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Eurovision Song Contest - BotRH and DM vote


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Now that the final 25 songs have been picked, the Band of the Red Hand will be hosting its own final where everyone at DM can cast their votes as we determine who we think should win.


How To Vote

The 25 songs that made it through to the final will be posted below, with links to the songs so you can listen to them. And for the points for the vote will be that used by Eurovision.

  • 1st - 12 points
  • 2nd - 10 points
  • 3rd - 8 points
  • 4th - 7 points
  • 5th - 6 points
  • 6th - 5 points
  • 7th - 4 points
  • 8th - 3 points
  • 9th - 2 points
  • 10th - 1 point

So when you post your top 10, indicate how many points you are giving to each country.


When to Vote

You will have a week to cast your vote as I will be announcing the overall winner on Saturday 31st May 2008. You can cast your votes as you watch the competition tonight (probably the best time to do it) or up until next Saturday. You will be able to watch the 25 songs by clicking on the YouTube links provided.


The Songs

Below are the 25 songs in the order of performing in Belgrade in the final. The information comes from the BBC website


1. Romania - Pe-o Margine De Lume by Nico and Vlad

Nothing like a nice bit of slow-burning operatics and smart formal-wear to kick off the evening, and Nico and Vlad (pictured) deliver.



2. United Kingdom - Even If by Andy Abraham

A foot-tapping, dad dancing concoction of disco and soul from the former binman flying the flag for the United Kingdom.


3. Albania - Zemren E Lame Peng by Olta Boka

Traditional ballad with a big chorus as stirring as an icy blast from the Adriatic and a 16-year-old vocalist.



4. Germany - Disappear by No Angels

Ruthlessly efficient close harmonies and power pop from the Teutonic, head-turning, German Popstars-winning four-piece.



5. Armenia - Qele, Qele by Sirusho

An infectious polka-infused mixture of pop and Armenian folk from 21-year-old 'national treasure' Sirusho.



6. Bosnia & Herzegovina - Pokuoaj by Laka

Eccentric alternative rocker from cult Balkan icon Elvir Lakovic Laka, his sister Mirela and troupe of knitting brides.



7. Israel - The Fire in Your Eyes by Boaz

Pleasant Middle Eastern-flecked warble sung by 20-year-old Israeli Pop Idol pin-up Boaz Mauda and penned by Eurovision winner Dana International.



8. Finland - Missa Miehet Ratsastaa by Terasbetoni

Anthemic, ear-splitting rocker from well-established Finnish heavy metallers Terasbetoni - essentially Lordi without the rubber.



9. Croatia - Romanca by Kraljevi Ulice and 75 Cents

Traditional folk oddity from Zagreb street performers, a septuagenarian rapper and an old gramophone. Not especially romantic then.



10. Poland - For Life by Isis Gee

Big roof-raising Celine Dion-style ballad from the painstakingly perma-tanned and turned out American-born, adopted Pole Gee.



11. Iceland - This Is My Life by Euroband

A perky reminder of Euro-pop of old from the boundlessly energetic, Jemini-esque Eurovision veterans Friorik Omar and Regina Osk.



12. Turkey - Deli by Mor ve Otesi

An unusual choice for Eurovision, this is an indie rocker about a man driven to the brink of madness by love from the Turkish Coldplay.



13. Portugal - Senhora Do Mar (Negras Aguas) by Vania Fernades

Super soaraway ballad sung by Portuguese powerhouse and household name Fernandes from serial Eurovision underachievers Portugal.



14. Latvia - Wolves of the Sea by Pirates of the Sea

They're pirates, they come from the sea and they're collectively known as Pirates of the Sea. Actually they're a Latvian singer, dancer and television personality who are old enough to know better and look like they've escaped from a low-rent remake of Treasure Island.



15. Sweden - Hero by Charlotte Perrelli

Sweden are Eurovision warhorses and Perrelli herself has won the contest herself once before. Precision engineered Abba-esque pop.



16. Denmark - All Night Long by Simon Mathew

Vicar's son Mathew commits Anglophilia with this Robbie Williams-like slice of bouncy BritPop, served up with a Danish accent.



17. Georgia - Peace Will Come by Diana Gurtskaya

Rousing anti-war anthem from relative Eurovision newcomers Georgia, sung by blind Georgian belter Gurtskaya.



18. Ukraine - Shady Lady by Ani Lorak

An uplifting dance floor stomper from singer, actress, children's author and UN Goodwill Ambassador Lorak.



19. France - Divine by Sebastien Tellier

Laid-back Gallic cool with a quirky, catchy undercurrent from cult singer-songwriter and Daft Punk cohort Sebastien Tellier.



20. Azerbaijan - Day After Day by Elnur and Samir

Separately they're classically trained Elnur Huseynov and rocker Samir Javadzade. Together they're fronting this memorable gothic monster of Meatloaf-sized proportions from Eurovision first-timers Azerbaijan.



21. Greece - Secret Combination by Kalomira

New York-born to Greek parents, singer, actress and TV presenter Kalomira Sarantis is sure to caption the dads vote with this impossibly catchy, Britney-ish slice of pop.



