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A visit from a wandering Apprentice Gleeman


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*with a swish of a Multi-Coloured patchwork cloak*

Hello great people of the Black Tower!!

I, Apprentice Gleeman Eol, have wandered among you fine folks and am willing to perform for you. Does the audience have any requests?

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OK, breaking, destruction.... i know a tale.

it is a dark tale but that is nothing new for the warriors of the black tower.


The tale tells of a man named Martan, an Aes Sedai who lived 3000 years ago. he saw the wonders of the age of legends first hand and counted himself among the great men of his time. He lived in an age so perfect that it made his unfortunate tale all that much harder to bear. shall i go on?

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*Stands on stool and strums his harp*


Martan was a great man, part of a great family, known throughout the land for their outstanding spirit and creative ability, enriching the lives of all who knew them. Martan had one sister and her name was Katrice. there was no equal in all the world for the the love that Martan bore to his sister. from childhood into adulthood their love was strong and vibrant. Martan became an Aes Sedai of great stature and ability while Katrice became beloved of Ogier and Aiel, peaceful and with a voice that put nightingales to shame. often she could be heard singing in the woods that surrounded their home and all manner of birds and beasts became her friends.


In time it so happened that Katrice fell in love with a dear friend of Martan, Aenan Remin. Aenan returned her love and their union was blessed by Martan. for a time all was well in the house of Martan.


It came to pass that the great war broke out between the forces of shadow and light, in what became known in later times as The War Of Power. and truly so it was. Power previously unimagined was wielded and great damage was done to the world in those days. the very fabric of time was threatened and the war continued for years and no end was forseen.


In such times leaders will rise and the greatest of them was the Dragon, Lews Therin Telamon. When hope seemed loss for the destruction of the Shadow, he gathered about him a force of 100 men and marched upon Shayol Ghul. among the men who were chosen was Aenan, for such was his strength in war. the men gathered and parted from wives and children, and the parting of Katrice and Aenan at the march of the hundred is lamented still among lovers.


When The Hundred marched, in a force bright and strong as steel, Katrice fell into a deep darkness from which not even her brother could awaken her. and five days after her parting from her husband she resolved to follow the men to Shayol Ghul for such was her pain at her husbands awaiting fate. so in the depths of a black night she fled from martans house, her horse blazing a white trail across the plains. 


In the morning Martan awoke to find his sister gone and guessed as to where she had fled in such a hurry. shaken with worry he saddled his horse and set out to  follow her. but though he ever pushed his horse faster he never came in sight of her until the very peak of shayol ghul rose before him in the distance....


I shall take a sip of cool ale and let you take in what i have said so far. i will carry on in a minute.




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*rises again to continue the tale*


now whether by chance or by skill Katrice passed unseen to the slopes of Shayol Ghul, There a great battle was taking place, men had joined the hundred on their march and now fought the denizens of shadow, trollocs, fades and beasts of whom no tale tells. unheeding in her passion she continued onwards, feeling the need of her husband in his plight.


Martan came to a tall hill above the battle at Shayol Ghul and looked out over the battlefield, dismayed and frightened for there was no violence in him and no comprehension of battle. but in the midst of the bloodshed and terror he saw, as a beacon, the white rainment and shining horse of his sister. Uncaring he raced down the hill and plunged into the battle. no fear could conquer the love of Martan for Katrice.


In the heat and rage of swinging swords and screaming beasts Martan was knocked from his horse and on the ground he was covered in dust and blood. lying there he looked up and saw in front of him his sister kneeling over the body of a soldier. with a great effort he pulled himself upwards and sprinted to the mournful shape of his sibling. as he came near, a fade appeared from the throng of blood soaked fighters. he set his eye upon the beuty of katrice among the brutalty of war and was filled with the desire to kill. he sped towards her swinging his mighty black blade. Martan, who never before had comitted an act of violence, exploded in rage and saidin flowed through him as he filled the halfman with flame. shrieking, the fade died and nothing was left of its body.


As Martan stretched out his hand and reached for Kartice, an arrow took her in the heart.


as she collapsed a loud roar erupted from the mountain and a blackness came over the sky. the forces of shadow cowered and fell upon their knees. the remaining men of Light covered thei ears and eyes in fear. suddenly a light erupted from the mountain and was quickly gone. Martan felt something in him change. he still held saidin but now it was different. it was darker and he did not feel in conrol of its force. the darkness that had been dormant in Martan bubbled up inside him. he held saidin tight now, his grip iron-fast. he realised its true powers and drinking deep of the source he channelled, without reason or logic. insane from the death of his sister and the final attack from the Dark One he channelled death to all around him. flames erupted from all beasts in his sight, lighning rained down and the earth trembled. more and more he pulled, more death all around him, man, beast, Light and Dark. within minutes his blood began to boil inside him, he could not stop this power, it now held him. burning up from the inside his body was consumed in flame and he passed from this world. 


here the tale of Martan and his love ends. in the end it was death theat he reaped from the world he had enriched for years with his life. his siter and friend had died in his sight and a terrible revenge was enacted on all.


Here ends the tale of Martan.   

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*An odd looking man shrouded in a dark blue hood sits next to Talya and whispers.....*


This kid is good!  Wait until you see what he throws down next!


*He orders from the serving maid two Guinnies for the two of them and a Vodka Merrilin for the performing gleeman.  He tips her a gold coin.*

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That was brilliant eol, I enjpoyed that...*kicks TMD for not reading it*


Thanks Mynd...*takes one of the Guinny's* And what dop we owe the pleasure of your company...are we gpoing to get a juicy tale from you too. Your reputaion proceeds you too. :D

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Me? Oh, I'm just here for the show.  I would never step on a fellow gleeman's cloak. *looks around nervously under his hood* I mean, if I was a gleeman, of course...because I'm just a hooded patron listening to a good show, that's all. 


*Finishes his Guinny and orders another round for everyone, and another Vodka Merrilin for Gleeman eol.*


AH, I think I see a LUTE in Master Eol's hand!

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*invites Myndrunner onto the stage if he should so wish, im sure he knows the song*


straight from the Mojave desert


*strums lute like a true rock god* ;D


there must be some way out of here,

said the Dragon to himself,

Trapped up there in Dumais wells,

it was no good for his health,


Cooped up in that chest of his,

he heard the sounds of battle rage,

and the Power it rose in him,

splintered that timber cage.


All along the Black Tower, Soldiers kept a view,

Ashamen they came and went, Dedicated too.


In that desperate hour of need,

Taim, he brought them forth,

and they killed just like machines,

the wind it howled and the blood it poured


All along the Black Tower, Soldiers kept a view,

Ashamen they came and went, Dedicated too.




And when that faithful day was done

the gust became but a breeze,

the white tower it bent and swore,

surrendered on their knees.


All along the Black Tower, Soldiers kept a view,

Aes Sedai came and went, there was nothing they could do

All along the Black Tower, Soldiers kept a view,

Ashamen they came and went, Dedicated too.














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*The hooded mysterious figure rips up in applause, and tosses 30 Gold Coins onto he stage!!!* 




*Looking around the room, he begins to wonder why no one else is coughing up coin for the stellar lad!*


So Tal-baby, ever play a round of Asha'Mamma?



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