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Boy, was I surprised.....


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And pleased!  Yesterday I got home from school, and a package was waiting....


With a lovely (I mean that!) card and envelope, with the most amazing bookmark I've ever seen, and a pair of cute socks and a knitted angel, all for me for my birthday!


Needless to say, I was terribly excited.  I'm wearing the socks.  I brought the bookmark to school to show off (I'll have to post a picture so y'all can see the amazing-ness of it!).


And I have to say thank you, Twinnie!  *huggles* (forever)  You is the best, chica!  I mean, wow.......



Give a round of applause for the most amazing woman ever!  Twinnie herself!

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*grins* Apparently it did the job very well, you're still grinning, mmeesh. ;)


And my DH doesn't even ask who sent me stuff, anymore. He's sure it's someone around here and that someone is usually Twinny. *grins*


*applauds loudly, too!*

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*grins, blushes, hugs and chuckles*


aww..thank you everyone!  But you know...I can't help it!  You all bring out the best in me!!


*hugs Sam and links arms*  i'm sorry I havn't been around at all..didn't really mean to be gone!  Most of you know i've struggled with health issues for the last year and things have just been worse the last few weeks...*shrugs*  I'm sorry for disappearing!


Now back to the important stuff!!  *grins and hugs and smoochies Meesh*  You're most welcome dearling!  And for everyone else..what Meesh didn't say is that this was for her BIRTHDAY!!!  Which was the first of the month!  So let's turn this into a birthday party for our Squirrel Girl!!



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oh dear..see i have a black fog in the brain!!


*grins and hugs Tig*  keep an eye on your mailbox to be giggling in the next few days too!




Of course I have to be told to watch my mailbox when I'm not home for a week.


*is eager now*

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*tacklehugglesnuggles*  THANK YOU MEESH!!  those are terrific pics!!  LOL I have an awful camera and those are the BEST pics i have of any of my quilling things!!!  THank you so much!!!


and it's wonderful to be back!!  Can't believe how much I miss you guys!!!  *blows kisses!*

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OMG Meeshie..that is just tooooo funny!  But..*nods*  I'm glad you are going to keep your car in good condition...


*smiles and hugs*  and you are beautiful!!  Those are really good pictures!!  Love that smile! WoW!

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