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Lost child of the light INCARNATE


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You missed one, Barm, and he's got soul.




"This is to all the layyyydehs out theyah...


What's up, babeh? You so fiiiine, you like a fine-tooth comb, brushin' through mah fur...


Straightenin' the mats... makin' me smooooth as buttah, baybeh...


Oh... OH.... WHOOOOOOOOOOAH, yeah... ...


I believe I can fly.


I believe I can touch the sky.


Think about it every night and day...


Spread my wings and flyyyy away.


I believe I can soar...


See me running through that open doo-oo-ooooor!


I believe I can fly...


I believe I can fly... [i can fly........]


I believe... I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... yeah."

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wow message boarding (not to be confused with water-boarding, which shouldnt be confused with water-sking)is alot like having a conversation with a group of drunks...somnebody says something and people respond to whatever they want to (myself included)


thanky ou all i will look forward to lurking around your mb and doing my ummm "darn-dest" to help derail threads, take things the wrong way and make an ass of myself

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The best place to be is on the toilet actually... at least after you eat my soon to be father-in-laws chilly.... but other that you should go to the Shayol Ghul...


Actually...Scratch the should... *stares at Janbroni*


You will do as i comand.... *gets a headache from the strain of staring some one down...* ow ow owwwww, it hurrrrts


*glances to singing cat....* creapy....

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Welcome to DM!


Enjoying the experience? Why not pop by the Band of the Red Hand ORG, DM's very own music and travel ORG, to continue that drunken experience? We'll guarentee to keep it flowing...or the Brews flowing anyway! We'll look forward to seeing you come by for a good time. :)


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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Hi Janbroni - are you really a Child of the Light incarnate?  I have one of those (the lovable old scarface) and if you ever fancy trying out the RP side of things (Yes!  Let's all get into character and praise the Light!!  See my fantastically wonderful uniform? *poses*) just pop on by. :)

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