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Good Morning!


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Good Morning and Hello!


I'm new here and am getting back into the WoT books after a year or two break from them. I've only read them all once, but am about done with the second one again. I started reading them after a very good friend of mine suggested them back in 2003 or 2004. I love the story line. I was so sad when I RJ passed. I was sad not only for his family, but also for the literary world and all the fans of WoT (there are more than I thought there were - I was told by a very angry reader who's only concern was "how are we going to find out the ending now!").


I do have a confession to make. I despise most of the female characters in this series. I can barely tolerate any of them. As a girl myself I feel it's one thing to carry yourself with confidence and demand respect for who you are and what you've done, but it seems like most of the women in this book (especially most of them that can use the OP) act as they are better than any one else, even towards other women of power. They Aiel seem to be the only exception for me. It gets a bit repulsive to me after awhile, so I definitely enjoy the three boys story lines better. It's been so long since I last read that maybe all that will change with my second reading. Who knows!



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The Male storylines are better as a rule because in my opinion Jordan follows certain stereotypes too closely when writing about women.  I will say in my reading the books over and over (probably read each one at least 10 times, early ones more) I have come to love Egwene and Nynaeve.  Min, I always liked.  Not sure why, and maybe later in the day I'll figure it out.  Right now I just woke up.


Anyway welcome to DM, shortly there will be all these telemarketers who will run up and attempt to recruit you to their various organizations.  I think they get ten cents for each new recruit they gather or something.  But whatever you do don't believe anything they say about me.  Because only 99% of it is true, and I'd like for all new members to find that out on their own. 



Of the CoL JD's

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Your hatred of the female characters is actually a very common thing around these parts, and you will notice this when you enter the WoT discussions. Amongst our more popularly hated female character's are the Wonder Girls and Faile, especially Faile, wear an "I <3 Faile" T-shirt, and you shall be mobbed by the hater's.

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Only 99% true huh? We'll have to see about that.


I agree. Min is one of the few females I don't constently want to smack. I give Nynaeve credit. She has really grown, and it's actually been fun and frustrating to watch her do so. Aviendha would be one of my other favorites.


You know I never realized this, but I think I started getting sick of Perrin's story the more Faile got into it. I've only felt sorry for that girl once because of a mistake Perrin made when he was trying to save her. Some times I giggled at her misfortunes. Oh I am really evil deep down.  :-\

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Evil you say? Nice.


Have you thought about joining an evil army devoted to tormenting members of Dragonmount with long nonsensical posts that are both amusing and horribly horribly off-putting?  Because of course I'm the leader of said army...


and it's only member.


It's not really an army so much as just me.


seeking attention.


My mom makes sandwiches though.



He who's mother makes excellent sandwiches.

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Brooke!  :D 


Min is my fav female character as well.  As for Faile…*grumbles*  Best not to go there.  Poor Perrin…


Anywho, below are some Organizations you may want to check out.  They are small communities in which people of similar views can mingle and have fun.


The Aiel Org


This is a great org that has undergone some changes.  Come and have a look around.  Post a thread and ask questions (This should be done in ANY Org you are thinking about joining, if any), people will be glad to help.  You'll enjoy the fabulous Aiel drink, oosquai, just for posting aforementioned thread! :)  (the Aiel here are really just a bunch of softies ;))


The Band of the Red Hand Org


Come join the Music and Travel Org!  Have a few brews while you're at it.  If you like brawls, this is your Org!  A brawl can happen at any moment on any thread (though it is usually in a Tavern) and usually involves chairs, empty beakers, and miscellaneous items. ;D


Shayol Ghul Org


Join only if you like stabbing people and getting stabbed in return.  If you get offended easily, don't bother.  We're evil here.  No, really.


The White Tower Org


You can become an Aes Sedai or a Warder!  Gender matters not!  If you join the Warders, you can join one of three Disciplines.  (But Cuen'd'eren is best! :P)


Wolfkin Org


If you're wondering what the Wolfkin are, it's what Perrin and Elyas are.  Besides that, though, we are the Nature Org.  We love everything to do with wildlife!  And chili and TQ (tequila), of course. ;D


Also, you may want to drop by Fiddlesticks, home of Spam, conveniently located just a small way below the New Members board.  A place to just relax and have fun posting about nothing in particular.  Let your imagination run wild, but be sure to bring some tranquilizers just in case it gets too wild… >.>


Also, Organized Games is a great place to…er…play games! ;D  Not far from Fiddlesticks, the biggest game is the Mafia Game – test the limits of your brain to find the Mafia before they find you!