22. Spain - Baila El Chiki Chiki by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

Created by comedian David Fernandez Ortiz, rockabilly reject Rodolfo sings a Latin mix of rap and reggae, and claims to be the inventor of vibrator-guitar. A comedy song without the comedy, basically.


23. Serbia - Oro by Jelena Tomaoevic featuring Bora Dugic

Following in the comfortable shoes of last year's Serbian winner Marija Serifovic is award-winning Tomaoevic with this more traditional offering.



24. Russia - Believe by Dima Bilan

Timbaland-produced big ballad from Iron Curtain heart-throb Bilan and Eurovision big-hitters Russia.



25. Norway - Hold On Be Strong by Maria

And, closing proceedings, we have some hook-filled, sophisticated pop from the land of fjords, performed by Norwegian Pop Idol success story Maria Haukaas Storeng.




A Recap

For those of you who don't want to go through ever song, here is a recap of all the songs in the final.





If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them on this thread. I will quote your question, and then answer it for everyone.


And finally...



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And here are the results from Corki:


Sweden, 1 point.

La Suède, un point.


Georgia, 2 points.

La Géorgie, deux points.


Norway, 3 points.

La Norvège. trois points


Ukraine, 4 points.

L'Ukraine. quatre points.


Poland, 5 points.

La Pologne. cinq points.


Iceland, 6 points.

L'Islande. six points.


Greece, 7 points.

La Grèce. sept points.


Armenia, 8 points.

L'Arménie. huit points.


Serbia, 10 points.

La Serbie. dix points.


And finally, 12 points goes to...



L'Albanie douze points.

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United Kingdom, 1 point

Albania, 2 points

Russia, 3 points

Israel, 4 points

Poland, 5 points

Germany, 6 points

Romania, 7 points

Iceland, 8 points

Armenia, 10 points


Finland, 12 points

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I have added a recap of all the songs into the original post. Here is the link again for those who want to have a look at the songs in the Final without having to go through all 25 songs.




Voting is open to everyone, so non-Europeans do feel to get involved and let us know what you think our annual contest of humour, campness and the odd good song.

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Just a quick look at the scores after 5 sets of votes:


1. Iceland - 32

2. Albania - 27

3. Ukraine - 26

4. Armenia - 25

5. Serbia - 24

6. Finland - 19

7. Portugal - 18

8. Russia - 17

9. Romania - 15

10. Latvia - 12

11. Norway - 11

12. Sweden - 11

13. Poland - 10

14. Bosnia & Herzegovina - 7

15. Greece - 7

16. Georgia - 7

17. Germany - 6

18. U.K. - 6

19. Turkey - 5

20. Israel - 4

21. France - 1

22. Croatia - 0

23. Denmark - 0

24. Azerbaijan - 0

25. Spain - 0


Make sure you keep those votes coming in!

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Please don't forget to vote. This is open to everyone, whether European or non-European. It's just a little bit of fun, and there is the summary clip so you don't have to watch every video (unless you want to...).

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10. Armenia  -  1pts.  I love the middle eastern feel to it, great music.  The singing isn't great, but the song itself deserves mention.


9. Denmark  -  2pts.  Catchy and well performed, reminds me a little of Green Day musically, somehow.


8. Georgia  -  3pts.  Even though she's having a little trouble with the English lyrics, it's a nice song and she has a beautiful voice.


7. France  -  4pts.  This song cracks me up, not to mention the fact that the singer looks like a total goof!  It's so silly, it shouldn't even be considered, but I somehow find myself listening to it over and over again...


6. Turkey  -  5pts.  Musically, this is one of the best songs here, but the singers voice grates on my nerves a little, so it got bumped down the list a bit for me.


5. UK  -  6pts.  Not a bad attempt at some funk, not quite top quality, but I still enjoyed it.


4. Croatia  -  7pts.  Can't really give a reason why I like this one as much as I do... 


3. Finland  -  8pts.  Great stuff, I think it was the vikings in armor banging on drums in the background with maces that sold me on this one!  :P


2. Israel  -  10pts.  Wow, this guy's got an INCREDIBLE voice!  Is this the same guy that sang the opening part to Sting's Desert Rose?  Sounds similar, but I'm not entirely sure.


1. Serbia  -  12pts.  Beautiful song, both musically and vocally.  I love the ethnic flavor of it, and this is a brilliant performance as well.


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1pt - Serbia

2pt - Portugal

3pt - Greece

4pt - Georgia

5pt - Albania

6pt - Armenia

7pt - France


8 points are awarded to Azerbaijan, on account of enough theatre to make it properly Eurovision, a great song and the wondrous double take where you realise, yes that is a man singing the very beginning.


10 points go to the lovable Croatians, for similar reasons to the above. The song's a bit different, not totally reliant on ethnicity (which is why certain others are lower in the list - some countries put in songs that sound the same every year >.<) and combined with the Triblies and Double Bass on stage, i loved it. Although i was disappointed there were no Tommy Guns at the end...


And finally, the 12 points from the Dae go to an act that i expect to be heard in most clubs if possible. With a catchy chorus, fairly decent lyrics and melody and of course those costumes, it has to be the Latvian pirates that clinch the title. And yes, i was manning the bar for Eurovision, in full Pirate gear in homage and support of these guys...


edit - in true Eurovision style, i kinda count as British and therefore decided not to vote for my own act

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