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  1. Welcome Relandria! I think you'll find that most people here are pretty addicted to WoT as well! :) So, you've definitely come to the right place. Anyway, check out the ORG's, have some fun, all that jazz. If you are into games though, you should come check out the Band of the Red Hand ORG. We've got a great ORG game that's a lot of fun to play. Oh yeah, and the rest of the Band is pretty cool too! Come check us out!
  2. Heh! If you want to see a story that seriously rips off another book, look at Eregon vs. Star Wars! Kinda spooky. I still liked Eregon though, it dosn't have to be 100% original to make me happy, I love new twists on old stories!
  3. Sounds very similar to the cannons that the Chinese invented way back when.
  4. Just because someone is used by the wheel does not necessarily make them Tavaren. Tavaren INFLUENCE events, not necessarily have them happen TOO them. Tam never INFLUENCES events, he's just there in the right place at the right time to have things happen too him.
  5. Actually, I think he only pledged not to raise a nation under the banner of Manetherin. I think RJ left it open for the two rivers to still become a seperate nation. As far as Faile goes, I've always kinda liked her. I like her toughness and spirit. What makes her tick? It's just the Saldean culture! Look at the other Saldean women we know, her mom and Tenobia! They're basically the same personality type, hot tempered and prone to getting their way unless somebody really stands up to them!
  6. Interesting that nobody has brought up the death of the Amayar at the end of KoD. Something tells me that has to have something major to do in the plot, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. It's possible that the death of the Amayar will be what topples Zaida since she's the one in power when it happens, but as far as her being a darkfriend, I see no evidence either for or against. Could be an interesting plot twist though.
  7. They say only the sane question their sanity, so as long as Rand keeps wondering if he's going insane, I think he'll be ok.
  8. I think every modern fantasy or sci-fi novel is influenced by Tolkien to one extent or another. He is the Godfather of the genre, everyone pays homage. There are a few other similarities as well: steddings = Lothlorien and Rivendell, Baerlon = Bree, Tom Bombadil = Green Man, the companies are both seperated at a river, etc. The true genius of WoT is not that it is entirely original in plots and characters, but that it so successfully uses those things with which we are comfortable to enter us into a NEW world and into territory that we are completely unfamiliar with!
  9. I'm pretty sure it was Lord Lir that Rand asked about relations between Tigraine and Elayne. As for Morgase, I think she's going to remain hidden with the possible exception of Her kids, and they'll keep the secret as well. They all want to see Elayne securely on the throne and won't do anything to jeapordize that. I think Galad is going to join with Rand for the last battle and probably die there doing something foolishly heroic and "right". Elayne will probably survive the whole thing, because Min saw that her children are going to be born healthy, and with the speed at which Tarmon Gaidon is approaching, I think it's going to happen before her kids are born. I could be wrong with that. Gawyn I'm not too sure of. He's going to be a huge factor in Egwene's story line thought, because she has had many Dreams about him. I see three possibilites here. One: He kills Egwene and turns against Rand. Two: he is bonded by Egwene, joins Rand's team, they both survive and live happily ever after. Or three: He denies being bonded to Egwene, goes his own way and is killed painfully somewhere alone having screwed up his destiny with Egwene. There's my take on the fate of Andor's royal line.
  10. I really don't think that most of the swords in WoT have a real world equivalent. I think the closest thing would be the Seanchan, and if any race is using a katana type sword, it would be them. Think about the armor the Seanchan use, segmented, insect like armor with thin plumes on the helms. That sure sounds like Japanese type armor to me. Rand's sword is NOT a katana, it is specifically described as having braided quillions, which a katana does not have. I think the closest thing would be a scimitar or a saber without the knuckle guard. Or maybe a much straighter shamshir. The Aiel spears are probably closest to African spears, probably zulu or something similar to that. Especially the way they are described as holding 3 or 4 in one hand with a rawhide buckler. That sounds like a traditional african setup to me. The Ashanderai is probably a cross between a naginata and a dao. A naginata probably wouldn't have enough blade space to engrave what is described on it, but a dao would. A knife is a knife is a knife, and probably the different countries have different styles they prefer. Perrin's axe is nothing more than a basic heavy, single bladed battle axe, very simple in design. Could come from any number of different cultures.
  11. Wow, this is certainly one of the friendlier forums I've ever run across. Thank you all for your warm welcomes! ;D
  12. Thanks! That was actually a big help about the profile thing. One other quick question though. Do you know of any source to get profile pics? I have something in mind, but I have no idea where to find it and I am a sucky artist :P so I don't even want to try it myself.
  13. Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to this forum stuff, at least in this format. I am ashamed to admit that I really don't know what I'm doing or where to go for stuff. I don't even know how to edit my profile with signatures, pics, etc. What are some interesting discussions going on here? Where are interesting places to go, things to see? I'm a huge fan of WoT and I'd love to discuss it with other like-minded fans but I really don't know where to go, so any advice would be very welcome! Thanks! ;D
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