Above all, Brooke, have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! :)

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Welcome to DM Brooke. I, too, am female myself, and I do despise certain female characters. Many of the channelers are just so...irratating! They just think they're all that, and I just want to wring their necks. Min, I just don't like. I've never liked her. And I don't know why. Faile annoys me to no end. She is just so...confusing. Birgette gets on my nerves with her arrogance, Tuon bugs me... The only female character I really like, is Aviendha. She can be irratating to begin with, but she's my favourite character out of the whole series...


Anyhow, rant over.


If you want to meet some nice female personalities, and some nice male as well, you should swing by the Wolfkin. As DSage mentioned above, we're the home of TQ (tequila) and chilli. But overall, we're a bunch of fun-loving guys and girls who're always up for a laugh or a chat. We're the nature Org, though that's far from the only thing that happens there, we talk about everything under the sun!


Hope to see you over there!



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Welcome to DM!


If you have any question about anything that goes on here, just shout them out and we'll help you!


As for characters, Perrin and Rand get on my nerves. I find that the Elayne and Egwene plots are a tad boring. Give me Mat and Nyn anyday! I'm sure there are other characters I love and despice, but I can't remember of the top of my head.


Talking of Mat, one group I do love is the Band of the Red Hand. Fantastic group. If I was in Randland, I'd head straight to the recruitment post. But sadly I am not in Randland. But here at DM, I am in the Band of the Red Hand. Well, actually, I'm the leader (on the ORG side). I'm no Mat, but I do my best! ;) Anyway, if you love music, travel and eating out at restaurants, come on by our Campfires and the Band will make you feel really welcome.  ;D


But whatever you do at DM, have fun!  :)

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*steals one of Justen's sandwiches* !!!! (ie I really really liked them  :P)


Hi there Brook, and welcome to DM  :D


I used to like Min, but that last little antic of hers made me want to just smack her  >:(

Man's going into a dangerous situation, where he needs all his wits about him, but does she think of that? Nooooo ... has to tag along  ::)

Don't even get me started on Elayne, Perrin and Faile  >:(

I like Egwene and Cadsuane, though, and I'm starting to warm towards Nynaeve.

My favourites are the Reds  ;D


Anyhow, let me tell you a bit about the WT:


Do you like to wield The Power, to be bonded or to bond or maybe just have a big shiny sword, but without creating and roleplaying a character ?? Then the White Tower (Org) is the place for you - come as yourself!


We from the White Tower (Org) would like to invite you to join us. We are a community forum: we talk, play, discuss serious matters, get totally silly - the WT has something for everyone.


You join as a Novice or an Algai, and can become either a Warder (Der'Manshima) or an Aes Sedai - we have female Warders and Ajah brothers! Each Ajah is themed (for example the Greens are the most social and the Whites like logic) and the warders are working on building new disciplines that look very exciting. You can bond, or not - whichever is your choice. Something interesting to note...the Ajahs are not always like the book ones. For instance... we Reds love men! (And we're famous for our snugglebites *winks*)


So please make yourself comfortable and have fun around here!


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I have a confession too....


I dislike most of the characters from the books...




Rand is a whiney kid.  Mat is missing from most of the books.  Perrin is whipped.


Not there is anything wrong with being whipped.  I mean... I am not of course.  I have way too much will power. 


Err... my wife needs to use the computer....


That's not whipped... its being nice! 



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we all know why you hide behind lex's face, empy. :P


welcome to dm at large. if you ever feel you need a break from the same old, feel free to come play games in organized games and post without all the org and rp rules in fiddles. you can do anything or be anybody.  ;) *is off to find those lying liars who lie*

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Welcome Brooke!


Great name, my new step-grandaughter's name will be Brooke too.


If you would like to explore your creative side, check out the Illuminators Org. It is the home for anything creative on Dragonmount. We have everything from artists, writers, and crafters from which to choose.


Hope to see you around!


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