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Hi :)

Rahela Sedai

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I'm Rachel and I just became a memeber of Dragonmount.

I think I started reading WoT when I was about 12 years old and they just came out with the two abbreviated versions of EotW. Haha I think I read the whole series(so far) in about 2 or 3 years, much to the amazement of people who couldn't understand why a girl in grade 7 would read 800 page books.

I've decided to reread the series so I'm all caught up when MoL comes out and I had forgotten how freakishly addictive it is.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone.

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Heh, i know the feeling. English isn't a native language where i live, and most people i know call the WoT 'difficult books' in terms of wording.


Never noticed anything myself, but i have a talent for languages ^^;


Either way, welcome to the weird people *makes preparations*

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Hi Rachel. 7th grade? That's pretty impressive. I read Lord of the Rings around that age which got me into the whole fantasy relm. Hope you're enjoying your time here so far. Yes, there are a lot of fun and exciting, and weird, people here. Come check out the orgs. A lot of people gather there and discuss just about anything. If you enjoy having fun, check out the Wolfkin org. We have a lot of fun there. And if you need any help we aim to please.  ;D

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'ello Rachel, i'm new to the group as well and have barely gotten started in the WoT series. I know the feeling about reading at a younger age, i'd read "The Redemption of Althalus" in 5th grade and there was so much shock and awe i could barely stand it. Welcome to the group, hope you have a nice time.

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