book of Amazingness for those of you that dont know) so I may have my facts off.  It has also been a while since I wrote in general so idk... but I know better than to write some insane story about the Dragon being my older brother and I am the Queen of Cairhein or something like that lol.

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Hello Christine! :)  I'm the LOA bio-checker that's just started checking bios and everything.  You are actually my very first bio to be checked, I just started this position!  Welcome back to the tower, and I'm sure we'll have you all set up quickly.  Now that I'm back, I should be able to handle and process bios quickly.


If you have any questions about the bio or anything, you can feel free to PM me.  That's what they (don't) pay me for.

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Christine sits back down at her desk and pulls the pen out from between her teeth as she answers the phone.  "Hello, this is Christine, how can I help you?" she asks before letting the person on the phone ramble on.  The pen is then slipped into her bun as she slides the phone under her ear and clicks the link to 'White Tower.'  Oh, what did Elgee post this time? she asked herself.


"One moment please," she tells the caller before transfering him to a cellphone and hanging up.  Grabbing the pen from her hair as the page loads, she quickly scraws a note to her boss before sliding it back between her teeth.  "'Where Am I?'" Christine reads aloud, glancing over Elgee's short but simple post.  Well that is silly!  She is on the RP Boards!  I guess I had better respond!


Christine sat back in the chair, kicked her heels off, and began writing 'Christine sits down..."



You are on the RP discussion board lol, I couldnt resist!

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