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Hi :)

Rahela Sedai

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Not so fast!


*grabs the two by their ears*


Now as soon as some poor deluded fool lets you into the WT, you're to head over to Paet, or if you can't find him, Vemy or Hero or Sham or Mat, and tell them I've sent you both to scrub Bob's teeth.


Don't worry, though ... I'll be along later to ... heal your wounds  ;D

And oh - try the library, Korin ... lol


*Turns to Rahela with a grin*


Welcome to DM, my dear  :D


I'm not too partial to Nyn, but I love any part that takes place in the Tower!


Would you like to become a novice, Rahela? I must admit that I had LOADS of fun being one here on DM  ;D



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Firstly, welcome to DM (after crawling through 4 pages of spam!)


I see people are trying to convince you to join the WT just because you have 'Sedai" in your handle? Don't be fooled! Don't be lead into joining them! Unless you want to... *begins whispering into Rahela's ear*


One thing to point out with the glaring mistakes in the following post:

Would you like to become a Raw Recruit of the Band of the Red Hand ORG, Rahela? I must admit that you will have LOADS of fun being one here on DM  ;D

Just a few simple mistakes by them Aes Sedai to lure you into their clutches. See how manipulative they are? Surely you don't want that! ;)


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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*grabs Corki's spear with a flow or air and turns it into a pretzel*


;D ;D ;D ;D


*considers making Corki eat it*


;D ;D ;D ;D


*snuggles Barm*


*grins at Rahela* See how much fun it is to be an Aes Sedai ?


Oh ok! It's fun everywhere on DM  ::)

Or not ... whatever takes your fancy hehehehe

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