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New in town, show me around?


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Guest Egwene

Hello Nyneve.. welcome to DM :)


Hope those two boys of yours are behaving themselves, leaving you time to browse on here..lol.


I normally recommend Fiddlesticks as a good place to start posting.. but you've already found that out for yourself 8) and of course, I am also trying to encourage people to vote on the various polls on the book forum (especially the Asmo thread *g*).. other than that... well, there just isn't anything that I would say is bad...


...so look around and have fun!

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Guest TheDemigod

Hello hello and welcome to dragonmount!


I hope you'll have a great time here, and please do come by the yellow ajah bords!

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wooooooooooo there Demandred, we want people to come to DM not make them think we are a bunch of freaks who obses over a book to much, and are crazy raving lunitics now do you.

*Actually that sounds alot like what we do*



Nice to meet you Nyneve. She is my favorite female character. My first is the Asha'man who is a healer. Flinn I believe his name is. O well nice to meet you here and hope that you come to love it.


Hope to see you around the orgs (espcially the blue ajah) and maybe even on the rps. That is if anyone ever gets my bio done. ^_^_^_^


Converse with cha later. ^_^_^

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Guest TheDemigod

nynaeve is a great gal ^^


i'm sure you are too, please do come by the yellow ajah boards, and maybe you can have a caht with her! :P


ah well


enjoying yourself here? ^^

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And when you are a der'manshima (i.e. Warder), you will have fonder memories of penances! I still do...it was how I met my Bonded, Northie! Good times!!!


*reminisces over a Brew*

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